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The First Resurrection Story - Know "(OUR)story"

Hetepu (Peace & Blessings) Brothers & Sisters,

Today many AfRAkans around the world will be heading to churches to listen to Pimps in the Pulpit preach another lie about another baseless European Holy-Day.  As you all know I have trekked all over the world verifying the conscious knowledge I forward to those who take time to want to know more about themselves and their story.  

You see ... HIS-STORY has no truth behind it whatsoever, but because most BLACK folk .. careless about using their god given COMMONE-sense to question the NON-sense our European invaders beat into our mind and psyche.  We run around wasting our talents and time chasing at WHITE-LIE.  I know most have been taught a little WHITE-LIE won't hurt you, but I beg to differ.  When you have been separated from your culture, customs and traditions ... you then past on nothing but baseless information and continue the string of non-productive knowledge to those who look to you for spiritual guidance.

Part of the secular training of our AfRAkan ancestors enslaved in the US was to internalize their own "innate" sense of inferiority and to thank the euro god that the AfRAkan Captives had the "good fortune" to have been enslaved by the euro, thus saving them from "dark" AfRAkan cannibals.  

Our Ancestors were trained to believe that they did not have hair on their heads, but "wool." They were trained to believe that our dark skin was ugly and nasty; that our broad noses (not all indigenous AfRAkans have broad noses) were "deformed", and that we carried a natural animal-like offensive odor. And to this day, many of us STILL have those same biases against our selves.

I ask you to stop letting pimps and pimpettes teach you a bunch of lies, go do the research for yourself.  I want you to ponder on this idea as you read the following information about the TRUE FIRST RESURRECTION STORY.

The information that the sheep in the pews will hear today has NO scientific or archeological evidence whatsoever to behind it...BUT...the story you are about to read does.  You can go see the writing on the walls and you can go touch it carved in stone 3 inches deep.

I'll wrap this up by sharing something I read in a book by Walter William's author of the "The Historical Origins of Christianity" and "The Historical Origins of Islam", which I highly recommend you read, in reference to the word "FACTS." Facts, he said, are "Stronger than arguments, more profound than reasoning, more dependable than opinions, silences disputes, supersedes predictions, and facts always end the discussion."

Malcolm X asks, "Who Taught You to Hate Yourself".  Now we know, as we have always known.  But what are we going to do about it, is my question.


               The AfRAkan Resurrection Story They Don’t Want You to Know

This is the very first “Creation” and “Resurrection” story on record produced by man/woman, with regards to paying honor and divine respect to a “Creator of all mankind,” (the Supreme Being … Neter(GOD) was that of the AfRAkan people of the Nile Valley and Great Lakes region of Central, East and Northeast AfRAka.  Since the original ‘Sacred Writings’ were produced by the AfRAkans approximately 3,400 years before The Old Testament, and more than 4,200 years before The New Testament, countless plagiarized versions of it have been written and published.

After reading this summarization of the AfRAkan Resurrection story, hopefully you’ll be inspired to do more research and learn more about OUR-STORY.  Hopefully my AfRAkan Brothers and Sisters, you ask yourself why haven’t I heard this story before.  I’ll tell you why, because somebody knows something about you that they don’t want you to know about yourself.  (The Truth Will Set You Free … and they can’t have that).

The following story has been translated from the “Book of Coming Forth By Day and By Night”, ~ 5000 A.E. (AfRAkan Era) misconstrued by European scholars to be called (The Book of the Dead).  To see even older evidence from between 10,000 – 5500 A.E., go back to AfRAka this summer 2013 on the KemetNU trip to Kemet (Egypt) where you’ll see the evidence on the walls, live in color … carved “3” inches in stone where the invaders from the North couldn’t erase the truth.  But, if you never go see it for your own eyes, you’ll only be recalling 2nd and 3rd hand information ... so stop believing everything your hear and go see and touch it for yourself.

                               Ausar, Auset, and Heru

It all starts with the first human representation on earth – Ausar and Auset (Not Adam and Eve or even Lilith). Most Christians don't even know who Lilith is ...I'm not going to spend time on that today...just google it and you'll see why the pimps don't want you to know about her.  []

Ausar and Auset dedicated themselves to the welfare of humanity and sought to spread civilization throughout the earth, even as far as India and China.

During the absence of Ausar from his kingdom, his brother Set (Setan/Satan) had no opportunity to make innovations in the state because Auset was extremely vigilant in governing the country, and always upon her guard and watchful eye for any irregularity or unrighteousness.

Upon Ausars return from touring the world and carrying the teachings of wisdom abroad and rejoicing throughout the land, one day after his return, through his lack of vigilance, he became intoxicated and slept with Set’s wife, Nebthet, as a result of the union with Ausar, begot Anpu.

