Monday, November 23, 2020

#MelanatedWealth The Melanated Wealth Series (Advancing Black Business to Black Generational Wealth) #Money #BlackBusiness #BlackFinance #PhiBetaSigma

(#MelanatedWealth) ! Paid off $120,000 debt in 2 years CONSCIOUSLY - with @TheUrbanFinance #Trini Rev. Khaden Nurse (#TheUrbanFinance) joins Tiniki Riddick (myEcon) and @SekoVarner to talk about politics and money, investing in Marijuana, using a Su Su to go to college, combining conscious-building and wealth-building, Amos Wilson, Black Power, how he and his wifey-4-lifey paid off $120,000 OF DEBT IN 2 YEARS, and how theWE can do the same. 

 (#MelanatedWealth) Making Thousandaires into Millionaires - A. Donahue Baker on #GetOnCode #GetOnCode - In this episode of Get On Code (The Fly Guys Show) we build with A. Donahue Baker of and Tiniki Riddick of myEcon. #PhiBetaSigma Brother A. Donahue Baker is a CPA, former Grammy-nominated music producer, and current real estate developer with a personal portfolio that includes over 500 units of residential/commercial properties nationwide. A. Donahue Baker recently co-founded a $10 million angel syndicate/VC fund to help theWE to create wealth and have access to capital. Tiniki Riddick: 

 (#MelanatedWealth) Will Mingo will make you rich! Owns checking cashers, now opening a Bank! #GetOnCode - In this episode of Get On Code (The Fly Guys Show) we build with Will Mingo of HTTP:// and Tiniki Riddick of myEcon. #PhiBetaSigma Brother Will Mingo - MBA, SHRM-SCP. Will Mingo has been Director, Global Infrastructure Consulting Services for a Fortune 50 Information Technology firm. Will had P&L accountability for an IT consulting business supporting $2B+ in enterprise hardware & software sales. He led a large global organization of engineers, consultants, project managers & operations support personnel. Previous to joining his current firm, Mingo worked at Mellon Human Resources & Investor Solutions where he was Vice President of the Business Integration function. Prior to Mellon, Will spent over a decade at Prudential Financial where he was a Director and performed leadership roles across multiple functions including Information Technology, Human Resources, Sales Operations and Corporate Risk Management. Additionally, Will previously served on the faculty of the Boston University Corporate Education Center where he taught project management courses in the Master’s Degree and certification programs. In addition to his success as a leader in Fortune 100 corporations over the past 20+ years, Mr. Mingo is an accomplished entrepreneur. Will holds a New Jersey Banking license as well as a New Jersey Bail Bonds license. Will also has an extensive background in real estate development and financing. He and his wife own The World of Beer sports bar in New Brunswick, NJ. Will has received numerous awards and honors for his academic, professional, & civic accomplishments. His successes have been featured in the New York Daily News and the Newark City News. Will holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Clark Atlanta University and an MBA from New York Institute of Technology. Will resides in Monroe Township, NJ with his wife Desiree and their sons James & William. He recently co-founded a bank to help theWE to create wealth and have access to capital. Tiniki Riddick:

#MelanatedWealth  The Melanated Wealth Series (Advancing Black Business to Black Generational Wealth) #Money #BlackBusiness #BlackFinance #PhiBetaSigma #OmegaPsiPhi

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Monday, June 10, 2019

Hidden Colors 5 in Norfolk, Virginia (#HamptonRoads #CoastalVirginia)

Hidden Colors 5
Hampton Roads Screening
8/1/2019 at 8 PM at The Naro Cinema, Norfolk VA
Produced by The Conscious Kollective
Hidden Colors 5 is the final installment of the critically acclaimed Hidden Colors film series. Hidden Colors 5: The Art of Black Warfare is the fifth installment of the critically acclaimed documentary series that teaches about the untold history of people of color and showcase leading scholars and historians discussing topics such as:  *The History of African Military Science - *Ancient African Martial Arts - *Omitted History - *Biological Warfare Against Melanated People - *The Truth About Vaccinations, and Engineered Foods - *Solutions to these issues - And so much more.

