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Religion vs. Spirituality

Religion vs. Spirituality

Hotep (Peace) All,

As we are one week out from the European Holiday Easter, I thought it would be good to send this article out again I wrote several months ago to awaken a few brothers and sisters who wish to think with their minds and not with their senses.  You see... colonial rule as really divided and held Africa back as much as it has done to us Africans in America –aka- (African Americans). Most of us are so lost from our culture and the history of all the great things we have accomplished as Black People it's hard to determine sometimes what is FACT or FICTION. Without a doubt…without Black People none of this would be possible. Remember this … Without Black History There Would Be No History.

The biggest destruction of our minds, culture, customs & traditions by far has been religion. Without a doubt this is the #1 cause of our misconception of whom and where we come from. Now, I was born with a Christian background, notice I didn't say I was born a Christian, which I sadly hear many folks say. But, as the old saying goes, ONCE I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I CAN SEE.

Many a day I sat in bible study and Sunday services questioning what the lecturer was saying and my spirit within me would say that doesn't makes sense. Why are they saying this but the bible says this, why does the bible says this here, but says something totally opposite over here and of course the crafty lecturer brushes it off with you have to have faith my brother. I once read something about the word "Faith." Faith is used only when you can't back up what you say with true FACTS. Again … once I was blind but now I can see.

Religion and religious literature are tools that western society uses under its control to indoctrinate the world masses. Carter G. Woodson, the great educator and author of the book 'The Mis-Education of the Negro,' said, "If you can control a man's thinking you do not have to worry about his actions. If he has been trained to go to the back door and upon arriving at the back he finds no door, he then will make a back door."

Since we as people of African descent have been spiritually disconnected from our Ancient cultures, we do not think and live our lives as subjects of our own ancestral historical experience. Therefore, we conduct our lives based on false illusions and mythology via the Bible/Koran and other religious written literature. This is set in place for us by European society through their educational and religious networks.

European institutions are used as vehicles of mass mind control, which rely on the news media to do their part in this farce. Now I am going to give you a fact to think about, Jewish writings are in both Christianity and Islam via The Old Testament for the Christians and The Pentateuch and Psalms are in Islam via the Koran. Conversely, neither Christian nor Islamic writings are anywhere to be found in Jewish literature. I am referring to the religious literature that is used in their synagogues such as the Sefer ha Torah and Mishna Talmud. It is not by accident that this was done. It was done on purpose and by design with cunning and political intent.

I now quote Joshua Armstrong from his book … The Seekers: "The best way to develop the mind is cultivating the spirit. Regrettably, many people turn to organized religion for the care and feeding of their spiritual lives when in fact organized religions is often more interested in emotionalism than spirituality. Going to church on Sunday can be like being in a bar fight where fists are flying, glass is breaking, and bodies are falling. With all the singing, preaching, and hallelujahing, the service becomes a blinding emotional whirlwind. The spirit is a delicate plant. It cannot thrive under the tumultuous conditions presented in that kind of church service. Myths, parables, swelling music, testimonials, and hysteria none of which helps the spirit develop.

True spirituality comes through lessons that are applicable to everyday life. This was the way Ancient Kemetian (Egyptian) spirituality was taught through the here and now. The chores and choices that we have before us in this world not through fantastic tales of what will be in a place no living person has ever seen. The answers we seek are not inside a church or an alter on the lips of a pimp in the pulpit (preacher). They are within us. If through the pursuit of the spirit, we can connect with our own minds, the answers will be there. We will choose our own destinies. We will not be subjected to random influences. We will have our minds and never lose them."

Armstrong said it best again, "Church doors are always open to whoever wants to enter, but they are open to those who are willing to be sheep. The service of God is really service to those self-proclaimed holy men and women who hold the franchise.

Accumulating material grandeur is the goal, not the improvement of the people's lives. Independent thought is discouraged. Raising an individual up is not part of the plan; keeping the flock docile, distracted, and deluded is what it's all about." If you the reader can understand this, you are now on your way to removing the shackles of all religions and religious literature that have been clogging your spiritual connection with the universe.

Further, this spiritual connection that you have with the Higher Power of Creation and the universe was given to you at the time of your birth. You must find your way back to your own in-dwelling spirituality. And in so doing, you will never have to seek or have the need for religion. All religions come packaged with a God and religious literature. Christianity is packaged, for example, with a dead Caucasian man on a cross, the created creature called Jesus the Christ as god and savior along with Christian and Jewish writings called the Old Testament and Christian writings called the New Testament.

On the other hand, Islam comes packaged with a faceless white male image-icon riding a camel called the Prophet Muhammed along with the Koran which contains Jewish writings (the Pentateuch and Psalms) and Christian writings (The four gospels) along with Allah as "the God."

The man created religion called Judaism also comes packaged with its created characters such as Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and the list of names can go on and on. Remember this … Judaism is not a B.C. religion. Judaism as a religion began with Solomon bar Isaac, called RASHI, starting in 1080-1100. It continued through the ages with other Jewish Tosafot appendix writers such as the grandson of Rashi, Jacob Ben Meir, Moses Maimon called Maimonides, and a whole group of unknown Jewish scholars, Rabbis, and non-Jewish scholars with all creating and writing their own Pirke Avot through the centuries. The religion also comes with its created god called Jehovah or Yahweh.

At this point I want to reiterate something I heard one of our black Scholars say about God. She said, "God is an abstract idea that needs human spirituality to give it life." Wow…now that's deep. Always remember that god is a term than be used only in and for religion. Why do I say that?

1) God is a man created by man in man's own image and not the reverse. When the name god is used and spoken of by human beings, the pronouns are masculine, he, his, or him, which refer to a man or male figure.

