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7 Things to do in celebration or observance of Ujima (Collective Work & Responsibility)

7 Things to do in Ujima:

1. Read/discuss/debate passages from your Holy Book of Guidance that illustrate collective work and responsibility. Here are two of my favs': Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 - Two [are] better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor. Proverbs 27:17 - Iron sharpen'eth iron; so a man sharpen'eth the countenance of his friend.

2. Clean your house/office/ personal area together.

3. Have that difficult discussion lovingly to heal that emotional-wound.

4. Coordinate and develop a list of chores for the members of your household, organization, fellowship, office.

5. Meet with that person that you and yours have harmed and take responsibility for your collective impact upon that person/entity.

6. Become involved in an activity to improve the appearance of your neighborhood.

7. Donate to a cause collectively with your group of influence.

Happy-Merry Everything,
Brother Seko

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Hidden Colors 3 & Kwanzaa Celebration in Virginia Beach (12-30-2014)

 And then at 6:00 pm at the same location !!!!!!

7 things to do to observe and embodi Kujichagalia (Self Determination)

7 things in Kujichagulia !

1. Find yourself in your holy book of guidance.
2. Write 7 "I am..." affirmations.
3. Define what you will accept and allow in your relationships.
4. Design your lifestyle for 7 years in the future....
5. Define standards for you and your immediate family.
6. Define what you will and will not respond to.
7. Attend events and attend to work that defines you.
My family did #2 today. Happy Kujichagulia day of Kwanzaa !

Brother Seko VArner

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December 30, 2014 Line Dance with Letitia - Virginia Beach, VA (FREE)

2014 Kwanzaa Events in Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach, Virginia

12/26/14 - The Annual Attucks Kwanzaa event
                The AttucksTheatre,
                Norfolk, Virginia
                06:00 pm - 08:00 pm
12/28/14 - Essence Book Club's Kwanzaa event
                Chesapeake Indian River Library
                2320 Old Greenbrier Road, Chesapeake
               11:00 am - 04:00 pm 
12/30/14 - Kuumba Fest 2014!
                Father 1st Fruits Kwanzaa Celebration
                Boys & Girls Club of Virginia Beach, VA
                 1505 Competitor Court,  Virginia Beach, VA 23453
                6:00 - 9:00 pm - FREE
       A $2 voluntary donation is appreciated !

Hidden Colors & FREE Photos & The I Am Me Project 12/30/14 Virginia Beach, VA

12/30/14 Virginia Beach, VA - FREE Family, Friends, and Solo photos from R2Z Photography

7 things to do in Umoja - Brother Seko Varner on Kwanzaa's 1st day

7 Things to do in Umoja - by Brother Seko Varner

1) Take a family/group/couple photo.
2) Work on a community volunteer project as a family or community.
3) Apologize to a family member or neighbor you harmed.
4) Accept the apology of a family member who harmed you.
5) Cook a family meal together, as a family, and eat together.
6) Do something fun, as a family. (Go see a conscious or fun movie)
7) Pray together to maintain unity as a family, community, nation, and race.

Umoja = (Transliteration) To strive for and maintain Unity as a family, community, nation, and race.

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December 25th - Christ-mess Unwrapped

