Monday, February 6, 2017


Press Release - February 6th

Feast of the Performing Arts - Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26th

Living up to the tradition of the past 14 years, the annual Poetry in Motion presents the Feast of the Performing Arts, featuring: Music, Dance, Comedy, Story Telling, Fashion and Poetry, on Sunday February 26, Manchester Golf Club, Mandeville, starting at 6pm.

 Poetry in Motion 2017 features: Dr Herbert Thompson, Myrna Hague, Marjorie Whylie, Dufton Shepherd, John Akpata (Canada), Ruth Nadolny (USA), Steppa, Annmarie Wilmot, Osheen Wright, Delacia Wiggan, Shamoya Samuels and Yasus Afari.

Clean Intelligent Fun - Poetry for Charity

From the very inception Poetry in Motion (PiM) cultivated and promoted social responsibility, a keen sense of community, nation building and artistic integrity. PiM celebrates the arts as a medium of social intervention, renewal and transformation. In view of this, Poetry in Motion has consistently supported a wide range of deserving charities. This year the charities being supported are: Church Teachers' College-Porus Primary School Project, Friends in Need and the Gilbert & Georgia Allen Educational Trust, while providing Clean Intelligent Fun for the entire family and community.

Getting Tickets Early

Early bird tickets for Poetry in Motion 2017 are available at Fontana Pharmacy, Heaven's Texaco, Manchester Golf Club, Villa Gardens, Junction Pharmacy, VW Investment Cambio and Mandeview Hotel.

We look forward to your presence and continued support at Poetry in Motion 2017.

With Honour, Love and Poetree
PiM 2017
Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26 - Clean Intelligent Fun! Be There!
PiM 2017
Pray, by Preparing for What You Pray!

1Earth,1Love,1Humanity - Honour, Love & Prosperity

Monday, January 23, 2017

Press Release - The Healing Arts at Poetry in Motion 2017


Press Release

Celebrating The Arts - Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26th


The social balance and harmony of any human society is largely dependent upon its arts and how it is nurtured, consumed, valued and shared. In light of this reality, the annual Poetry in Motion affectionately (PiM) aims to inspire and empower the people of Jamaica with the creative nectar of the performing arts. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that the 14th annual staging of PiM shall be held at the Manchester Golf Club, Brumalia Road, Mandeville on Sunday February 26th at 6:00 pm.

The featured performers for Poetry in Motion 2017 are: Dr Herbert Thompson, Myrna Hague, Marjorie Whylie, Dufton Shepherd, John Akpata (from Canada), Ruth Nadolny (from USA), Steppa, Annmarie Wilmot, Osheen Wright, Delacia Wiggan, Shamoya Samuels and Yasus Afari.

Social Responsibility

From it's inception in Poetry in Motion  has carefully cultivated and consistently promoted social responsibility, a heightened sense of community, entrepreneurship, nation building and artistic integrity. We have celebrated the cultural arts as a medium of social intervention, renewal and transformation. In view of our commitment to social responsibility we have always supported a wide range of worthy and deserving charities. This initiative is designed to help support and maintain the social fabric of Jamaica. Hence, we inspire unity while providing Clean Intelligent Fun for the entire family and community.

In Support of Several Charities

Poetry in Motion 2017 shall feature the spectrum of the literary and performing arts to include: Music, Dance, Comedy, Story Telling, Fashion and Poetry. This year's event will support Church Teachers' College - Porus Primary School Project, Friends in Need and the Gilbert & Georgia Allen Educational Trust.

PoeTree and the Arts of Healing

By promoting positivity, responsible social values and attitude within our Jamaican people, PiM seeks to infuse the healing attributes of Poetry and the Arts so as to create social balance and harmony in order to help with the healing the Jamaican family. In this process, we shall treat and entreat our patrons to the premier feast of the cultural and performing arts at the annual Poetry in Motion with Clean Intelligent Fun for the Entire Family and Jamaican Community.

We look forward to your continued support and distinguished presence at Poetry in Motion 2017.

With Honour, Love and Poetree
PiM 2017

Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26 - Clean Intelligent Fun! Be There!

Pray, by Preparing for What You Pray!

