Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Winter Solstice - How to apply this Ancient Tradition in Your Life


The Winter Solstice
Was the most important spiritual time in antiquity

The ancients went to the greatest expense to ascertaining the time of its occurrence as witnessed by the Great Pyramids of ancient Egypt, Mexico, Stonehenge, etc.

It is the time of year--December 21-24--when man's spirit is most receptive to receive directions from
the will
to manifest changes in behavior
and the accomplishments of new goals in life.

If for example, quitting smoking was a seemingly impossible challenge to you, meditation during the winter solstice will prove to be the most propitious time to eradicate the habit.
It is the best time to move out of a poverty mind set to a wealth mind set, etc.

During the four days of the winter solstice-12/21 to 12/24 you must spend the majority of the time in self reflection, meditation and spiritual power rejuvenation practices.

To assist you in your preparation and spiritual practices for this most auspicious time of the year we are offering an online distance learning class.

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