Hotep Brothers and Sisters,

Many of us have been raised to believe, as an article of the Christian religion, that Jesus Christ was born on December 25th, or Christmas day. But, not many of us are aware of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) origins of the December 25th religious festival, or what it truly represents, and the fact that it has nothing to do with the Christian religion, or Christmas. In fact, December 25th, is not, nor has it ever been, the birthday of the Christian god, Jesus Christ!
The verifiable historical facts surrounding the 25th. of December are as follows:
“In Egypt (Kemet) three thousand years ago, the birthday of the Sun-god (Ra) was celebrated in the temples on the 25th of December; it was the first day to lengthen obviously after December 21st (typically the shortest day of the year) the day of the Winter Solstice.”1 {Please understand that the ancient Kemites (Egyptians) have always believed in one Supreme “God”, as they have stated in their Book of the Coming Forth From Darkness Unto Light, written in revised state 6,000 years ago. Nevertheless, they believed that the spirit of life from the Creator existed in all things, and they therefore honored this manifestation of the Creator’s life-force (spirit) in the Sun, which they called Ra}.
“At the midnight hour, on the very first minute of the 25th of December, the birth of the Sun was commemorated.”1 (Beginning on the 21st , the period of sunlight in each day increased, thus the Sun appeared to have been “born” again from the short periods of daylight in the preceeding months.)
“At this time the Sun was in the zodiacal sign Capricorn, which was known as the Stable, so the infant Sun was said to have been born in a stable. Shining brightly on the meridian was Sirius (the Star from the East); while rising in the East was Virgo (the Virgin), the line of the horizon passing through her center. To the right of Sirius was Orion with three stars in his belt. These stars lie in a... line and point toward Sirius, and in ancient times they were known as The Three Kings. We meet them in the (Christian) gospels as The Three Wise Men, or Magi.1.
(Text shown in brackets, parenthesis or underlined is mine throughout)
This accounts for the origin of the Sun festival in ancient Kemet (Egypt) on the 25th of December, but how did this festival get translated into Christmas, or the Christian event called the birth of Jesus Christ?
“The birth of Jesus Christ has been set at Christmas... But up to the fourth century, the birth of the Christian Savior was celebrated on the sixth of January.2.
“Certain it is that the winter solstice, which (was)... assigned to the twenty-fifth of December, was celebrated in antiquity [by the ancient Kemites (Egyptians)] as the birthday of the sun, and that festal lights or fires were kindled on this joyous occasion. (The) Christian festival is. . .a continuation (corruption) under a Christian name of this old solar festivity; for the ecclesiastical authorities saw fit, about the end of the third or beginning of the fourth century, arbitrarily to transfer the nativity of Christ from the sixth of January to the twenty-fifth of December, for the purpose of diverting to their Lord the worship (recognition) which the (ancient Kemites) paid on that day to the Sun.” 3. As an aside, Christmas celebration on the 6th of January was also known as the “old Christmas.”
But who were these “ecclesiastical authorities”?
“Pope Julius I (fourth century) fixed December 25th as the birthday of Christ, but we know that Christ had no vital statistics, no one knows when (or if) the date of his birth. What could have inspired Pope Julius I to choose that date... unless it be the Egyptian tradition perpetuated by the Roman calendar? This becomes evident when the idea of a tree is associated with the birth of Christ. That would seem arbitrary if we did not know that Osiris (Asr, whose birthday was December 26th) was the (deity) of vegetation. Sometimes he was even painted green in the image of that vegetation, whose rebirth he symbolized. His symbol was a tree with cut branches set up to announce the resurrection of... life. Such then could be the remote origin of the Christmas tree. Once again we see, on retracing the course of time, that more than one feature of western civilization... loses its enigmatic (puzzling) character when linked with its... African source.” 4.
Further, “the Nativity itself is an Egyptian import. In the Temple of Amon (A-men) at Luxor (in Egypt,”Waset”) first built around 1700 BCE (Before the Current Era), there is a panel of four vignettes (carved in stone) depicting the birth of the infant pharaoh.” 5.
The Temple scenes show all of the essential elements of the ancient Kemetic (Egyptian) birth of the infant pharaoh, which would, 1700 years later be unfaithfully copied by the Christian event called Christmas. The scenes show:
- the announcement of the impending birth by Thoth, the messenger, of the Creator to the Mother-To-Be named Mut-em-ua, which means mother of one to come to rule over Kemet (Egypt). Christians call this the Annunciation;
- the holding of the Sacred Ankh (the ancient Kemetic symbol of Divine Life) to the mouth of the Mother-To-Be, called The Immaculate Conception;
- the Mother sitting on the birthing chair next to her Royal Child; The Birth;
- the Heavenly Host of the Kemetic pantheon gathering around the Child to pay homage, and the Three Divine Personnages offering gifts to the new born Child, called the Adoration of the Child.
You can travel to Egypt today and see these scenes for yourself, as I have done. Remember, these scenes were carved into the walls over 1700 years before the Christian event called the birth of Christ! 

We have seen and documented how all of the components of the ancient Kemetic spiritual festival including the date (December 25th), the Stable, the Star in the East, the Virgin Mother, the Three Kings, the Tree and Lights, gift-giving, and all of the elements of what is called the Nativity, have been stolen and corrupted by western culture from their original meanings to an event called Christmas! 

