Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For the Conscious Minds: Wed. 12/30/15 @ 5:30 pm - The 7:00 am Movie

The Financial Movie EVERY Black person should see !!!!

Boys and Girls Club of Virginia Beach
1505 Competitor Court Virginia Beach, VA 23453
December 30, 2015

5:00 pm - Go to College for FREE !
Scholarship Sharing is giving a two hour presentation on how to find financial aid resources and scholarships for college. The presenter was able to attend College for 5 years DEBT FREE !!!! Perfect for High School students, College Students, and Parents !

5:30 pm - How to be a blessing as a Foster Parent
UMFS will be providing a workshop on how families may become foster parents and become blessings to others in need.

NIA Fest Schedule:
5:30 PM - Room 1 - 7:00 Am (movie)
                     premiered by Positive Vibes Afrikan Literature

5:00 PM - Room 2 - College for FREE (Learn How)
                     A workshop provided by Scholarship Sharing

5:30 PM - Room 3 - How to become a Foster Parent !
                     A workshop provided by UMFS

5:30 PM - Gymnasium - The kNOw MORE Talent Show
6:00 PM - All Rooms - NIA Fest (Vendors, Games, Activities)

Just added ! A Gospel Open Mic during the NIA Fest ! If you know any Christian talent, young or old, let them know that they can perform during the open mic section (approximately beginning at 7:25). If they use background music they should bring a cd or media player. Let them know they will be expected to make the $2 donation which benefits the Boys & Girls Club.

Monday, December 28, 2015

See you there ! NIA Fest 2015 (The Father's 1st Fruits Kwanzaa Celebration)

Contact 757-932-0177 or email positivevibesdjs@gmail for 
Performance / exhibitor / vendor / sponsor information !

Sunday, December 27, 2015

7 things in Kujichagulia ! 2015 Kwanzaa Celebrations in the 757 & Richmond Virginia (Hampton Roads Area)

7 things in Kujichagulia !

1. Find yourself in your holy book of guidance.
2. Write 7 "I am..." affirmations.
3. Define what you will accept and allow in your relationships.
4. Design your lifestyle for 7 years in the future....
5. Define standards for you and your immediate family.
6. Define what you will and will not respond to.
7. Attend events and attend to work that defines you.

My family did #1 & #2 today.
Happy Kujichagulia day of Kwanzaa !

With unity through faith,
Seko B. E. VArner, 12/27/2015
#kwanzaa #kujichagalia #niafest #niafest2015
Kwanzaa events in Hampton Roads Virginia

Norfolk 12/28- Pretlow Public Library  4:30pm

Va Beach 12/30 - Va Beach Boys & Girls Club. 6-9pm Positive Vibes
Newport News 1/1 - YWCA 2702 Orcutt Ave. 2-4pm The Sophisticated Ladies






Saturday, December 26, 2015

Great Kwanzaa Gift: Sundiata, The Hungering Lion King

From: Mpubl [mailto:mpubl@aol.com]
Subject: Sundiata, The Hungering Lion King

Attached is my newest publication- Sundiata, The Hungering Lion King. It is history In the form of a coloring book and tells the story of the "Real" Lion King from Ancient Mali.
If you would like a review copy,send me an address to mail it to. I am sure the young men in Golden Fold would enjoy reading it!
Also, if anyone at the Nia celebration would like to obtain a copy, they can email me at mpubl@aol.com. The cost is $10.
Blessings to you and your family.

LIONKING 001.jpg


Linda Goss

2015 Kwanzaa Celebrations in the 757 & Richmond Virginia (Hampton Roads Area)

Kwanzaa events in Hampton Roads Virginia

 Portsmouth 12/26 - Children's Museum of VA. 12-4pm Atumpan The Talking Drum
Norfolk 12/26- Slover Public Library 6-8pm  Atumpan The Talking Drum
Norfolk 12/28- Pretlow Public Library  4:30pm
Hampton 12/28 -Old Hampton Community Center201 Lincoln Street  7-9pm Ancestral Paths/Kwasi Imhotep
Va Beach 12/30 - Va Beach Boys & Girls Club. 6-9pm Positive Vibes
Newport News 1/1 - YWCA 2702 Orcutt Ave. 2-4pm The Sophisticated Ladies

Capital City Kwanzaa Festival
12/26 Atria Theatre - 6 N. Laurel Street Richmond VA 23220
Elegba Folklore Society. Keynote speaker - Dr. Phil Valentine



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7 Things to do in Umoja (2015) - by Seko Varner (Brother Seko's annual Umoja message)

7 Things to do in Umoja:

1) Take a family photo.
2) Work on a community volunteer project as a family or community.
3) Apologize to a family member or neighbor you harmed.
4) Accept the apology of a family member who harmed you.
5) Cook a family meal together, as a family, and eat together.
6) Do something fun, as a couple, group, or family.
(Go see the Chi-Raq movie)
7) Pray together to maintain unity as a family, community, nation, and race.
Umoja = (Transliteration) To strive for and maintain Unity as a family, community, nation, and race.

