Monday, February 6, 2017


Press Release - February 6th

Feast of the Performing Arts - Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26th

Living up to the tradition of the past 14 years, the annual Poetry in Motion presents the Feast of the Performing Arts, featuring: Music, Dance, Comedy, Story Telling, Fashion and Poetry, on Sunday February 26, Manchester Golf Club, Mandeville, starting at 6pm.

 Poetry in Motion 2017 features: Dr Herbert Thompson, Myrna Hague, Marjorie Whylie, Dufton Shepherd, John Akpata (Canada), Ruth Nadolny (USA), Steppa, Annmarie Wilmot, Osheen Wright, Delacia Wiggan, Shamoya Samuels and Yasus Afari.

Clean Intelligent Fun - Poetry for Charity

From the very inception Poetry in Motion (PiM) cultivated and promoted social responsibility, a keen sense of community, nation building and artistic integrity. PiM celebrates the arts as a medium of social intervention, renewal and transformation. In view of this, Poetry in Motion has consistently supported a wide range of deserving charities. This year the charities being supported are: Church Teachers' College-Porus Primary School Project, Friends in Need and the Gilbert & Georgia Allen Educational Trust, while providing Clean Intelligent Fun for the entire family and community.

Getting Tickets Early

Early bird tickets for Poetry in Motion 2017 are available at Fontana Pharmacy, Heaven's Texaco, Manchester Golf Club, Villa Gardens, Junction Pharmacy, VW Investment Cambio and Mandeview Hotel.

We look forward to your presence and continued support at Poetry in Motion 2017.

With Honour, Love and Poetree
PiM 2017
Poetry in Motion 2017 - Sunday February 26 - Clean Intelligent Fun! Be There!
PiM 2017
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