Further, western culture/racism/white supremacy has used our own forgotten traditions to cause us to dishonor our own history, and our ancestors, ourselves, and our ancient conceptions of The Creator! As Dr. Marimba Ani said, “The deep spirituality that we have inherited from the Motherland encourages us to practice a religion that demeans our heritage.” 6
This is true! As an Afrikan proverb says, “The higher the monkey (western culture) climbs into the tree, the more he shows his ass.”

One of the most destructive things done to the Afrikan by European colonization is that, "they colonized the Image of God. (but) With this knowledge we can change the world, if first we change ourselves. -Dr. John Henrik Clarke 

SHM HTP! (May You Go In Peace) 
Kwasi Imhotep ( 

Jackson, John G. “Introduction to African Civilizations”
Jackson, John G. “Christianity Before Christ”
Fraser, Sir James George. “The Golden Bough”
Diop, Cheikh Anta. “The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality”
Finch, Charles S. III, MD. “Echoes of the Old Dark Land”
Ani, Marimba “Let the Circle Be Unbroken-The Implications of African Spirituality In the Diaspora”

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Dec. 30th - Hidden Colors #3 and Kuumba Fest (Kwanzaa Celebration)

 And then at 6:00 pm at the same location !!!!!!

Winter Solstice - Kemetic Observance and Purpose

Solstice and Equinox Cycles

Hotep Brothers and Sisters,

The Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians), your ANKHcestors, observed the astrological and universal movement of the stars, moon and the sun.  They understood that if these same forces had such a profound effect on the natural forces on the earth, they must exert that same energy and force to our beings mind, body and soul since we all were created from the same universal "ALL."

On December 22nd, the Sun reaches its farthest point in the southern hemisphere as it travels on its yearly journey from north to south.  It is at this point and only at this point that the Sun theoretically becomes still or (Dies) for 3 days (Dec 22-25).  At 12 midnight on Dec 25th the Sun (is Born) and begins its northern journey; actually moving 1 degree per minute.

In Kemet (Egypt) they called this astronomical act ... The rising or elevation of Heru/Asar (Sun) the anointed KRST.

Also, during this time the new moon is also born on this 3rd day.  The new moon on the Winter Solstice has been observed for thousands of years; before the Solar Age of the Sun.  The 'Crescent' stage of the new moon takes the shape of an 'Ark.'  

Metaphorically, the Sun (Heru, the Son of Ausar and Auset born of immaculate conception) rising on the midnight hour of December 25th (Winter Solstice) rose inside of this Ark.

Also, on the predawn of December 25th the three stars of Asar (Osiris - Greek) -AKA- Orions belt, directly align with the 'star of the East' (SepDet -AKA- Sirius) on an angle that points directly to the Sun as the Sun (Son) rises on the morning of December 25th.  December 25th is the "shortest or smallest" day of the year.  It is for this reason that the Sun, metaphorically (Heru the Son) was born an "infant" or smallest individual.

Spiritually, the winter solstice is a time of rebirth or refocus on the past in order to strengthen the future.  It is a time of refocus on purpose of purification, procreation and the proliferation of life.  It's also a time to recognize opposition energy that exist inside and outside our lives and strategize to eliminate these opposition energies.

So ... brothers and sisters...truly overstand and get a grip of what this time of the year is truly about and learn how to nourish your mind, body and spirit to truly cultivate success within your person.  Our ANKHcestors didn't create the greatest civilization in the world without direct understanding of Self and the Universe.  Connect yourself with the "All" and the "All" will energize your Mind, Body and Spirit more than you can ever imagine.