My family is doing #6 & #7 today !
Ashee, ashee, ashee.
Seko B.E. Varner

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

NIA Fest 2015 (The Virginia Beach, Virginia KWANZAA Celebration)

NIA Fest Schedule:
5:30 PM - Room 1 - 7:00 Am (movie)
                     premiered by Positive Vibes Afrikan Litterature

5:30 PM - Room 2 - College for FREE (Learn How)
                     A workshop provided by Scholarship Sharing

5:30 PM - Room 3 - How to become a Foster Parent ! 
                     A workshop provided by UMFS

5:30 PM - Gymnasium - The kNOMORE Talent Show
6:00 PM - All Rooms - NIA Fest (Vendors, Games, Activities)

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Boys and Girls Club of Va. Beach
1505 Competitor Court 
Virginia Beach, VA 23453
Corner of Rosement Rd. and Buckner Farms Rd. Two blocks from Lynnhaven Parkway & Rosemeont Road.

#NIA #NIAFEST #WeAreNia #NiaFest2015
Song, Dance, Poetry, Culture & Crafts !
#kNOwMORE Stop The Violence Talent Show !
Enjoy the This Is Me Cultural Dance Troupe !
Fam' & Friends photos by R2Z Entertainment  !
Divas In Action Step Team Performance !
Karate Demonstration by Va. Beach Goju !
Party like it's 1976 with the Zulu Nation !
Play Kwanzaa-Bingo with DIVAGirl !
Gospel Mime Performance by Silent Praise !
Battle the KujiCHESSgulia Chess Club !
Enroll in the Affordable Health Care Insurance Plan !
Get College Scholarships !
Learn how to become a Foster Parent !
Soul-Line Dancing / Gospel Line Dancing !

Enjoy Face Painting !
Giving Thanks !
Vendors & Exhibitors
Nia Family Bonding
Family Bonding !
NIA Fest Chess
Battle our Chess team !
NIA Fest DJ Seko Varner
Party with DJ Seko Varner
Nia Fest Goju Karate
Virginia Beach Goju Karate
Chess Games
KujiCHESSgulia Chess Team
Nia Fest Photo Booth
Photo Booth Photos !
Nia Fest Photo Booth
Photo Booth Photos !
The Kuumba (Creativity) Wall
I am Me Project
Cultural Dancers
Nia Fest Vendors & Exhibitors
Vendors & Exhibitors
Nia Fest The Golden Fold
The Golden Fold Movement
Your $2 donation benefits the Boys & Girls Club !
Vendors & Exhibitors wanted ($17 - $40 donation)
Contact 757-932-0177 or email info@positivevibes.net 

The Nia Fest event is an extension of the Kwanzaa celebrations held by Rev. Dr. Samuel and Ruth Suggs Varner since 1970. These church held events placed worshiping Father God first, and celebrating Kwanzaa as secondary. These celebrations began in their church Nazarene Congregational Church (United Church of Christ) in Brooklyn, New York. These celebrations continued in Columbus Ohio at the church developed by the couple named Advent Community Church (United Church of Christ). Advent was the first church in Columbus Ohio to embrace and host an annual Kwanzaa celebration and even hosted events that involved Dr. Ron Karenga (One of Kwanzaa's original founders from the US Organization) and his Wife. Upon Dr. Varner's move to Chesapeake Virginia to lead Providence (United Church of Christ). Providence became the first church in Hampton Roads' Virginia to host a Kwanzaa celebration in 1987. From this event members of the community led by Mr. & Mrs. Clarence and Dianne Vincent developed the Uhuruu African American Cultural Society which led the area in hosting annual Kwanzaa events which continued until 2010 by The Imani Foundation. The Varner's held a private Kwanzaa event in their home from 1990 until the passing of Rev. Dr. Samuel Varner in September 2009. In 2010 the family continued the annual celebration by making it a public event called the Father's First Fruits Kwanzaa. The event later became the Kuumba Fest and is now named and themed "Nia Fest" with a focus on Building and Developing the community. All are welcome ! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy New Year ! 

