Friday, February 8, 2013

THE MAN UP CAMP - Rites of Passage Weekend in Virginia

From the Nat Turner Library
Divine Will is when you make a  to execute your words, acts or deeds (intention) exactly right for the right reasons, in the right season.
 The Right Season is in the particular period of time in the Solar Cycle Journey (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter).
I am aware that many are becoming conscious of the Solar Cycle Journey for the First time. In essence All are being initiated into the same practice of our ancestors who built the Egyptian Pyramids, thousands of centuries ago.
          If you want more information about the Spiritual Practice of our ancestors, please visit The Nat Turner Literary Journal at click page 8 on the bottom of the Front Page.
 The time period in the present Solar Cycle is the Winter Solstice. In winter we are using up stored energy to, first of all, survive the coldest part of the year. We don’t move around as much so we deplete our energy, causing us to do more thinking (Spiritual things).
We should be doing things to both replenish our energy (this is what our fundraising is about) and preparing the places in our life experience where we are going to plant our Spiritual and Physical Seeds. This will be in the season following Winter.
The plans we are making, for the most part, are for the next Solar Cycle…what we are doing; I said yesterday that I would share what I am personally doing - to prepare for my own Planting. Of course as a khalifah in Kujichagulia Village, I also plan for many, many others.
In the coming Spring, we are planning a Conference to Introduce the Rights of Passage of The Man Up Camp. This will be done some time in warm weather; probably in May. We put it out to the Universe for input yesterday. This article is in the file folder of Melanin Mates Meeting and Healing…on facebook.
Today we tell you that we want a two-day weekend event selected for this May. The weekend will be announced around February 21. The Parameters of the Introduction conference are already decided. So the Facilitators for the two day event will be announced when we publicize the selected weekend.
If the Reader would like to have input into this event, I ask you to make that suggestion at a website where we expect to secure the funding for this event.
Any donation will give you credit toward participation in all events that may have to be paid for during the Event (Bus to Tour the Nat Turner Trail; Food for two days in the Kujichagulia Village and etc.) The Introduction Conference is a Free Admission Event.
The above is all we intend to share today, except, to announce an actual Man-Up Camp Rights of Passage Weekend. We have a date confirmed for August 5 through the 13. This is during Black Activism Month (August). We will take questions and statements about any of the above at the website up to February 21. After the 21 we will take questions from anyplace convenient to us, including facebook.
When you do visit the site, and I suggest everyone go. At least take a look at it. I am sure we all know some young people who could use the Rights of Passage Experience. Donations can be made in any amounts.
Your donations can target payment to secure his or her place in Actual Rights of Passage experience. The money will also insure there will be a place at the Introduction to the Rights of Passage for all who want to come and participate. tO REGISTER, CLICK OR PASTE THE FOLLOWING...

 INVITATION TO the 7th BLACK HISTORY MONTH Gathering, Teaching and Dinner Saturday, February 23, 2013 in The Nat Turner Library Building: 26070 Barhams Hills Road, Drewryville, VA 23844. Free and Open to The National Black Community. Call 434-378-2140, 10 am to 3pm daily. Experience a Unique Sharing, by each guest a bit of Black History in a Historic Place, among Friends and Conscious, Committed people 


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