Monday, November 30, 2015

Vendors sought - December 30th NIA Fest in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Contact 757-932-0177 or email positivevibesdjs@gmail for 
Performance / exhibitor / vendor / sponsor information !

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanks(for)getting the Origin of Thanksgiving

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) All,

Many feel Thanks(for)killing  poses no threat, labeling it as a harmless day we’re off from work to come together and stuff our bodies with impure, toxic, flesh-decaying products in the name of family.  What is Thanks(for)killing and is there an AfRAkan alternative to it?  More importantly, what is the history of Thanks(for)killing, who am I really thanking, and what part of “HIS-STORY” am I forgetting (or ignoring)?

Are you ready, do you want to stay blind, hopefully you can handle the truth and do what’s right afterwards? 

But, before I go into the HIS-STORY of Thanks(for)killing , I want you to check this video out that I took a few years back from the Slave Dungeons in Cape Coast, Ghana AfRAka entailing the treachery “OUR” ANKHcestors went through.  Realize...when you celebrate the horrible European Hollow-Day called  thanksgiving you are literally spitting in your ANKHcestors face … don’t get mad the truth is the truth.

SLAVE DUNGEON intro … click the video or paste and place link in browser:
(Feel  free to watch the other parts as well)

“If you continue to honor traditional wayz even though its founding is based on treachery, you do nothin’ but dishonor the victimz of this tradition.”
                 M’bwebe aja ishangi

by M’bwebe aja ishangi:
From the beginning of my adolescent sentence into the "reprogramming system" aka public schoolz, I was told the so-called "native" americanz and the pilgrimz shared a mutually respective relationship. I was also, "programmed" to believe the "natives" were the first in the americaz, shattering any possibility of ever perceiving the historical fact of my Afrikan Ancestorz being here first and therefore the true "natives".

I was coerced to believe the pilgrim was as generous as the natives were, which is allegedly symbolic for the celebration many of us ignorantly celebrate each 3rd Thursday in November.

By the age of 5, my mind had already been momentarily held in captivity, lasting the first 20 yearz of my natural life. A possession the likes of this seldom lose its contagious hold. Mainly because this spell eliminated my questioning of the real story behind thanksgiving as I drew turkeyz from the outstretched fingerz of my left hand as a child. I never asked my momz why eating pig intestines (chitterlingz) and buttocks (ham) was at an all-time high around this time of year. I never asked where were the black people while the natives and pilgrimz was gettin' they eat on. It didn't matter then, all I cared about was buggin' with my cousinz and eating literally like a pig, until I couldn't eat no more...

That was then. Then, I didn't inquire about any Afrikan alternative to thanksgiving because I thought it was Afrikan, or rather, Black! After all, my family is Black! But there was no one there to tell me the flipside to man-made hallow-daze (holidayz) I grown to be so fond of.

But as adults, we must realize we are accountable for everything we allow to be part of our lives and families. This accountability is essential if we are to break the chain of customz that dishonor our Ancestorz as well as pass on the madness to our children...I repeat pass on the madness to our children.

From the origin of black organizationz to the many hallow-daze we celebrate. In this piece, we'll focus on the fallacy behind Thanksgiving.

There are three levels of thinking author Tony Browder talks of… They are:

1) Literal — one who accepts without question something told to them;
2) Influential — one who is able to see the underlying message or detect ill subliminalz; and
3) Evaluative — one who is able to not only see the subliminal, but is able to combat it with a deeper meaning and eventual solution/alternative to what is presented to them.

Take a moment before readin' on and decide what kind of thinker you are. This is important because what you read from here you'll be faced with determining if you're really who you say you are...

