Tuesday, December 29, 2015

For the Conscious Minds: Wed. 12/30/15 @ 5:30 pm - The 7:00 am Movie

The Financial Movie EVERY Black person should see !!!!

Boys and Girls Club of Virginia Beach
1505 Competitor Court Virginia Beach, VA 23453
December 30, 2015

5:00 pm - Go to College for FREE !
Scholarship Sharing is giving a two hour presentation on how to find financial aid resources and scholarships for college. The presenter was able to attend College for 5 years DEBT FREE !!!! Perfect for High School students, College Students, and Parents !

5:30 pm - How to be a blessing as a Foster Parent
UMFS will be providing a workshop on how families may become foster parents and become blessings to others in need.

NIA Fest Schedule:
5:30 PM - Room 1 - 7:00 Am (movie)
                     premiered by Positive Vibes Afrikan Literature

5:00 PM - Room 2 - College for FREE (Learn How)
                     A workshop provided by Scholarship Sharing

5:30 PM - Room 3 - How to become a Foster Parent !
                     A workshop provided by UMFS

5:30 PM - Gymnasium - The kNOw MORE Talent Show
6:00 PM - All Rooms - NIA Fest (Vendors, Games, Activities)

Just added ! A Gospel Open Mic during the NIA Fest ! If you know any Christian talent, young or old, let them know that they can perform during the open mic section (approximately beginning at 7:25). If they use background music they should bring a cd or media player. Let them know they will be expected to make the $2 donation which benefits the Boys & Girls Club.

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