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Herein I show off my new book, recent studies on the topic of "quantum advancement" as well as the awesome month long collections we have created since returning to daily broadcast in January 2015.  I hope you find it worth your investment. - Keidi

EBOLA, AMERICA AND THE NEW SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA, by Keidi Awadu - HARAMBEE, means: "Let's all pull together." As amazing as it seems even to me, this is the 28th book I've managed to complete. This volume is presented as the second in the series centered upon futurist projections for Pan African economic development and infrastructure creation. I hope you are as motivated as I am about the theme of Africa Rising. It is real and it will be the most profound change in global wealth and empowerment to occur in many centuries. Let's all Rise together. This book promises to completely change your attitude about the great new opportunities ahead for those who truly want to see Africa rise to its's greatest potential in the coming decades.

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LIBRadio Returns with a Bullet January 2015 Collection on MP3 - An entire month of our new return to daily broadcasts, includes over 54 hours of mp3 recordings.  Topics include: 2014 year in review; 2015 40 predictions; four Falcon Forum think tank shows; Nigeria profile, 3 volumes of The New Harvest book study; the crimes of Lyndon Johnson; French militarism since WW2; health analyses of alcohol, red meat & cancer, nutrition for seniors; African economic developments, false flag ops in Operation Gladio; roots of agriculture and modern organic gardening; how China and BRICS are dominating the new global economy; using the new media and telling our own story; our obsession with fantasy and superstition; organizing for community progress; practical Pan Africanism; techniquest for advancing business and marketing; and much more.  Over 54 hours of original broadcasting in this collection (LIB-Jan-All)

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world_historyFebruary 2015 African World History Collection from LIBRadio - To properly tell the story of Black History, one must link together all of the various stories of Blacks on various continents. When the story is told properly we cannot escape the fact that this is the foundation and many of the milestones of world history. This collection of 50 hours of distinct broadcasting tells of our male and female heroes of ancient and modern times. In every field of human endeavor we have produced absolute champions. Our historical empires rival or exceeed those of all other civilizations. This history is simultaneously the past and present and inevitably leads to a clear picture of the future. As the month proceeded, the lessons become stronger and more focused on the near and distant horizons which were clearly the next milestones on our journey to the greatest empire that the world has evern seen and which is within the lifetime of our and our children's generation. We have come a long way and have the best yet ahead for us. This entire collection is discounted by over 75% at $30. (LIB-Feb-All)

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rising3Africa Rising March Collection on MP3 - This is the entire monthlong set of broadcasts which systematically creates the foundation steps for the greatest rise in empowerment that the world has witnessed in history. With models, examples, statistical data, resource assessments, profiles of new and established leadership, education and technological trends, miraculous accomplishments, business and investment opportunities, almost unlimited funding sources and the greatest human resources identification possible, this set of studies has it all. Now it's up to you and me to take this treasure chest and reclaim our throne, reclaim our wealth and give to our children and future generations a sustainable global identity that can never again be stolen from them. You know, we should be feeling pretty excited right now. Over 50 hours discounted by more than 80% for the collection to $25.00 (LIBMP3-3321)

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LIBlogoApril 2015 Collection from LIBRadio - 15 Critical Lessons for Afri-Amers on MP3 - Continuing our powerful monthlong series, this just keeps getting better and better. Within this collection of 60 hours of archive recordings, you gain access to the most powerful set of practical tools that we could put into the hands of a determined people. These lessons cover immense details regarding culture, consciousness, historyical perspective, entertainment, education, economics, Pan African development, health, labor, criminal justice, conspiracy, rebellion, family & community, demographics, spirituality, conflict & war, as well as future studies. This research has been many decades in the making and is intended to be so comprehensive so as to create practical formulas for solving virtually any and ALL problems or challenges that we would encounter as individuals or a group. I will guarantee your complete satisfacton and excitement with this body of research. Please, use it to transform communities, nations and the whole of the human family. It is time for Afri-Amers to stand up and take their place on the throne. 60 hours at a super discount of only $30 available for MP3 download. (LIBMP3-3334-All)