"At the first thanksgiving celebration in 1621, there were only 6-7 sane people left in the whole pilgrim colony. The rest were basically mentally gone.”
             — Captain John Smith
Click here to read the full article:
Asar Maa Ra Gray
Nehast (Wake-up)

Sunday, November 15, 2015

“ADOPT AND PASS URLEIA” - URLEIA addresses the root cause of police brutality in black communities


Lobby congressional leaders for URLEIA on November 17th. Here's how:

"URLEIA addresses the root cause of police brutality in black communities by holding law enforcement agents accountable for the actions and sealing loopholes that currently allow perpetrators of police brutality to walk free," Ms. Sanders continues, "URLEIA is the type of tough legislation Black Americans have been demanding in order to bring a permanent end to centuries of police brutality and abuse."
Blacks In Government (BIG)–a national organization of African American government workers at the Federal, state and local level–passed a resolution endorsing the Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act (URLEIA) legislative proposal drafted by Onus, Inc. BIG passed the resolution at its national convention recently held in Orlando, Florida. BIG is sending copies of the resolution President Obama and members of the U.S. Congress
BIG is a member of the Black Leadership Forum (BLF), which is a coalition of organizations that meet monthly with representatives of the Obama White House. Ebony Magazines has repeatedly listed BIG as among America's 150 Most Influential Black Organizations in America.
ONUS, Inc., has declared Nov. 17th as the National Day of Lobbying for URLEIA (The Uniform Reporting Law Enforcement Improvement Act. The goal of the day-long lobbying effort is to identify a sponsor and co-sponsors for URLEIA. When preparing to lobby on the Nov. 17th,  decide if you are going to lobby alone or lobby with a group. Also decide if you are going to lobby congressional offices in Washington, D.C., or congressional offices in your local community. (Read how a bill becomes law.)

Voting Rights Restored, Get Healthcare, Become Better Fathers - Virginia Beach, VA: 11-16-2015 Monday's Daddyman 2015 Conference


    Along with 5 excellent workshops for Fathers (and Mothers) who are having challenges with their parenthood in tomorrow's Daddyman 2015 Conference, We will have staff and materials onsite to assist people (without cost) who want to get their voting rights restored and people who need to register for "ObamaCare". Every service will be provided for no cost, including the conference. Spread the word and BRING SOMEONE !

Daddyman 2015 Conference
6pm - 8:30 pm Monday 11-16-2015
Green Run High School, Virginia Beach, VA

Friday, November 6, 2015

"The Film Black Friday Focuses on Economic Empowerment for African Americans", Podcast from The Michael Imhotep Show


Listen to the podcast of "The Film Black Friday Focuses on Economic Empowerment for African Americans" from "The Michael Imhotep Show", Thur. Nov. 5th, 2015 at or

Listen to "The Michael Imhotep Show", Monday – Friday, 10pm-12midnight EST with host Michael Imhotep of The African History Network. Listen to the show online at or by downloading the "TuneIn Radio" app to your smartphone and search for "Empowerment Radio Network" or at for the podcasts.  Call in with Questions/Comments at 1-888-669-2281.

Michael Imhotep
President, The African History Network
Executive Producer/Talk Show Host of The African History Network Show
(313) 462-0003 (Office)
Listen to The African History Network Show, Thursdays, 8pm-11pm EST
at or at (914) 338-1375
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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Black Women: You Can’t Get Rich When You’re Angry - Dr. Venus Opal Reese

HBW 001: You Can’t Get Rich When You’re Angry: A Conversation with Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Get ready for a wonderful ride into the depths of inspiration and courage. You’re about to meet Dr. Venus Opal Reese, a powerfully impactful black woman who is no stranger to hardship OR succes. Dr. Venus was an abandoned teen, left on the streets to fend for herself when a heroic teacher at her school took her in and believed in her, setting her on a new course that would change the lives of hundreds, even thousands of women in the world today. 

In this episode you’re going to hear Dr. Venus’ story, how she views the situations black women face today, and what she is called to do to empower and equip those women for greatness.   You’ve been told a lie.   Dr. Venus strongly believes that black women today are living out a lie that’s been foisted on them for many years. They’ve played out the role of workhorse when their destiny is actually something far greater. Her conviction is that black women need to change the story they’re telling themselves, the stories that go on in their own minds so they can liberate themselves from the drudgery of the past and break into a life of freedom, personally and financially. Listen in to this conversation as Dr. Venus shares what the lie is and how to break free from it. If you listen closely, you’ll hear your own story and possibly discover your own destiny. 