1Earth,1Love,1Humanity - Honour, Love & Prosperity

Monday, December 26, 2016

"7 Things to do in Umoja"- Seko Varner's annual Umjoa message.

Seko Varner's annual Umoja message:

"7 Things to do in Umoja"

1) Take a family photo.
2) Work on a community volunteer project as a family or community.
3) Apologize to a family member or neighbor you harmed.
4) Accept the apology of a family member who harmed you.
5) Cook a family meal together, as a family, and eat together.
6) Do something fun, as a couple, group, or family. (Go see the new Denzel Washington movie)
7) Pray together to maintain unity as a family, community, nation, and race.

Umoja = Unity. 
Kwanzaa Principle: To strive for and maintain Unity in the family, community, nation, and race.

My family is doing #6 & #7 today ! 
Ashee, ashee, Amen. (Let it be)
Seko B.E. Varner

DJ Seko Varner
Seko Benjamin-Eric Varner, M.Ed
Be blessed, stay blessed, be a blessing.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Kwanzaa Celebrations in the 757 (Hampton Roads Virginia)

Monday 12/26 - Atumpan The Talking Drum 6pm @ The Attucks Theater, Norfolk, Va.
Contact:  (757)525-YARN (9276)
Visit Toy Co. in Military Circle Mall & spend $10 in The Group Economics Challenge

Tuesday 12/27 - Essence Bookclub - 3:30pm & 5:30pm Indian River Library, Chesapeake, Va.
Visit Positive Vibes (6220 Indian River Rd.) spend $10 in The Group Economics Challenge

Wednesday 12/28 - Sophisticated Ladies - 2:30pm - YWCA (Orcutt Avenue), Newport News, Va.
Contact Dr. Jeter 757-287-7453
Visit Just PIC'D Juices (415 N. Military Hwy, Norfolk) spend $10 in The Group Economics Challenge

Thursday 12/29 - Sophisticated Ladies - 3pm - HPCA (300 Butler Farms Road), Hampton, Va.
Contact Dr. Jeter 757-287-7453
Visit Desmond's Grill (3175 Azalea Garden Rd, Norfolk) spend $10 in The Group Econ Challenge

Friday 12/30 - NIA Fest 4pm - 7pm @ Military Circle Mall, Norfolk, Va.
Contact:  757-932-0177
Visit Water Plus (5950 Poplar Hall Dr # 107, Norfolk) spend $10 in The Group Econ Challenge

Saturday 12/312:00 – 4:00 PM THE WESLEY CENTER, (1701 ELM AVE, PORTSMOUTH, VA)
Contact: Dianna 757-343-3358
Visit the KROGER MARKETPLACE and buy a bottle of Shoe Crazy Wine

Monday 01/01 - Sophisticated Ladies - 4pm - YWCA (Orcutt Avenue), Newport News, Va.
Contact Dr. Jeter 757-287-7453
Visit Virtuous Boutique in Pembroke Mall & spend $10 in The Group Economics Challenge

Saturday, November 12, 2016

The BLACKfriday (REMIX) film on Thursday 11/17/16 & Ecclesiastes 10:19 & John 5:30

Consider - Ecclesiastes 10:19 "A feast is made for laughter, wine makes life merry, and money is the answer for everything."

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We're creating our OWN Wealthy Socially Conscious Community ! We will change America to meet our agenda together. John 5:30 Jesus says "By myself I can do nothing." Soooooo - Join US so we can do things !.

We're continuing our activities by showing the BLACKfriday (REMIX) film on Thursday 11/17/16 at the NARO Cinema in Norfolk, Va at 8pm. The film teaches US how to better use our income and spending to leave a generational financial legacy and end problems in our nation. If you saw the first one, SEE THIS ONE & BRING A FRIEND !!!
Here are the trailers.

