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This is the MOVEMENT: thisisthemovement #69 - Saturday, Jan. 3rd

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thisisthemovement #69 - Saturday, Jan. 3rd
thisisthemovement #69 //Saturday, January 3, 2015
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# of days that Darren Wilson has remained free : 148
# of days that Kajieme Powell has been dead : 139
# of days that Vonderrit Myers Jr. has been dead : 86
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So You Know
Ferguson, We Still Have a Long Way to Go  In this on-air interview with Emanuele Berry, Brittany Packnett, Johnetta Elzie, Patricia Bynes and Rev. F. Willis Johnson STL Public Radio host Don Marsh asked difficult questions to activists and community leaders from St. Louis about what they've learned over the past 140+ days.

Ferguson Year-End-Review The Post-Dispatch has compiled a year-end-review from staff that recount significant experiences and moments from the protests thus farInteresting read.

Protestors Occupy the STL Metro PD Headquarters Protestors occupied the lobby of the Metro PD and protested outside of the headquarters. For now, check out the Post-Dispatch's article describing the occupation/protest. Check the language throughout the article. Must read.

Pro-Police Rally Held In STL Police supporters held a rally in front of the STL Metro Police Department. Check how the Post-Dispatch describes their rally -- it seems as if they missed the sign calling Mike Brown a thug who "caused his own death." Must read.

McCulloch and Stenger Request Change-Of-Venue for Inauguration Citing "security concerns," McCulloch and Stenger have requested a change of venue for the inauguration and the event became invite-only.

Protests Nationwide
New York Recent Drop in Arrest NYPD officers have seemed to slow down on policing in New York city, possibly due to tension with Mayor Bill de Blasio. "There was a marked decline in arrests and court summonses in the last week, according to statistics released by police on Tuesday."

Nashville Police Chief Comments, Protestors Respond The Chief of Police in Nashville offered helpful commentary from the police perspective on the current unrest. And here is the response from Nashville protestors.

Wheaton, MD New Year's Day Mall Die-In On New Year's Day, protestors in Wheaton, MD had a die-in to bring in the Year of Resistance.

Utah New Year's Eve Protests On New Year's Eve, protestors in Salt Lake City marched through downtown to bring in the Year of Resistance

Protests Cost DC Approximately $3 Million The District of Columbia has recently released figures noting that policing the protests have cost approximately $3 million

Dontre Hamilton
The Landscape of Milwaukee Police Brutality This article provides invaluable historical context to the recent killing of Dontre Hamilton and helps the reader understand the long legacy of police brutality citizens have faced in Milwaukee. Important read.

Ezell Ford
Ezell Ford's Family Responds to Autopsy Report "I thought the gangs would kill him. I thought the police would protect him," said Ezell Ford's grandmother Dorothy Clark. This is one of many heartbreaking responses to reading the autopsy report that was recently released. Ford, a mentally ill young black man was killed by a LAPD officer on August 11th, days after Michael Brown Jr.

Protestors Shutdown 110 Freeway After Ezell Ford's Autopsy Is Released Protestors briefly shutdown the 110 Freeway after the release of Ezell Ford's autopsy which showed that Ford was shot three times, once in the back.

Sheneque Proctor
Autopsy States Sheneque's Death Caused by Drug Overdose 18 year old Sheneque Proctor was arrested on November 1, 2014 for disorderly conduct, harassment and possession of marijuana. While in custody, Sheneque died overnight in her Bessemer jail cell. While authorities have not released any information about her death until now. The Jefferson County Coroner's Office said that her death was from complications of a polydrug overdose.

17 Horrible Things That People Said Weren't Racist In 2014 Simply put, you must read this. 2014 was quite the year re: raceAbsolute must read.

The Politics of Black vs. African American A recent study has found that "'Black' people are viewed more negatively than 'African Americans' because of a perceived difference in economic status. As a result, 'Black' people are thought of as less competent and has havi ng colder personalities." Absolute must read.

Grand Jury System Needs Change This article explains the purpose of a grand jury, and why in some countries grand juries have been abolished because they seem "too secretive." "The old saying is a prosecutor can get an indictment on a ham sandwich," said John Roman of Urban Institute's Justice Policy Center.

Shouting While Black Goldie Taylor reflects on the picture from a NYC protest, showing a white woman yelling into the face of a white male officer. In her commentary she explains the many ways in which the picture exposes the presence of privilege, especially in protest.

What's Next
Protests In Your City
Check out to see (or add) a protest in your city. The movement lives.

Events in Ferguson
Remember to check the calendar for events happening in Ferguson. 
Your Role In The Movement
  • Bail Fund Donations. Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment (MORE) have a bail fund to assist protesters. Click here to donate. According to organize rs, the police are aiming to deplete the current bail fund by making the bail of any arrested protester $1,000, the legal limit. Please help.
  • Support The Livestreamers Click here to support the livestreamers and livestreaming training nationwide.
  • And Counting. Click here to purchase one of the now iconic shirts that lists of the names of the victims of black lives lost in state violence. 
  • Rachel Stewart Jewelry. Check out this black-owned jewelry company that has some incredible pieces, including "Young, Gifted and Black" earrings, afro pick earrings, and a high-top afro brooch. Simply put, incredible, y'all. 
  • Ferguson Digital Archive. Washington University has led the creation of a digital repository aiming to "preserve and make accessible" content related to the killing of Mike Brown. Submit or review material.
A police supporter at the STL Metro PD Pro-Police Rally.
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