  You can’t get rich when you’re angry.   That’s one of Dr. Venus Opal Reese’s core beliefs. She believes that love, peace, and the ability to build a vast financial storehouse all flow from the same place, so those negative emotions like hatred, jealousy, bitterness, and anger will block you receiving the money that is meant to be yours. What is the cure? You’ve got to experience healing in your heart before anything else. You’ve got to learn how to let the past go so you can move beyond it and experience the freedom that is your birthright. Pay attention to this episode, ladies. Dr. Venus has a lot to share that will help you throw off your chains, if you will let her.   

Don’t be afraid to set amazingly lofty goals for yourself.   It’s that same fear that will hold you back from accomplishing them, so you ‘ve got to start by being willing to name the goal. Write it down. Speak it out loud. Do what it takes to convince yourself that the years of not believing in yourself ARE NOT GOING TO hold you back from taking hold of that goal. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to begin the practical steps of planning how you’re going to achieve that goal. But be careful, goals are not predictions, they are just plans. As you diligently work toward the accomplishment of your goal, remain flexible to receive other blessings you didn’t even know to dream about. Listen to this episode to hear more of Dr. Venus’ thoughts about how make and work toward your goals.   

Who inspires a successful millionaire black woman like Dr. Venus?   It’s not the kind of person you might expect. The person who inspires Dr. Venus is the woman who took her in off the streets, and according to her own account, saved her life. That is the kind of woman Dr. Venus wants to be. It’s that woman’s bravery and love that inspires Dr. Venus day after day. She’s living up to the potential that dear woman saw in her before she was able to see it in herself. Who inspires you? Who is it that you want to be like, to model yourself after, to honor with your life? hear Dr. Venus’ description of this dear woman and perhaps you’ll be able to find your own inspiration at the same time.   

Outline of this great episode   [0:24] Introduction of today’s guest: Dr. Venus Opal Reese, founder of “Black Women Millionaires.” [1:43] The mission Dr. Venus is after. [3:20] The methodology Dr. Venus follows and how it relates to things like anger, resentment, forgiveness, etc. [7:15] What was it that caused Dr. Venus to start this business? [11:05] What does freedom look like to you, Dr. Venus? [16:28] A typical day in the life of a black woman millionaire. [18:42] Quarterly, annual, weekly?: How does Dr. Venus set her goals? [26:33] Dr. Venus’ thoughts about her next 5 years… where are things going in her business? [29:36] Who inspires you, Dr. Venus? [31:40] What makes Dr. Venus happy? [33:53] What is your number one tip for black women who want to start a business they love? [36:44] How you can get in touch with Dr. Venus - a gift straight from her to you! Resources & Links mentioned in this episode   BOOK: The Prayer of Jabez by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon: Dr. Venus’s Free Gift:   Tweets you can use to share this episode   Your goals are a plan, not a prediction! - Dr. Venus   You will never outrun your self image - Dr. Venus   Set your crazy huge goal, then work it backwards to actionable steps, in this episode   You can’t make the money you want when you’re angry - Dr. Venus   We’ve been told that income depends on, when it really depends on knowledge

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 3rd Suggested Ballot

Virginia Beach Suggested Ballot
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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Daddyman Conference - Virginia Beach, Virginia 11-16-2015

       On Monday November 16 The Golden Fold's Fatherhood program will have it's first annual Daddyman Conference at Green Run High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia from 6:00 pm to 8:00pm. This FREE event will provide Fathers with Men-only workshops and tools to address the challenges of Re-entering the lives of their children, Teenage Fatherhood, Baby Mama and Baby's Family Drama, The death of children, and Dealing with Child Support problems.
       There will also be sessions for Single Mothers who are raising sons.
There is no registration needed. Show up to go UP !
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Golden Fold Mentor Movement serves Fathers and male 6th - 12th grade youth by providing seminar based Big-Brother-type activities in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Contact: thegoldenfold @ yahoo (dot) com or call 757-932-0177. The Golden Fold is a "Brothers and Others" Community Improvement activity of the Gamma Xi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi and the Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation.