Thursday, November 20, 2014

Va. Beach DST offer $1500 Scholarships for African Americans High School Students

Virginia Beach, Virginia Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship available for African Americans:
DST Scholarship
College Scholarships for people of African Descent

Monday, November 17, 2014

FREE SAT Prep' classess in Virginia Beach, Virginia (11/29/14 & 12/13/14)

A FREE prep' SAT test will be administered at our main location, 1776 Laskin Rd., Ste 101, Virginia Beach, Virginia at 12:30 noon on 11/29/2014 & 12/13/2014. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing back from you. Please call the below number or email  to request the form to register for the FREE Prep-test !


Jacquelyn Singletary
Assistant Center Director
Sylvan Learning of Virginia Beach
(757) 417-7144

Monday, November 10, 2014

Volunteer Oppurtunity in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Reply only to: or calling 757-705-6584
     The Boys & Girls Club of Virginia Beach, Virginia is in desperate need of having volunteer referees for Nov. 15 and the 22nd for our 6-8 yr old flag football season. The time will be 11am - 3pm which we will have 2 fields at a time. If you know anyone that can give us a helping hand please contact or call  757-705-6584. Your assistance will be much appreciated for the the children within the Boys and Girls Club. Please contact Miguel Holliman by emailing

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Free Tuition & the Black Political Class, Biden Tells the Awful Truth, the Real Ebola Conspiracy


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By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
Germany just made college tuition free for everybody including foreign students! Free tuition here would cost about $62 billion, roughly what the US govt already spends on loans, grants and subsidies of all kinds. Black leaders preach education will lift us up, but they won't pick a fight or lead a movement to make higher education a right instead of a debt sentence.

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Vice President Joe Biden was forced to apologize to Arab emirs and kings for blaming them for arming and funding the Islamic State. He neglected to mention his own boss's complicity. "Biden spoke from a state of deep denial, a visceral refusal to accept that the United States is no longer capable of controlling the chaos it has inflicted on the Middle East."

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It would be redundant for the U.S. to "weaponize" Ebola in order to kill Africans. "The monetary and foreign policies they already have do that quite well," resulting in the violent slaughter of millions, mortality in the tens of millions from well known diseases, and the routine theft of the continent's resources. "That is enough conspiracy for anyone to follow without inventing tales of government plots."

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

There have never been this many black faces in high places, or this many black bodies in prison. There's never been this amount of wealth stripped from black families, this many black youth growing up in poverty and a large part of the process happened and is still happening under a black president.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The drama in Ferguson raised – once again – fundamental questions about the Black condition in the United States, questions that must be wrestled with whether a grand jury indicts the white cop in the Michael Brown killing, or not. World events also demand that African Americans find their place in the global struggle now underway.

by Ajamu Baraka

"If Congress can give unanimous consent to the murder of more than 2,000 people in Gaza, the majority of them women and children, why would anyone think that those same people would really care about a few hundred African Americans who are being murdered annually by police forces?" U.S. rulers care no more for African American lives than for the "natives" it slaughters in its endless foreign wars.

by Paul Street

Shameless Obama apologist Michael Eric Dyson claims it was too politically dangerous for a Black attorney general to prosecute white Wall Street executives. "But the basic Too Big to Prosecute idea was clearly in Holder's head long before Dyson's 'racial realpolitik' might have come into play. Holder put forth the doctrine of executive immunity when he worked for Bill Clinton. "Running dog Dyson is barking up the wrong bourgeois tree."

by Raymond Nat Turner

Off bulls eyes on 'suspects' backs
'10 rings' in 'suspects' chests
Off bulls eyes on 'suspects' backs
'10 rings' in 'suspects' chests

by Danny Haiphong

The U.S. corporate press has stepped up its attacks on Venezuela, which is due to take a seat on the UN Security Council, next year. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro opposes the U.S. proxy war against Syria, insisting that only an alliance that respects Syria and Iraq "can truly defeat...all of the terrorist forces that have emerged like a Frankenstein, a monster nursed by the West itself."

by Peter Erlinder

The United States and Britain have for 20 years covered up the true story of the genocide in Rwanda. Finally, a BBC documentary shows how Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame assassinated two Presidents and massacred hundreds of thousands to seize power, and then invaded and looted the neighboring Congo, causing millions more to die – all with the complicity of the U.S. and UK.

by Thomas C. Mountain

Tiny Eritrea, which won a long war of independence from Ethiopia, has incurred Washington's wrath because of its refusal to become trapped in western military and financial entanglements. Among the slanders is that Eritrea uses slave labor in its gold mines. The author asked people who work in the mines "if they ever considered themselves to be 'slave labor'? They were rather insulted."

by David Bacon

The mega-profiteers of Silicon Valley market a privatized brand of education that "is predicated on paying minimal attention to anything but math and literacy, and even those subjects are taught by inexperienced teachers carrying out data-driven lesson plans relentlessly focused on test preparation." Education must become a business, they say: "If you want to cure – really cure – a problem in society, you need to come up with a sustainable solution, and that means making money."