Ticket are $15. One time showing. The ticket price includes the screening on Thursday, an invite-only networking event with Dr. David Anderson (from the film) on Friday night, and an invite-only Dr. Anderson has assisted in the creation of 1 millionaire in Hampton Roads within the last 60 days and a number of profitable businesses. His workshops aren't sales event nor do they have a multi-level marketing structure. It's happening! Don't take my word for it, Google Dr. David Anderson and BLACKANOMICS. Here's the Q&A from our last events starring Dr. Anderson:
1. The Generation One screening:
2. The Original Black Friday screening:
3. Dr. David M. Anderson Sr. lays out an Economic Plan for the creation of Black Wealth. This powerful message was delivered at Pastor Donnie McClurkins Church Perfecting Faith in Freeport NY.
We're building our Millionaire Socially Conscious Community ! Join US ! When we are Pocket-Strong we are Politically-Strong.

    Here's a video from one our directors, Seko Varner's, presentation entitled THE PLAN, God's Plan for your finances !
Recorded 10/4/2016 at First Lynnhaven Baptist Church in Planet Earth, DJ Seko B.E. Varner from Positive Vibes Inc. discusses some of the wise financial messages in the canonized Bible and shares some resources for better financial guidance by the likes of Michelle Singletary, Rabi Daniel Lapin, and Dave Ramsey.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Powernomics ! A strategy we should consider - Kwasi Imhotep

From: <>

Date: Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 10:21 AM
Subject: Powernomics!

Listening to Black talk radio, WOL in DC yesterday and up comes Dr Claude Anderson and his Powernomics program. His concept, as I understand it is to economically empower Black folks as a means of survival and extrication from its group problems, including I assume racial hatred/oppression.
If that premise is accurate or closely so, I don't see it achieving it's goals.
Granted, that we NEED every weapon we can get our hands on to defeat oppression, and certainly economic enfranchisement should be a central part of our arsenal for liberation.  But, it ain't a cure-all; not a panacea!
I wanted to call in and ask the Dr one question, but the phone line was too long for me to wait.  Had I gotten through, my query to him would be along the lines of, we have already done what you propose and it was not sufficient to protect us against white racial hatred, i.e., in Tulsa, OK in the 1920s.
There we were economic kings and queens, even lending money to pale people/businesses, unemployment rates of less than 4 percent, owning banks, hospitals, transit systems, hundreds of businesses and even had 5 privately owned airplanes, which was absolutely unheard of for Black folk.
But, it was all destroyed in one murderous night of pale rampage.  So how is Powernomics going to save the day for us?
Anderson spoke of owning/controlling our infrastructure as the Jews/Asians do, as if that was a remedy for their societal ills.  Well, fact is, it isn't. The Jewish 'Civil Rights' group, Anti-Defamation League has reported that their group investigated over 977 cases of anti-semitic assault against Jews in 2015! That;s nearly 3 cases per day.
And the ADL is only one of several Jewish advocacy groups.  We all know that they are typically economically powerful, owning much of corporate America, plus their pale skin and straight hair gives them a perceived cultural edge over us.  But they are still fighting racial hatred big time; just like us.
Still, I kind of like Anderson's push, and I believe he is an honest man interested in our welfare. But, he is a fast talker, and fast talkers sometimes say things that are not accurate, mixed in with truth.  He is no exception.  For instance, his history IQ is not where it should be to cover as many different subjects as he does.  He spoke of the Willie Lynch letters/speech in one You tube tape as if it were an actual historical event.  Not so, according to my buddy and Afrikan history professor Manu Ampim-
Yet, I think Dr Anderson may have something that we can use in our struggle, and is worth listening to.  Kwasi

Why Blacks Will Continue to be Killed, And What We Can Do About It

On Friday, September 23, 2016 11:18 AM, Asad - Pan-African Alliance <> wrote:

Why Blacks Will Continue to be Killed, And What We Can Do About It
North Carolina.

The list goes all the way back to Rosewood and Black Wall Street.

White Supremacy is real, and as long as we use tired old strategies to fight back, we will continue to be victims. We cant continue to march like we are in the 1960's or riot like the 1990's. Its time for a new approach. One that will ensure our safety now, and for generations to come.

Last night, I wrote an article that I hope will resonate with you. The heart and soul of our organization is summarized in this article. Read it, and let me know what you think with an email or with a comment on the article itself. 

P.S. Even if you are currently overseas, I think you will feel this article. I look forward to hearing from you, Family!

