Friday, September 23, 2016

Powernomics ! A strategy we should consider - Kwasi Imhotep

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Date: Fri, Sep 23, 2016 at 10:21 AM
Subject: Powernomics!

Listening to Black talk radio, WOL in DC yesterday and up comes Dr Claude Anderson and his Powernomics program. His concept, as I understand it is to economically empower Black folks as a means of survival and extrication from its group problems, including I assume racial hatred/oppression.
If that premise is accurate or closely so, I don't see it achieving it's goals.
Granted, that we NEED every weapon we can get our hands on to defeat oppression, and certainly economic enfranchisement should be a central part of our arsenal for liberation.  But, it ain't a cure-all; not a panacea!
I wanted to call in and ask the Dr one question, but the phone line was too long for me to wait.  Had I gotten through, my query to him would be along the lines of, we have already done what you propose and it was not sufficient to protect us against white racial hatred, i.e., in Tulsa, OK in the 1920s.
There we were economic kings and queens, even lending money to pale people/businesses, unemployment rates of less than 4 percent, owning banks, hospitals, transit systems, hundreds of businesses and even had 5 privately owned airplanes, which was absolutely unheard of for Black folk.
But, it was all destroyed in one murderous night of pale rampage.  So how is Powernomics going to save the day for us?
Anderson spoke of owning/controlling our infrastructure as the Jews/Asians do, as if that was a remedy for their societal ills.  Well, fact is, it isn't. The Jewish 'Civil Rights' group, Anti-Defamation League has reported that their group investigated over 977 cases of anti-semitic assault against Jews in 2015! That;s nearly 3 cases per day.
And the ADL is only one of several Jewish advocacy groups.  We all know that they are typically economically powerful, owning much of corporate America, plus their pale skin and straight hair gives them a perceived cultural edge over us.  But they are still fighting racial hatred big time; just like us.
Still, I kind of like Anderson's push, and I believe he is an honest man interested in our welfare. But, he is a fast talker, and fast talkers sometimes say things that are not accurate, mixed in with truth.  He is no exception.  For instance, his history IQ is not where it should be to cover as many different subjects as he does.  He spoke of the Willie Lynch letters/speech in one You tube tape as if it were an actual historical event.  Not so, according to my buddy and Afrikan history professor Manu Ampim-
Yet, I think Dr Anderson may have something that we can use in our struggle, and is worth listening to.  Kwasi

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