2) God as a man cannot create or bring forth anything with life in it singularly. God as a man has to be mated with a Goddess, the female, in order to bring forth prolife. Oh … and gods mate didn't come from any damn rib either. Again, white wash to make you believe a woman should be submissive to her male counterpart. Where's the balance their? Again …white wash.

3) God can only exist if you the human being give these various religious gods life by giving these gods your spiritual power that was given to you by the Creator/Creatress at the time of your birth. This is done by the human being believing and placing personal "FAITH" in non-living religious, man-created gods.

4) If you the human being took god, Jesus the Christ, Allah, Jehovah, Jahw'h, Buddha, or any other religious gods that are connected to a religion and discarded them along with the Bible, Koran, Sefer Ha Torah/Talmud, or any other religious literature. What would be left? Standing would be you with your alive spirit that your Creator/Creatress gave you at inception. Knowing this should tell you that your spiritual power that dwells inside of you gives these man-created words and religious named characters Life. Without your spiritual power, these religious gods and religious literature (Bible, Koran, and Torah/Talmud) would be dead.

5) Warning: Do not believe in Religion man-made Gods. Why Not? (A) Because this robs you or your in-dwelling spiritual power that is connected to the cosmic mind of the universe. (B) Believing in man-made religion God's encourages you to come outside of yourself and give your spiritual power to a dead man made god and a dead man hanging on a cross, therefore, robing one's self of your own divine birth right which is your in-dwelling spirit.

*** NOTE: I realize and know that there is a higher power than myself. What it is I do not know, but what I do know is that this higher power has created everything that your eyes can see in the physical realm. That includes me, therefore do not think one bit at all that I am an Atheist because I'm "NOT."

I'm writing this to set those who take the time to read this spiritually free of all religious bondage that our Melchite Coptic (Kemetian) Egyptian ancestors unwittingly helped to set into motion (Christianity/Islam). Western society uses these religions as political tools to impose on and indoctrinate the world masses. You may ask, "If what you say is true and there never have been men that walked the earth in human form of any race, creed, or color by the names Jesus the Christ, Muhammed the Prophet, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, or Moses, then what do I put in its place?"

My answer … you were not born with a religion. Religion was imposed upon you and introduced to you at an early and innocent age in your life. Always remember you were born with a divine spiritual birthright and that divine in-dwelling spiritual birthright was given to you at the time of your stamp…you birth by the Higher Power of Creation who used your mother and father as human instruments to bring you forth into human form.

At the time of your birth, your divine in-dwelling spirit or spirituality was connected to and spiritually in tune with the spiritual consciousness and rhythm of the universe. You are connected to the universe through your pineal gland that's connected to your brain fibers, which are connected to your nostrils, taking in the air that you breathe.

The pineal gland serves as a conduit between you and your divine universe. Thereby, you received the spiritual power to sustain yourself as long as you live. The air you breathe keeps you in spiritual consciousness with your Creator/Creatress and the spiritual rhythm of the universe, giving you a personal relationship with the Creator/Creatress or Higher Power of Creation.

I have been fortunate to escape the influence of any man-made religion and not allow any god to serve or confuse my personal relationship with the universe and my Creator/Creatress. You were born with the same birthright. Use it. Always remember that you were born spiritually free of all man-made religions. No human being was born with a religion. By not understanding your natural spiritual connection with the universe and your natural spiritual connection with the universe and your Creator/Creatress, many have allowed man to confuse and substitute their naturally given spiritual birthright with one of his man-made unnatural religions. This is similar to being introduced to cigarettes, alcohol, or drugs. You, the human being, did not come into this world smoking, drinking, using drugs or with a religion. These unnatural habits are all man introduced.

Always remember that our African Ancestors the Ancient Kemetians (Egyptians) and the other Africans living throughout the continent of Africa never had or practiced a religion during antiquity. They had a spiritual way of life that was in tune with the cosmic laws of the universe. They were students of the universe. Therefore, I urge you to become a student of the universe just like your Ancient Kemetian African and other African ancestors who lived throughout the continent of Africa.

At this point I must warn you about the religious custom of "praying." Religion encourages one to pray to a man created god for their needs, substance, wants, and desires. When this is done, it puts human beings in a position of begging for their substance because praying is a form of begging. If you understand your spiritual connection and spiritual power connected to and coming from the universe via your pineal gland, you will then realize how praying is a waste of your human spiritual energy.

Your needs, wants, and desires can be manifested first in spiritual form and then in physical form just for the asking. This is done when the human being makes up here or his mind regarding what they want from the universe. When this is decided, you will receive instructions from the universe on how to go about manifesting your thoughts into reality.

Listening to that little voice from within and following your intuition, hunches, or ideas will achieve this. After all this is your spiritual birthright.

The introduction of religion was done to place governments, nations, and the entire civilized world under the control of an assortment of man-organized religions or ways of thinking. One must remember that all religions today are used as political tools of control. Political, military, economic (including taxation), and social control have proven to be easier under man-made religious rulership. This was also the smoothest path for eventual world domination and the acquisition of absolute power, misdistribution of wealth, and a world population of obedient religious slaves.

I'll wrap this up by sharing something I read in a book by Walter Williams author of the "The Historical Origins of Christianity" and "The Historical Origins of Islam", which I highly recommend you read, in reference to the word "FACTS." Facts, he said, are "Stronger than arguments, more profound than reasoning, more dependable than opinions, silences disputes, supersedes predictions, and facts always end the argument."

I have laid out some of the facts for you here and have done so in the past with the many e-mails, website links, book references, live photos from me on spot in Italy and Africa showing you the proof. But now YOU must judge for yourself and open up your eyes and get relief from all the white wash you have been told over the years.

Nehast (Wake up),
Asar Maa Ra Gray

"Men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice and bodily discipline."
                      Ancient AfRAkan Proverb

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