Monday, January 23, 2017

Press Release - The Healing Arts at Poetry in Motion 2017


Press Release

Celebrating The Arts - Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26th


The social balance and harmony of any human society is largely dependent upon its arts and how it is nurtured, consumed, valued and shared. In light of this reality, the annual Poetry in Motion affectionately (PiM) aims to inspire and empower the people of Jamaica with the creative nectar of the performing arts. Therefore, we are delighted to announce that the 14th annual staging of PiM shall be held at the Manchester Golf Club, Brumalia Road, Mandeville on Sunday February 26th at 6:00 pm.

The featured performers for Poetry in Motion 2017 are: Dr Herbert Thompson, Myrna Hague, Marjorie Whylie, Dufton Shepherd, John Akpata (from Canada), Ruth Nadolny (from USA), Steppa, Annmarie Wilmot, Osheen Wright, Delacia Wiggan, Shamoya Samuels and Yasus Afari.

Social Responsibility

From it's inception in Poetry in Motion  has carefully cultivated and consistently promoted social responsibility, a heightened sense of community, entrepreneurship, nation building and artistic integrity. We have celebrated the cultural arts as a medium of social intervention, renewal and transformation. In view of our commitment to social responsibility we have always supported a wide range of worthy and deserving charities. This initiative is designed to help support and maintain the social fabric of Jamaica. Hence, we inspire unity while providing Clean Intelligent Fun for the entire family and community.

In Support of Several Charities

Poetry in Motion 2017 shall feature the spectrum of the literary and performing arts to include: Music, Dance, Comedy, Story Telling, Fashion and Poetry. This year's event will support Church Teachers' College - Porus Primary School Project, Friends in Need and the Gilbert & Georgia Allen Educational Trust.

PoeTree and the Arts of Healing

By promoting positivity, responsible social values and attitude within our Jamaican people, PiM seeks to infuse the healing attributes of Poetry and the Arts so as to create social balance and harmony in order to help with the healing the Jamaican family. In this process, we shall treat and entreat our patrons to the premier feast of the cultural and performing arts at the annual Poetry in Motion with Clean Intelligent Fun for the Entire Family and Jamaican Community.

We look forward to your continued support and distinguished presence at Poetry in Motion 2017.

With Honour, Love and Poetree
PiM 2017

Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26 - Clean Intelligent Fun! Be There!

Pray, by Preparing for What You Pray!

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