Thursday, April 3, 2014

The AfRAkan Origins of The "FICTIONAL" noah's ark Plagiarism

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) My AfRAkan Brothers & Sisters,

Many "AfRAkans & AFRAkans in America" (-aka-) [African Americans/Black Americans, whatever you want to call yourselves...] will again be giving their money to the European movie makers who continue to forge lies on those Children of the Sun who do not know OUR-Story.

Because of ignorance and lack of using common sense, most "AfRAkans & AFRAkans in America" continue to believe the lies that were taught to their ANKHcestors that they unfortunately passed down now generation to generation.

But, as we are now finally starting to wake up and the circle starts to complete its evolution, we will now see the lies as we start to use our third eye to lift ourselves from stupor.

If you still actually believe the fictional noah's ark shenanigans (LIE), you might want to put your thinking caps on ... look at the attached video and afterwards join the 15 day trip to "Kemet (Egypt)" this summer and see the "EVIDENCE/TRUTH" with your own eyes so you can wake up from your stupor.
Asar Maa Ra Gray

"Facts ... are stronger than arguments, more profound than reasoning, more dependable than opinions, silences disputes, supercedes predictions, and FACTS ALWAYS END THE DISCUSSION."
    Dr Walter Williams

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