Ankh, Snb, Uja
Asar Maa Ra Gray

"Every Man and Woman has two educations, that which is given to him or her, and the other that which he or she gives himself."
    Carter G. Woodson

AlkeNatuals - Winter Solstice Special (Order Today)

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AlkeNaturals - 2014 Winter Solstice Detox Special

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Hampton Virginia: Ile Nago Monthly Fellowship: December 21, 2014 at 2pm

To: Ile Nago <>

Blessing and Greetings,
Please note that we will be gathering at Ile Nago on Sunday, December 21 at 2pm for our "Monthly Sunday Fellowship".
Sunday Fellowship is Ile Nago's monthly community gathering where we greet and honor the Ancestors and the Orisha and then openly share and discuss learnings about spirit and our traditions. This is a learning group where we can actively grow and build community.
Afterwards, we socialize by sharing a meal over casual conversation and laughter. This fellowship lasts into the evening.
***Please bring a dish or drink to share if you are able.
All of good faith and intention are welcome. You are welcome to bring a friend.
RSVP is not necessary but is appreciated.
Members of the Ile donate a monthly dues of $10 for the Ile maintenance, supplies, upkeep, and event planning. Friends and Guests of the Ile are asked to consider donating an offering when they attend an Ile event, but it is not required.
2108 Shell Road, Hampton, VA 23661
Consider Joining the Ile Nago Facebook Page:
For updated information about the upcoming Fellowship, RSVP on Facebook:

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Colonialisms Mandate - Enslaving the Black Mind

A speech by King Leopald told to missionaries headed to Africa..." Teach the niggers to forget their African Gods ....

Letter From King Leopold II to Colonial Missionaries Heading to Africa, 1883

AFRICANGLOBE – Below is a letter written in 1883 by King Leopold II of Belgium to Belgian Christian missionaries being sent to Congo. These  Christian missionaries would eventually become the spearhead of Belgian colonialism only to be followed by Belgian traders and lastly the Belgian army.
Reverends, Fathers and Dear Compatriots:

The task that is given to fulfill is very delicate and requires much tact. You will go certainly to evangelize, but your evangelization must inspire above all Belgium interests. Your principal objective in our mission in the Congo is never to teach the n!ggers to know God, this they know already. They speak and submit to a Mungu, one Nzambi, one Nzakomba, and what else I don’t know.

They know that to kill, to sleep with someone else’s wife, to lie and to insult is bad. Have courage to admit it; you are not going to teach them what they know already. Your essential role is to facilitate the task of administrators and industrials, which means you will go to interpret the gospel in the way it will be the best to protect your interests in that part of the world. For these things, you have to keep watch on dis-interesting our savages from the richness that is plenty [in their underground. To avoid that, they get interested in it, and make you murderous] competition and dream one day to overthrow you.

Your knowledge of the gospel will allow you to find texts ordering, and encouraging your followers to love poverty, like “Happier are the poor because they will inherit the heaven” and, “It’s very difficult for the rich to enter the kingdom of God.” You have to detach from them and make them disrespect everything which gives courage to affront us. I make reference to their Mystic System and their war fetish – warfare protection – which they pretend not to want to abandon, and you must do everything in your power to make it disappear.

Your action will be directed essentially to the younger ones, for they won’t revolt when the recommendation of the priest is contradictory to their parent’s teachings. The children have to learn to obey what the missionary recommends, who is the father of their soul. You must singularly insist on their total submission and obedience, avoid developing the spirit in the schools, teach students to read and not to reason.

There, dear patriots, are some of the principles that you must apply. You will find many other books, which will be given to you at the end of this conference. Evangelize the n!ggers so that they stay forever in submission to the White colonialists, so they never revolt against the restraints they are undergoing. Recite every day – “Happy are those who are weeping because the kingdom of God is for them.”

The letter which follows is Courtesy of Dr. Vera Nobles and Dr. Chiedozie Okoro.

Letter from King Leopold II of Belgium to Colonial Missionaries, 1883.

Convert always the Blacks by using the whip. Keep their women in nine months of submission to work freely for us. Force them to pay you in sign of recognition-goats, chicken or eggs-every time you visit their villages. And make sure that n!ggers never become rich. Sing every day that it’s impossible for the rich to enter heaven. Make them pay tax each week at Sunday mass.

Use the money supposed for the poor, to build flourishing business centres. Institute a confessional system, which allows you to be good detectives denouncing any Black that has a different consciousness contrary to that of the decision-maker.

Teach the n!ggers to forget their heroes and to adore only ours. Never present a chair to a Black that comes to visit you. Don’t give him more than one cigarette.

Never invite him for dinner even if he gives you a chicken every time you arrive at his house.

