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Thanks(for)getting the Origin of Thanksgiving

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) All,

Many feel Thanks(for)killing  poses no threat, labeling it as a harmless day we’re off from work to come together and stuff our bodies with impure, toxic, flesh-decaying products in the name of family.  What is Thanks(for)killing and is there an AfRAkan alternative to it?  More importantly, what is the history of Thanks(for)killing, who am I really thanking, and what part of “HIS-STORY” am I forgetting (or ignoring)?

Are you ready, do you want to stay blind, hopefully you can handle the truth and do what’s right afterwards? 

But, before I go into the HIS-STORY of Thanks(for)killing , I want you to check this video out that I took a few years back from the Slave Dungeons in Cape Coast, Ghana AfRAka entailing the treachery “OUR” ANKHcestors went through.  Realize...when you celebrate the horrible European Hollow-Day called  thanksgiving you are literally spitting in your ANKHcestors face … don’t get mad the truth is the truth.

SLAVE DUNGEON intro … click the video or paste and place link in browser:

(Feel  free to watch the other parts as well)

“If you continue to honor traditional wayz even though its founding is based on treachery, you do nothin’ but dishonor the victimz of this tradition.”
                 M’bwebe aja ishangi

by M’bwebe aja ishangi: 
From the beginning of my adolescent sentence into the "reprogramming system" aka public schoolz, I was told the so-called "native" americanz and the pilgrimz shared a mutually respective relationship. I was also, "programmed" to believe the "natives" were the first in the americaz, shattering any possibility of ever perceiving the historical fact of my Afrikan Ancestorz being here first and therefore the true "natives".

I was coerced to believe the pilgrim was as generous as the natives were, which is allegedly symbolic for the celebration many of us ignorantly celebrate each 3rd Thursday in November.

By the age of 5, my mind had already been momentarily held in captivity, lasting the first 20 yearz of my natural life. A possession the likes of this seldom lose its contagious hold. Mainly because this spell eliminated my questioning of the real story behind thanksgiving as I drew turkeyz from the outstretched fingerz of my left hand as a child. I never asked my momz why eating pig intestines (chitterlingz) and buttocks (ham) was at an all-time high around this time of year. I never asked where were the black people while the natives and pilgrimz was gettin' they eat on. It didn't matter then, all I cared about was buggin' with my cousinz and eating literally like a pig, until I couldn't eat no more...

That was then. Then, I didn't inquire about any Afrikan alternative to thanksgiving because I thought it was Afrikan, or rather, Black! After all, my family is Black! But there was no one there to tell me the flipside to man-made hallow-daze (holidayz) I grown to be so fond of.

But as adults, we must realize we are accountable for everything we allow to be part of our lives and families. This accountability is essential if we are to break the chain of customz that dishonor our Ancestorz as well as pass on the madness to our children...I repeat pass on the madness to our children.

From the origin of black organizationz to the many hallow-daze we celebrate. In this piece, we'll focus on the fallacy behind Thanksgiving.

There are three levels of thinking author Tony Browder talks of… They are:

1) Literal — one who accepts without question something told to them;
2) Influential — one who is able to see the underlying message or detect ill subliminalz; and
3) Evaluative — one who is able to not only see the subliminal, but is able to combat it with a deeper meaning and eventual solution/alternative to what is presented to them.

Take a moment before readin' on and decide what kind of thinker you are. This is important because what you read from here you'll be faced with determining if you're really who you say you are...

"At the first thanksgiving celebration in 1621, there were only 6-7 sane people left in the whole pilgrim colony. The rest were basically mentally gone.”
             — Captain John Smith
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Asar Maa Ra Gray
Nehast (Wake-up)

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