Monday, April 4, 2016

Invite Only: For us by us! AFAHYA FESTIVAL 2016


Sent: 3/30/2016 12:17:07 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: Invite Only: For us by us!
This is an invite only. Spread by word to those who aint scared of being Afrikan and loving self.  

See you May 7th

R Kindu Shabazz
The Bum Rush Show
"Transmitting That Relevant Hip Hop Frequency"
WDCE 90.1FM Friday nights 9pm - 11pm
Rockin' Real Beats, Real Rhymes, For Real Heads...Don't Sleep!!!

Building Solidarity & Preserving the Integrity of Kwanzaa
Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective

Building A Nation Begins With Education

He who thinks he is leading and has no one following him is only taking a walk.

Be blessed, stay blessed, be a blessing.

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