“The above speech which shows the real intention of the Christian missionary journey in Africa was exposed to the world by Mr. Moukouani Muikwani Bukoko, born in the Congo in 1915, and who in 1935 while working in the Congo, bought a second hand Bible from a Belgian priest who forgot the speech in the Bible. – Dr. Chiedozie Okoro

Africans Should Note:

1] that all missionaries carried out, and still carry out, that mandate. We are only lucky to
have found King Leopold’s articulation of the aim of all Christian imperialist missionaries to Africa.

2] Even the African converts who today manage the older churches in Africa (the priests, bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals etc of the Roman and Protestant sects), and especially also those who evangelize Born-Again Christianity, still  serve the same mandate. Which is why they demonize African gods and Anglicize African names, and drop the names of African deities which form part of African names; and still attack and demolish the African shrines that have managed to survive, e.g. Okija.

3] Those Africans who voluntarily converted to Christianity  before the colonial conquest such as Affonso I of the BaKongo in the 15th century probably did not discern the purpose of the brand of Christianity that was supplied to them. Which was probably why they fell easy prey to the missionaries and the White traders and pirates who followed them.

But their Japanese counterparts probably did discern the game, even without access to some version of Leopold’s letter. But even if the Japanese Shoguns did not intuit what Leopold makes explicit, they clearly realized the danger of Japanese converts to Christianity forming a fifth column within Japanese society and state, a fifth column loyal to their co-religionists in Europe.

Asar Maa Ra Gray

"It's Ok Not to Know, It's a Shame Not to Want to know"
  Dr. Clarke

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The Black Candle - FREE Showing Dec. 14th in Norfolk, Va.

 Free showing of ....The Black Candle on December 14, 2014 @ Pretlow Anchor Library 111 W. Ocean View Ave. Norfolk, Va. From 2-4pm...757 441-1750....bring the family to view this Kwanzaa documentary. Narrated by the late Maya Angelou.......for questions please call 757 6450 8942.

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Ya'll should Discuss How to Stop Being the American Jive Turkey on Turkey Day

So this Thanksgiving, African-Americans need to realize that we lost our communities, we don't vote, we read black celebrity gossip, we joke about something called "black twitter" and we follow worthless mouthpiece cats on the Internet and our kids are unemployed and being shot by police with a sense of impunity. So if they way we are what we eat, then I hope many African-Americans eating that Turkey realize our people are the real jive turkeys here in America and globally as we refuse to do for self and build our community. We got to change and stop just talking about we got to change. - Dream&Hustle
Read the entire post here:

[AfricanWarriorTradition] Capoeira weaponry

"With respect to weapons, the Capoeirista of old used knives, sticks, machetes, razor blades, and even the berimbau which (in times of necessity) became even more potent when a special spear like attachment was affixed to its tip with a ring. Each capoeirista was said to carry two knives-one made of wood the other steel."

-Edward Powe, Black Martial Arts VII: The ABC & "Bay-ah-Bah" of Capoeira de Angola
Visit my website to learn about my research and teaching:

Harakati za Waasi Martia Arts--Chinese and African Martial Arts:

"You can't separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom"
-Malcolm X

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Compliment Study Guide to Hidden Colors

If you and your family haven't seen this yet...why?
*Purchase Hidden Colors 1: Hidden Colors: The Untold History Of People Of Aboriginal, Moor,and African Descent --> here
*Purchase Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin --> here
*Purchase Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism --> here
*Purchase Hidden Colors 3-Disc set --> here

* Study Guide :  Click here

 "Be Mindful of the fact that a mystery is only a mystery when you are left out in the dark"

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Va. Beach DST offer $1500 Scholarships for African Americans High School Students

Virginia Beach, Virginia Delta Sigma Theta Scholarship available for African Americans:
DST Scholarship
College Scholarships for people of African Descent

Monday, November 17, 2014

FREE SAT Prep' classess in Virginia Beach, Virginia (11/29/14 & 12/13/14)

A FREE prep' SAT test will be administered at our main location, 1776 Laskin Rd., Ste 101, Virginia Beach, Virginia at 12:30 noon on 11/29/2014 & 12/13/2014. Thank you for your support and I look forward to hearing back from you. Please call the below number or email  to request the form to register for the FREE Prep-test !