New Youth Party Demands West Finance Ebola Fight

Events in Ferguson, Missouri, have inspired formation of "an alternative party of young people of color" in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. In its first major demonstration, set for October 16, the Young people's Freedom and Justice Party is "demanding that the U.S. government and the western world provide the funding for drugs for treatment" of Ebola "and that they move with all deliberate speed," said Sara Osman, one of the organizers. The party is comprised of college and high school students as well as youths who are not in school.

Black Is Back Coalition to March on White House November 1

In November, 2009, President Obama's first year in office, the newly formed Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations held its first rally and march on the White House. "I think, five years later, even the most die-hard Obamites would have a serious problem trying to ignore the criminality of this regime, or to separate what the United States government is doing under Obama from anything it's done under George W. Bush or any of the other criminals who have occupied that office," said Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela. The Coalition holds a rally and march on the White House on November 1, followed by a teach-in at Howard University the next day under the theme "Peace Through Revolution."

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Were Aware of ISIS's Plans

Far from being in the dark about ISIS's capabilities and goals, the CIA was well aware of the jihadist's plans to attack the Iraqi city of Mosul and seize much of the country, according to journalist Nafeez Ahmed, author of the Guardian newspaper article "How the West Created the Islamic State." The U.S., Britain and the Gulf oil monarchies were plotting regime change in Syria even before the outbreak of demonstrations against the government, in 2011. The same countries that have been "supporting and financing and manipulating" Islamist militants are now "being mobilized to fight the very enemy they created," said Ahmed, author of Zero Point, a novel that actually predicted the events now unfolding in Iraq.

Washington's Incessant Lies

U.S. foreign policy seems full of contradictions because "they are at war with the world and have to constantly hide their aims and their goals, and can turn on the very forces that they create," said Sara Flounders, of the International Action Center. But, said Flounders, "what they're telling the people of the world is always a lie. Always."

Rally Makes Connection Between African American and Palestinian Struggles

On October 11, hundreds will gather at the Malcolm X and Betty Shabbaz Center, in Harlem, to affirm their solidarity with Palestinians under the Israeli apartheid regime. "The World Stands with Palestine" rally will highlight parallels in the plight of Blacks in the U.S. and Palestinians under occupation. The Center is housed on the site of Malcolm X's assassination, in 1965. "Malcolm would have been an African internationalist," said hip hop artist and activist M-1. "To have the rally in the former Audubon Ballroom completes the cycle."

Black Politicians Silent and Ineffectual: Throw Them Out

One looks at the images from Ferguson "and sees in an instant that there is a war against Black people," said Mumia Abu Jamal, the nation's best known political prisoner. What are Black politicians doing? "Many, if not most, have been silent," said Abu Jamal, in a report for Prison Radio. "A new, militant, responsive politics must arise, built by the young who are clear-eyed and committed."

Detroit: Water Cut-Offs Lead to Evictions

Pastor Ray Anderson, of the House of Help church and community center, joined with the grassroots Water Brigade to halt the water cut-offs that have affected hundreds of thousands. Before long, the city cut off the House of Help's water, too. "A lot of people are losing their homes when their house goes into foreclosure because of the water bill," said Pastor Anderson. "I believe it's a God-given right for us to have water," especially since Detroit sits on the Great Lakes, the greatest reservoir of fresh water in the world.
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11/08/14 Norfolk Virginia - Irritated Genie and special guest Ahmose @ House of House of Consciousness

Contact    for details

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 7:56 AM, House ofConsciousness <> wrote:

The weekend is here!! Irritated Genie and special guest Ahmose will be with us today & tommorow!! Both days start at 5pm, tickets are going fast! See you here
--House of Consciousness

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month Black/Melinated/African People

Title:   Happy Hispanic Heritage Month African People !



