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Winter Solstice - Kemetic Observance and Purpose

Solstice and Equinox Cycles

Hotep Brothers and Sisters,

The Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians), your ANKHcestors, observed the astrological and universal movement of the stars, moon and the sun.  They understood that if these same forces had such a profound effect on the natural forces on the earth, they must exert that same energy and force to our beings mind, body and soul since we all were created from the same universal "ALL."

On December 22nd, the Sun reaches its farthest point in the southern hemisphere as it travels on its yearly journey from north to south.  It is at this point and only at this point that the Sun theoretically becomes still or (Dies) for 3 days (Dec 22-25).  At 12 midnight on Dec 25th the Sun (is Born) and begins its northern journey; actually moving 1 degree per minute.

In Kemet (Egypt) they called this astronomical act ... The rising or elevation of Heru/Asar (Sun) the anointed KRST.

Also, during this time the new moon is also born on this 3rd day.  The new moon on the Winter Solstice has been observed for thousands of years; before the Solar Age of the Sun.  The 'Crescent' stage of the new moon takes the shape of an 'Ark.'  

Metaphorically, the Sun (Heru, the Son of Ausar and Auset born of immaculate conception) rising on the midnight hour of December 25th (Winter Solstice) rose inside of this Ark.

Also, on the predawn of December 25th the three stars of Asar (Osiris - Greek) -AKA- Orions belt, directly align with the 'star of the East' (SepDet -AKA- Sirius) on an angle that points directly to the Sun as the Sun (Son) rises on the morning of December 25th.  December 25th is the "shortest or smallest" day of the year.  It is for this reason that the Sun, metaphorically (Heru the Son) was born an "infant" or smallest individual.

Spiritually, the winter solstice is a time of rebirth or refocus on the past in order to strengthen the future.  It is a time of refocus on purpose of purification, procreation and the proliferation of life.  It's also a time to recognize opposition energy that exist inside and outside our lives and strategize to eliminate these opposition energies.

So ... brothers and sisters...truly overstand and get a grip of what this time of the year is truly about and learn how to nourish your mind, body and spirit to truly cultivate success within your person.  Our ANKHcestors didn't create the greatest civilization in the world without direct understanding of Self and the Universe.  Connect yourself with the "All" and the "All" will energize your Mind, Body and Spirit more than you can ever imagine.

Ankh, Snb, Uja
Asar Maa Ra Gray

"Every Man and Woman has two educations, that which is given to him or her, and the other that which he or she gives himself."
    Carter G. Woodson

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