Jacquelyn Singletary
Assistant Center Director
Sylvan Learning of Virginia Beach
(757) 417-7144

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Volunteer Oppurtunity in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Reply only to: or calling 757-705-6584
     The Boys & Girls Club of Virginia Beach, Virginia is in desperate need of having volunteer referees for Nov. 15 and the 22nd for our 6-8 yr old flag football season. The time will be 11am - 3pm which we will have 2 fields at a time. If you know anyone that can give us a helping hand please contact or call  757-705-6584. Your assistance will be much appreciated for the the children within the Boys and Girls Club. Please contact Miguel Holliman by emailing

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Free Tuition & the Black Political Class, Biden Tells the Awful Truth, the Real Ebola Conspiracy


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And be sure to forward this email widely to your friends and associates.  Sharing via Facebook or Twitter only reaches a fraction of your friends, you really never know how many.  Our reach depends on YOU.  Forward us, please to as many of your family, friends and associates as are willing to hear.  They are not automatically included in future mailintgs unless they sign our list and subscribe on their own.

By BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon
Germany just made college tuition free for everybody including foreign students! Free tuition here would cost about $62 billion, roughly what the US govt already spends on loans, grants and subsidies of all kinds. Black leaders preach education will lift us up, but they won't pick a fight or lead a movement to make higher education a right instead of a debt sentence.

by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

Vice President Joe Biden was forced to apologize to Arab emirs and kings for blaming them for arming and funding the Islamic State. He neglected to mention his own boss's complicity. "Biden spoke from a state of deep denial, a visceral refusal to accept that the United States is no longer capable of controlling the chaos it has inflicted on the Middle East."

by BAR editor and senior columnist Margaret Kimberley

It would be redundant for the U.S. to "weaponize" Ebola in order to kill Africans. "The monetary and foreign policies they already have do that quite well," resulting in the violent slaughter of millions, mortality in the tens of millions from well known diseases, and the routine theft of the continent's resources. "That is enough conspiracy for anyone to follow without inventing tales of government plots."

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

There have never been this many black faces in high places, or this many black bodies in prison. There's never been this amount of wealth stripped from black families, this many black youth growing up in poverty and a large part of the process happened and is still happening under a black president.

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by BAR executive editor Glen Ford

The drama in Ferguson raised – once again – fundamental questions about the Black condition in the United States, questions that must be wrestled with whether a grand jury indicts the white cop in the Michael Brown killing, or not. World events also demand that African Americans find their place in the global struggle now underway.

by Ajamu Baraka

"If Congress can give unanimous consent to the murder of more than 2,000 people in Gaza, the majority of them women and children, why would anyone think that those same people would really care about a few hundred African Americans who are being murdered annually by police forces?" U.S. rulers care no more for African American lives than for the "natives" it slaughters in its endless foreign wars.

by Paul Street

Shameless Obama apologist Michael Eric Dyson claims it was too politically dangerous for a Black attorney general to prosecute white Wall Street executives. "But the basic Too Big to Prosecute idea was clearly in Holder's head long before Dyson's 'racial realpolitik' might have come into play. Holder put forth the doctrine of executive immunity when he worked for Bill Clinton. "Running dog Dyson is barking up the wrong bourgeois tree."

by Raymond Nat Turner

Off bulls eyes on 'suspects' backs
'10 rings' in 'suspects' chests
Off bulls eyes on 'suspects' backs
'10 rings' in 'suspects' chests

by Danny Haiphong

The U.S. corporate press has stepped up its attacks on Venezuela, which is due to take a seat on the UN Security Council, next year. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro opposes the U.S. proxy war against Syria, insisting that only an alliance that respects Syria and Iraq "can truly defeat...all of the terrorist forces that have emerged like a Frankenstein, a monster nursed by the West itself."

by Peter Erlinder

The United States and Britain have for 20 years covered up the true story of the genocide in Rwanda. Finally, a BBC documentary shows how Rwandan dictator Paul Kagame assassinated two Presidents and massacred hundreds of thousands to seize power, and then invaded and looted the neighboring Congo, causing millions more to die – all with the complicity of the U.S. and UK.