Visit United Black America | 816-UMOJA-11 (816-866-5211)
This E-mail is covered by the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, 18 U.S.C. §§ 2510-2521 and is legally privileged. This information is confidential information and is intended only for the use of the individual or entity named above.
P.O Box 1630
Santa Clara, CA 90211


Screening of Generation 1 in Norfolk Virginia 10-13-2016 @ 7:30 pm at The Naro !

@ForwardEverVirginia, Positive Vibes Inc. and presents a screening of Lamar and 

Ronnie Tyler's documentary Generation One: The Search for 

Black Wealth starring Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. David 

Anderson. Special in-theater guest Dr. David Anderson 

(from the film) doing Q&A and Dropping gems like only he 

can ! Thursday 10-13-2016 @ 7:30 pm @ Naro Cinema in 

Norfolk, Virginia. 1507 Colley Ave, Norfolk, Virginia 23517 

Tickets are online at EventBrite or call 757-932-0177 or 

email .

Generation One takes a hard look at the numbers, giving 

historical context to early wealth creation in the Black 

community and tapping the expertise of the nation’s top 

financial experts to weigh in not only on how Blacks fell 

behind, but surefire strategies families can implement to 

begin building a strong financial legacy for generations to 


Buy your tickets here !

If you have consumer debt, and you'd like to reduce the interest rate, and the amount owed, give me a text or a call @ 757-932-0177. Seko Varner is from Positive Vibes Inc. This company combines entertainment, community activism, and financial literacy and debt reduction counseling. Seko is also in high demand as a special events DJ and owns an event marketing service. Seko has diverse background in business, financial services, real estate, radio, counseling and education (WHEW). Visit www.HappilyEverAfter.Be or call 757-932-0177 for more details. At the time of this posting Seko continues with debt removal services, yet he is not active with World Financial Group, nor with financial services marketing.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hands off Gabby !

Hands off GABBY !

Gabrielle Douglas, our very own Olympics Gold Medal winner from Virginia beach, in the 2012 London Olympics, and a gold medalist in the teams victory in Rio, has been brought to tears by this racial hatred news system and the bigots who masquerade as patriots on Tweeter.

Four years ago, they couldn't say enough good things about our daughter, 16 at the time.  Now, they trash her name, her gestures, and mostly because she did not put her hand over her heart during the playing of their national anthem at the gold medal ceremony.
It's not good enough for them that she said she didn't intentionally try to dis them; no, they want to drag her through the mud. (See Washington Post story below)
The Post even published a citation from the US Code (below) ostensibly buttressing their case against her:
"36 USC 301-(C) 
all other persons 
 should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart
Sounds like a slam dunk case against her, right? WRONG! I didn't work 30 years in DC writing laws, regulations, Instructions, etc, for the federal government, not paying attention to the legalese of those edicts.  And it basically comes down to this: when a law mandates an action, it typically uses SHALL, not should.
Black's Law Dictionary (8th Ed, p. 1407), says this of the preposition SHALL: "has a duty to; more broadly, is required to; this is the mandatory sense that drafters typically mean, and the courts typically uphold"
So, when this law says should, not shall, it is not mandatory to do the action spoken of, and that's the path our daughter took, but not with any malice in her heart.  But these pale hypocrites want to rake her over the hot coals for doing so.
Get real pale America! Your Supreme Court has ruled in 1969 that it is NOT illegal to burn the US flag, citing freedom of speech laws.  So if one can legally burn that rag (aka Dr Welsing), one can also legally not salute the damn thing.  Moreover,  we as Black people have even less reason to honor a symbol that has historically trashed us.  That flag was flying over George Washington's farm, when as the first prez, he enslaved over 300 of our ancestors.  Maybe some of us have forgiven and forgotten, but Dr Clarke told us not to do either.  And as we have taught so often in the past, their flag is a symbol of a Republic (US Pledge) in the Platonic sense of limited rule of the few over the many. Why should we honor a symbol of a system that  has historically EXCLUDED us in more ways than one?
But, Gabrielle wasn't being mean spirited, and did not have a political motive in mind by her own admission.  She simply did not bow down to a symbol of white supremacy and for that, she gets burned in the press.
Back up pale faces!  She is only 20 years old, despite what she has accomplished, and she's still our daughter, and some of us don't take kindly you f---ing with our daughters!  Kwasi