  All around the United States of America
Notes:   From September 15th to October 15th America celebrates the cultures and traditions of the citizens that trace their language roots to Spain. It is estimated that the Hispanic population consists of over 48 million Americans, making it the largest ethnic race or minority. One of the elements that has limited exposure while we celebrate Hispanic Heritiage is the African presence in the Hispanic/Latino. To that end, we step in:

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Betty Boop was a Black Woman


Ms. ESTHER JONES, known by her stage name, "Baby Esther," was an " African-American singer and entertainer of the late 1920s. She performed regularly at the (The Cotton Club) in Harlem.

Singer Helen Kane saw her act in 1928 and (COPIED or stole ). Ms Jones' 'baby' Singing Style! > for a recording of "I Wanna Be Loved By You."

Ms. Jones' singing style went on to become the inspiration for (( Max Fleischer )) cartoon character's Voice and SINGING style of BETTY BOOP, was YES a Black Woman.
Her singing trademark Was.. "boop oop a doop ".. In a baby voice at the cotton club in Harlem. -

Esther Jones who's stage name was "Baby Esther" was a popular entertainer at Harlem's Cotton Club in the late 1920s. Baby Esther interpolated words such as 'Boo-Boo-Boo' & 'Doo-Doo-Doo' in songs at a cabaret.
Helen Kane SAW Baby's act in 1928 and (stole) Used it in her hit song I Wanna Be Loved By You.
An early test sound film was also discovered, which featured Baby Esther performing in this style, disproving Kane's claims. Baby Esther's manager also testified that Helen Kane had saw Baby Esther's cabaret act in 1928.

Supreme Court Judge Edward J. McGoldrick ruled: "The plaintiff has failed to sustain either cause of action by proof of sufficient probative force". In his opinion, the "baby" technique of singing did not originate with Kane.

$250,000 infringement lawsuit
Esther's manager also testified that , Helen Kane & her manager , saw Baby's act somewhere between 1928-1929.

Scholar Robert G.O' Meally said, Betty Boop The WHITE CARTOON herself had, as it were, a BLACK grandmother in her background.

Baby Esther was presumed dead by 1934, just when the lawsuit had ended.
I was just scrolling through my Facebook feed when I stopped on a woman who bore a striking resemblance to cartoon, Betty Boop. Although the photo was black and white, I could still tell that the women looked Black. After reading the caption, I found out that the women who inspired the sassy cartoon character was Black!
Rachel Stewart is reporting, Ms. Esther Jones is a singer who was known by her stage name, “Baby Esther.” She was an African-American entertainer in the late 1920s. Her singing style often included, “Boop oop a doop.” She performed regularly at the The Cotton Club in Harlem and that’s where fellow singer, Helen Kane saw her act and was inspired enough to take Esther’s baby singing style and called it her own and recorded, “I Wanna Be Loved By You.”

MUST READ: 1920s-Inspired Bridal Looks
After that, Max Fleischer created Betty Boop, a cartoon character who’s voice sounded a lot like Baby Esther’s and who’s named obviously borrowed from Esther’s signature, “Boop oop a doop.”
In 1932, Kane filed a lawsuit again Paramount Corporation for “exploiting her image.” After a two year legal struggle, Kane lost the case as Paramount was able to prove that Kane did not uniquely originate or have claim to the Betty Boop style of singing or look. Paramount proved this by showing Clara Bow (a Paramount Actress) also had the Betty Boop style of dress and hair.
Evidence was produced that Kane actually derived that singing style from watching Baby Esther perform at the Cotton Club several years before the creation of the Betty Boop character.
Supreme Court Judge Edward J. McGoldrick ruled: “The plaintiff has failed to sustain either cause of action by proof of sufficient probative force.” In his opinion, the “baby” technique of singing did not originate with Kane. Well, look at that! I wonder how many other Black stars have had their whole entire aesthetic taken by a White star who tried to make it their own?

Vintage Style: 15 Celebs Who’ve Dressed Like Past Fashion Icons
Supermodel Rose Cordero Channels Josephine Baker For Shoot
Fantasia, Dule Hill & More Take You To A Jazzy 1920s Harlem In New Musical, ‘After Midnight’

Friday, September 5, 2014

Jesus Christ is my N-Word ! (Sung by a White Pastoral Couple)

Hear the song "Rappin' For Jesus":
"Jesus Christ is my N-word, He's the son of the original G."
From Brian Spinney's Youtube Video: "I helped my pastor make this music video when I was in high school. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it! May the Lord bless and keep you. : )"
Watch the video:
EDIT: Hi guys! Boy the response to this video has been overwhelming! I'm excited and glad so many people got a kick out of it. If anyone wants to download the song they can get it hear:

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Black Father returns: I took the steps to try to get back in my son's life. - Daddyman Radio

Watch the video here:
Coach J J Butts discusses being adopted, being a preacher's kid, loosing his father, the Black Church's failures, having four children, not being ready to be a father, hating child support, choosing not to be a good father, turning his life around, getting back into his son's life, and his current job as a Child Support Enforcement worker.