by Thomas C. Mountain

Tiny Eritrea, which won a long war of independence from Ethiopia, has incurred Washington's wrath because of its refusal to become trapped in western military and financial entanglements. Among the slanders is that Eritrea uses slave labor in its gold mines. The author asked people who work in the mines "if they ever considered themselves to be 'slave labor'? They were rather insulted."

by David Bacon

The mega-profiteers of Silicon Valley market a privatized brand of education that "is predicated on paying minimal attention to anything but math and literacy, and even those subjects are taught by inexperienced teachers carrying out data-driven lesson plans relentlessly focused on test preparation." Education must become a business, they say: "If you want to cure – really cure – a problem in society, you need to come up with a sustainable solution, and that means making money."

New Youth Party Demands West Finance Ebola Fight

Events in Ferguson, Missouri, have inspired formation of "an alternative party of young people of color" in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. In its first major demonstration, set for October 16, the Young people's Freedom and Justice Party is "demanding that the U.S. government and the western world provide the funding for drugs for treatment" of Ebola "and that they move with all deliberate speed," said Sara Osman, one of the organizers. The party is comprised of college and high school students as well as youths who are not in school.

Black Is Back Coalition to March on White House November 1

In November, 2009, President Obama's first year in office, the newly formed Black Is Back Coalition for Social Justice, Peace and Reparations held its first rally and march on the White House. "I think, five years later, even the most die-hard Obamites would have a serious problem trying to ignore the criminality of this regime, or to separate what the United States government is doing under Obama from anything it's done under George W. Bush or any of the other criminals who have occupied that office," said Coalition chairman Omali Yeshitela. The Coalition holds a rally and march on the White House on November 1, followed by a teach-in at Howard University the next day under the theme "Peace Through Revolution."

U.S. Intelligence Agencies Were Aware of ISIS's Plans

Far from being in the dark about ISIS's capabilities and goals, the CIA was well aware of the jihadist's plans to attack the Iraqi city of Mosul and seize much of the country, according to journalist Nafeez Ahmed, author of the Guardian newspaper article "How the West Created the Islamic State." The U.S., Britain and the Gulf oil monarchies were plotting regime change in Syria even before the outbreak of demonstrations against the government, in 2011. The same countries that have been "supporting and financing and manipulating" Islamist militants are now "being mobilized to fight the very enemy they created," said Ahmed, author of Zero Point, a novel that actually predicted the events now unfolding in Iraq.

Washington's Incessant Lies

U.S. foreign policy seems full of contradictions because "they are at war with the world and have to constantly hide their aims and their goals, and can turn on the very forces that they create," said Sara Flounders, of the International Action Center. But, said Flounders, "what they're telling the people of the world is always a lie. Always."

Rally Makes Connection Between African American and Palestinian Struggles

On October 11, hundreds will gather at the Malcolm X and Betty Shabbaz Center, in Harlem, to affirm their solidarity with Palestinians under the Israeli apartheid regime. "The World Stands with Palestine" rally will highlight parallels in the plight of Blacks in the U.S. and Palestinians under occupation. The Center is housed on the site of Malcolm X's assassination, in 1965. "Malcolm would have been an African internationalist," said hip hop artist and activist M-1. "To have the rally in the former Audubon Ballroom completes the cycle."

Black Politicians Silent and Ineffectual: Throw Them Out

One looks at the images from Ferguson "and sees in an instant that there is a war against Black people," said Mumia Abu Jamal, the nation's best known political prisoner. What are Black politicians doing? "Many, if not most, have been silent," said Abu Jamal, in a report for Prison Radio. "A new, militant, responsive politics must arise, built by the young who are clear-eyed and committed."

Detroit: Water Cut-Offs Lead to Evictions

Pastor Ray Anderson, of the House of Help church and community center, joined with the grassroots Water Brigade to halt the water cut-offs that have affected hundreds of thousands. Before long, the city cut off the House of Help's water, too. "A lot of people are losing their homes when their house goes into foreclosure because of the water bill," said Pastor Anderson. "I believe it's a God-given right for us to have water," especially since Detroit sits on the Great Lakes, the greatest reservoir of fresh water in the world.
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