Official Website:

$15 - $20 Cash-only Tickets:
Bookstore in Military Circle Mall (757) 455-5535
Positive Vibes Bookstore (757) 523-1399

$15 - $20 Tickets online on Eventbrite:

Limited $25 Day of Tickets at the Ticket Booth

For more details contact: or call Positive Vibes Afrikan Litterature: 757-523-1399.
#HiddenColors #HiddenColors5 #Melanoid #MelanoidNation
#Chesapeake #Hampton #NewportNews #Norfolk #Portsmouth #Suffolk #VirginaBeach 
#ChesapeakeVirginia #HamptonVirginia #NewportNewsVirginia #NorfolkVirginia #PortsmouthVirginia #SuffolkVirginia #VirginaBeachVirginia #CoastalVirginia #CoastalVa #HamptonRoads #HamptonRoadsVa #HamptonRoadsVirginia #TwoUpTwoDown #2Up2Down  

Monday, June 3, 2019

Operation Reset - Youth Empowerment Service International - Y.E.S i

Greetings Family,

Re: Operation Reset

In light of the social ill-health that is evident in the world's cultural super power called Jamaica, we all must renew our efforts to fulfill our national aspiration of advancing our own welfare and that of the entire humanity.

Remembering that 'one one cocoa full basket' and 'it takes a village', we now invoke the spirit of oneness which is evident in the concept of Ubuntu, 'I am because we are''. Hence, I'm offering my role in the (w)holistic intervention, consensus building and focus for the inevitable national renewal. With that said, kindly see the attached, Y.E.S i, linked to my available service.

Thanks for your time and we look forward to the enhanced synergy in the process of community consultation and consensus building  for national plan of action and for urgent renewal and renewed development.

With Love and Honour,
398 8616

Living The Art of Life


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

"In the end the most important thing is" - Roderick Barnes

Rodrick Barnes: 
Food for Thought! Worship Wednesday! YOUR Purpose "In the end the most important thing is: What's the purpose of your life? Why are YOU here? What makes YOU really do what YOU do?" "Everything on this earth has a purpose and YOU do too. That purpose provides an inner drive that once YOU tap into it will give your life immersed fulfillment. It will also give YOU certainty..." -- Tony Robbins in YouTube video by Nineteen Eighty "WE all have to have a reason to be here. If all YOU are doing is going out trying to achieve goals...The purpose of a goal is not to achieve it. The purpose of the goal... is what it makes of US as people, it's what WE become." "Why are YOU here? What are YOU here to do? What are YOU here to accomplish, give, or create? These are the most important questions to answer in YOUR LIFE." Live Well! (Lifestyle) 

RAB "God has put YOU here for a reason. God does not create things without a purpose."

Rodrick B. provides motivational messages to The Conscious Community. Look our for social media handles - coming soon!!

"That's why, I been grinding, I've been grinding all my life."

Rodrick Barnes: Food for Thought! TGIM! The Grind "All my life, I've been grinding all my life. Sacrifice, Hussle paid the price. Want a slice? Got to roll the dice. That's why, I been grinding, I've been grinding all my life." -- verse from Nipsey Hussle's song, "Grinding All My Life / Stucc in The Grind" Success takes grind, sacrifice, hustle, fight and courage to rolling the dice. One must have a certain respect and admiration for those who have made their marks without the benefit of the traditional university education. The culture that we call street has given birth to some of the most successful and insightful people in America. Many of US would not be here today were it not for the skills and knowledge we acquired and the dues we paid on the streets. There is no replacement for the street sense and instinct, there is no school tougher than the School of Hard Knocks, and there is no equivalent to a Street Degree. SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS Nipsey Hustle whose birth name is Erimas Joseph Asghedom says his father taught to have Integrity, to be confidence and a leader. These are things that they don't teach in school. Live Well! (Lifestyle) 

RAB What's the difference? The Grind, Sacriface and Courage

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Black Restaurant Week, Read in, Gospel March on Va. Beach, Ashra Kwesi, & History Makers

Black Restaurant Week in Hampton Roads 2/17/19 - 2/23/19
unnamed.jpg to find out which restaurants are participating!
Beyond Vegan Cell Food
Croaker's Spot
J&K Style Grill
J.R. Crickets NN
Jerrrk Time
Mango Mangeaux
Martin's Soul Food
Phoenix Restaurant & Lounge
Senses Vegan Comfort Food
Scratch Bakery
Wing and a Prayer
How would you love to read Black books to Virginia Beach Elementary students. email for Friday 2/22/19 from 8:30 - 1 pm at College Park Elementary School.

2/23/2019 The interdenominational Ministers are MARCHING ON VIRGINIA BEACH from Rudee Inlet to 40th Street followed by a Gospel concert on 24th Street.


2/24/2019 Ashra Kwesi Speaks at Military Circle Mall's bookstore @ 2:00 pm - Tickets $20 in advance.
2019-02-24 Baba Kwesi & IG in Norfolk.jpg

TACA index.jpg

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Scenes from #NIAfest's #NIAfest2018 Hampton Roads Kwanzaa Celebration

Photos from NIA Fest's 2018 event produced by and sponsored by Positive Vibes Inc. ( and Seko Varner ( and Black BRAND and .