Afro-Lisbon and The Lusophone Atlantic: Dancing Towards The Future

Afro-Lisbon and The Lusophone Atlantic: Dancing Towards The Future

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Panama BUS

Hello Imani,

A year-end message from our fearless leader Sean Barlow:

2015 proved a singular year for Afropop Worldwide. We won the highly prestigious Institutional Peabody Award for 27 years of excellence in storytelling. The Peabody organization said, "Afropop Worldwide is part dance party, part cultural anthropology seminar...For its pioneering role in the world music movement, for illuminating the richness and diversity of African and African diaspora cultures, for archiving and fortifying its work on afropop.org and simply for being a treat for the ears."  
Georges, Banning, Michael, Atane, CC, myself and everyone on the Afropop team thank our devoted audience for listening to our programs, viewing our features, reviews and photo essays on afropop.org, following our social media, and for caring about the artists and cultures we cover.
Once or twice a year, I ask you directly for your financial support to help us continue our vital work at the high level you expect. We are a lean and mean organization and we spend every donor dollar wisely. In 2016, you will hear our groundbreaking Hip Deep series continue. You will benefit from a major Web redesign focusing on mobile device compatibility. You will see our Afropop Archive Project progress, protecting our unique 30-year collection. 
Please make your contribution now while you're thinking about it. Thank you!
—Sean Barlow, Executive Producer

On air this week is our brand-new Hip Deep program "Afro-Lisbon and the Lusophone Atlantic: Dancing Towards the Future," produced by Sam Backer. In the last few years, a small network of DJs in the suburbs of Lisbon, Portugal has been consistently producing some of the world's best dance music. The children of African immigrants, these young musicians have combined a hemisphere of musical influences and distilled them down into a single astonishing style. But how did Lisbon start to make such great African music? And what does that say about the identity of the city, or the country, or the continent? On this special Hip Deep edition, we take you on a journey to Lisbon, a city facing both the sea and 600 years of its own history. We'll go to African club nights, hang out with obsessive record collectors, learn how to dance kizomba, and visit the projects that have produced a musical revolution. And through it all, we will try to answer a seemingly simple question: Just where did this music come from?

Be sure to check out Sam's crucial cuts from the Lusophone world feature.

2015 has been a great year for Ghanaian reggae musician Rocky Dawuni. His album Branches of the Same Tree received a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album. Banning Eyre recently met up with Rocky in Harlem for a chat. Check it out.

Ben Richmond interviewed filmmaker John Bosch on his latest film Malian Pieces: Stories From A Rich Country that he is currently crowdfunding for.

Morgan Greenstreet wrote about Burkinabe rapper Art Melody's new video "Wagare Hip-Hop." It's a sharp and aggressive track from his new album Moogho.

Our latest "Best of The Beat on Afropop" feature is the first installment in a mini-series of the magazine's coverage of the development of reggae in Africa. This edition includes George Zawonu's early report from 1984 on the establishment and growth of reggae in Ghana, in addition to Tom Cheyney's "The African Reggae Phenomenon" from 1991. Stay tuned for features to come that will focus on African reggae stars like Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy and Majek Fashek.

Afropop honors and remembers South African anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, who was born on this date, Dec. 18, 1946. We decided to run a special "Best of The Beat on Afropop" feature commemorating his life.

For New Yorkers, M'Bolo led by Senegalese singer Cheikh Ngom appears at the Shrine on Dec. 19. The Pedrito Martinez Group performs at Subrosa on Dec. 21. Malian musician Makane Kouyate is at the Shrine on Dec. 26. Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona plays Club Bonafide on Dec. 31, New Year's Eve. Malian songbird Awa Sangho takes the stage at SOB's on Jan. 14. Congolese singer Pierre Kwenders entertains at Lincoln Center on Jan. 14, and Drom on Jan. 15. Sudanese band Alsarah and the Nubatones, along with Ethiopian groove collective Debo Band, perform at Drom on Jan. 16.

Have a lovely weekend!


Atane and the Afropop Crew

Afro-Lisbon and the Lusophone Atlantic


Support Afropop's Peabody Award-Winning Work!

BOTBOA: Reggae in Africa

In Conversation with Rocky Dawuni

Art Melody - Wagare Hip-Hop

Q&A with John Bosch

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