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malcolmFutureMay 2015 Collection - Let's Do Power for Real this Time, on MP3 - For the entire month we came as hard, focused and realistic within our visionary attitude as we possibly could. The aim was to make our strategic plans detailed, flexible, resourceful and comprehensive as could be done after over 13 years of these culturally conscious communications. We covered every possible area and angle of problem solving and did not waste time focusing on the evil machinations over which we might seem powerless. Using a broad spectrum of analytical methods, spanning the 9 key disciplines of future studies, creating practical forumlas and engaging every member of the community in the grand solution, this is our presentation to our generation, to the world and the future that we are well prepared to assume global leadership... for REAL, this time. Get the entire month of programs for $30.  (LIBMP3-3366)

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knowledgeJune 2015 New Face of Exponential Economics Collection on MP3 - We present a wide variety of programming this month with central themes centered around: the new face of exponential organizations as the future of business enterprise; how cutting edge technology is changing the very fabric of civilization; specific strategies for maintaining health and avoiding poisoning our families with toxic chemicals and medicines; how businesses can use the most up-to-date techniques to increase their profit margins; new developments for the education of our youth to power; the hidden dangers and damage created by the medical-pharmaceutical drug complex; specific instructions to rejuvenate the Pan African movement; and increasing the effectiveness of our trans-national organizing for prosperity, security and sustainability; and much more. Over 45 hours of broadcasting in this package, discounted to $25 for a tremendous savings. (LIBMP3-3381)

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tutSacred Texts and Secret Teachings of the Ancients Pt 1 / Liberated Minds Expo Vol 2 Solving Education and Culture Challenges - As our mission for the month demands, we must illuminate the points in world history where credible historians have linked the Nile Valley civilizations to the greatest push forward in world scientific understanding. Thus in mathematics, medicine, astronomy, metallurgy, philosophy, architecture and other areas we can see evidence of Quantum Advancement. Further, secret societies have tried to keep us all ignorant of these facts and thus reactive. Next hour, a panel joins us regarding the upcoming conference on education, home schooling and the rebirth of our wholistic community. We discuss critical areas, how they are all interrelated, our link to Pan Africanism and practical methods of solving problems related to youth, eldership, education to power and including our global African family in our strategic planning. (LIBMP3-3389)

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marijuanaBrainMarijuana and Alcohol Impact on Neurotransmitters of the Brain / How to Master Monetization - with Aunkh and Keidi - In the first hour, toward our aim of quantum development, we need to access the highest possible performance of our intellectual capacity and psycho-spiritual transforming capacities. Within this society there are a number of means of suppressing our highest brain power. The common use of mind-altering toxins, psychotropic drugs, contaminated food and more are a part of a scheme to keep us from accessing our divine mental potential, something that seemed to have been quite different in ancient Khemet. Next hour, our resident business and marketing professor takes us to the base again with our comprehension of more than a dozen of the essential principles needed to increase business and profits. Monetization is a process for which we can gain exact and usable instruction. These techniques will work to improve our overall community economics. (LIBMP3-3388)

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earthMagnetoEarth Magnetosphere, Ionic Flux and Free-Flowing Energy / Hair, the Power of the Coil and Our Natural Antenna - The first hour studies take us back to high school science lessons on the electromagnetic structure and qualities of the Earth. We go from the molten iron-nickle core of the planet as an energy generator, through the various layers of the subterranean world, to layers of atmosphere and space. Each of these have distinct EM capacities and they all work together to make the planet a gigantic electronic machine which interacts with the more powerful sun and other space materials. Next, we look at our hair as a means of tapping into this great wash of electromagnetic energy, EM radiation, as well as the must subtle disturbances of these fields caused by human activity and even thought. Our ultimate aim in these very complex science-based analyses is to give us the fundamentals of what constitutes our Quantum Advancement, mastery over universal elements. (LIBMP3-3387)

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quantumLeapFirst Principles and Abductive Thinking Processes / Crystals, Electro-Conductivity, Pyramid Technology and the Quantum Factor - As we strive to move beyond stagnancy, linear thinking, into and through exponential growth and into a future of unlimited functioning, we strive to take upon ourselves critical tools which allow us to rapidly advance our productive processes. Innovating from outside the box of mimicry is one of our critical goals and the techniques of foundation reasoning and approaching problem-solving from different directions are our lesson for today. Next hour, we look at the power of crystals as means of focusing energy, light, flowing matter and piezoelectric applications. As we come to comprehend this we can now see how the ancients of the Nile Valley used these tools to tap into unlimited energy within the Earth's magnetosphere. Here is another take on pyramid science and the tekhenus of the ancients. (LIBMP3-3386)

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