Daddyman Radio/Golden Fold Radio is part of a community Fatherhood Initiative of the Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation and the Gamma Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi. Daddyman radio is hosted by Omega men, DJ Seko (Seko B.E. Varner) and DJ Polo-Shawty (Justin Hampton). Daddyman Radio is recorded and airs on which is owned by DJ Polo-Shawty.

Daddyman Radio is part of Gamma Xi's initiatives toward meetings the fraternity's mandated Fatherhood Initiative which involves RAISING AWARENESS of involved Fatherhood, forming PARTNERSHIPS with community and businesses to promote involved fatherhood, being involved in ADVOCACY to assist involved Fatherhood, and hosting events to CELEBRATE involved Fatherhood. Daddyman Radio meets the Raising Awareness portion of the mandated program is only a portion of a full program of The Golden Fold Movement. The Golden Fold is the Gamma Xi chapter’s Youth Mentoring and Fatherhood initiative. For more information visit .

DJ Seko (

DJ Polo-Shawty (

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daddyman Radio - Fathers discussing Fatherhood

Daddyman Radio is a collection of interviews with Fathers discussing the challenges and blessings.

Daddyman Radio/Golden Fold Radio is part of a community Fatherhood Initiative of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi. Golden Fold radio is hosted by Omega men DJ Seko ( and DJ Polo-Shawty ( Golden Fold Radio airs on which is owned by DJ Polo-Shawty.

Golden Fold Radio is part of Gamma Xi's initiatives toward meetings the fraternity's mandated program which involves RAISING AWARENESS of involved Fatherhood, forming PARTNERSHIPS with community and businesses to promote involved fatherhood, being involved in ADVOCACY to assist involved Fatherhood, and hosting events to CELEBRATE involved Fatherhood.

Friday, August 15, 2014

The loss of my daughter - A Black father shares how he handled the death of his child.

Daddyman Radio Episode 3 with guest John Epting from WFG.

Father, Husband, Servant Leader, Financial guru, Business mentor, and Motivational-man John Epting shares jewels on Life, Fatherhood, Improvement, How to reduce the Chiraq (Chicago Youth) violence occurring in his hometown. Most poignantly, John shares how he "couldn't be mad" when his five year old daughter returned to the Almighty, and how parents should change their mindsets regarding the ownership of children.

John can be reached here:

 Watch the video here:
Daddyman Radio/Golden Fold Radio is part of a community Fatherhood Initiative of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi. Golden Fold radio is hosted by Omega men DJ Seko ( and DJ Polo-Shawty ( Golden Fold Radio airs on which is owned by DJ Polo-Shawty.Golden Fold Radio is part of Gamma Xi's initiatives toward meetings the fraternity's mandated program which involves RAISING AWARENESS of involved Fatherhood, forming PARTNERSHIPS with community and businesses to promote involved fatherhood, being involved in ADVOCACY to assist involved Fatherhood, and hosting events to CELEBRATE involved Fatherhood.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Black Woman's Freedom of Scalp and Raised by my Single Black Daddy (Daddy Man Radio)

Daddy Man Radio #1 - Woman raised by a single Black father.. Episode 1 features activist and blogger 'Clever Speaks' discussing her experiences being raised by a single father. Daddy Man Radio/Golden Fold Radio is all about the triumphs and challenges of Fatherhood.
Raised by my single Daddy ! Daddy Man Radio Episode 1 with Clever Speaks Best

During a mic check on the "Daddy Man Radio/Golden Fold Radio Show" DJ Seko, DJ Polo Shawty, and Community Activist and Blogger 'Clever Speaks' discusses the challenges faced by women of African descent when wearing their hair naturally without chemical permanents (Perms). Clever is using a paradigm Clever calls "Freedom of Scalp." This is a clip from that discussion. The Golden Fold Radio Show is a talkshow that focuses upon Fatherhood.

Actvist & Author Clever Speaks on "Freedom of Scalp." - Golden Fold Radio

Clever Speaks may be found here !

Twitter: @cleverspeaks
YouTube: Cleverspeaks