Set, who represents the personification of evil forces, plotted in jealousy and anger (the blinding passion that prevents forgiveness) to usurp the throne and conspired to kill Ausar.  Set secretly got the measurements of Ausar and constructed a coffin. Through trickery Set was able to get Ausar to “try on” the coffin for size.  While Ausar was resting in the coffin, Set and his assistants locked it and then dumped it into the Nile River.

The coffin made its way down the Nile where it became embedded in the earth and from it grew a tree with the most pleasant aroma in the form of a DJED or TET.  The TET is the symbol of Ausars BACK.  It has four horizontal lines in relation to a firmly established, straight column.

This King was out walking and as he passed by the tree, he immediately fell in love with the pleasant aroma, so he had the tree cut down and brought to his palace.  Auset, Ausars wife, the personification of the life giving, ‘Mother’ force in creation and in all humans, went in search of Ausar. Her search led her to the palace of the King where she took a job as the nurse of the King’s son.  Every evening Auset would put the boy into the “fire” to consume his mortal parts, thereby transforming him to immortality. Fire is symbolic of both physical and mental purification.  Most importantly, fire implies wisdom, the light of truth, illumination and energy which burns away ignorance and egoism.  

Auset, by virtue of her qualities, has the power to bestow immortality through the transformative power of her symbolic essence. Auset then told the King that Ausar, her husband, is inside the pillar he made from the tree.  He graciously gave her the pillar (DJED) and she returned with it to Kemet (Kmt, Egypt).



                                                  “THE RESURRECTION”

Upon her return to Kemet, Auset went to the papyrus swamps where she lay over Ausars dead body and fanned him with her wings, infusing him “WITH NEW LIFE.”  In this manner Auset revived Ausar through her power of love and wisdom, and then they united once more.  {‘Black woman know the power bestowed upon you’… you’ll never see this power in a Eurasian translation because of how they viewed women … let alone a Black woman}.  From their union was conceived a son (through immaculate conception), Heru, with the assistance of the (g)ods (Djehuti) and Amen. {Have you ever wondered why you say Amen at the end of your prayers?}

Heru, therefore, was born from the union of Ausar and the life giving power of Auset (physical nature).  Thus, Heru represents the union of spirit and matter, and the renewed life of Ausar, his rebirth (resurrection).   Nehast (wakeup) ...BLACK PEOPLE!

One evening, as Set was hunting in the papyrus swamps, he came upon Auset and Ausar.  In a rage of passion, he dismembered the body of Ausar into 14 pieces and scattered them throughout the land.  In this way it is Set, the brute force of our bodily impulses and desires, that ‘dismembers’ our higher intellect. Instead of oneness and unity, we see multiplicity and separateness which give rise to egoistic (selfish) and violent behavior.  The Great Mother, Auset, {"NOT NO DAMN MARY} once again sets out in search, now for the pieces of Ausar, with the help of Anpu and Nebthet.

After searching all over the world they found all the pieces of Ausars’ body, except for the phallus (penis) which was eaten by a fish.  In Ancient Kemetian mythology, this loss represents seminal retention in order to channel the sexual energy to the higher spiritual centers, thereby transforming into spiritual energy.  Ausar, Anpu and Nebthet remembered the pieces, all except the phallus which was eaten by the fish. Ausar thus regained (resurrected) life in the realm of the dead.

                                 “Immaculate Conception”

Heru, therefore, was born from the union of the spirit of Ausar and the life giving power of Auset.  Thus, Heru, the "Savior" who was bought to birth, as the "Light" in heaven and sustenance on earth (Hmm…does this sound familiar).  Heru represents the union of spirit and matter and the renewed life of Ausar, his rebirth.  When Heru became a young man, Ausar returned from the realm of the dead and encouraged him to take up arms (vitality, wisdom, courage, strength of will) and establish truth, justice and righteousness in the world by challenging Set, its current ruler.

                            “The Battle of Heru and Set”

The battle between Heru and Set took many twists, sometimes one seeming to get the upper hand and sometimes the other, yet neither one gaining a clear advantage in order to decisively win.  At one point Auset tried to help Heru by catching Set, but due to the pity and compassion she felt towards him she set him free.  In a passionate rage, Heru cut off her head and went off by himself in a frustrated state.  Even Heru is susceptible to animalistic passion which leads to performing deeds that one later regrets.  

Set found Heru and gouged out his eyes.  During this time Heru was overpowered by the evil of Set.  He became blinded to truth (as signified by the loss of his eyes) {Hmm…”I was once blind, but now I can see”} and thus, was unable to do battle (act with MAAT) with Set.  His power of sight was later restored by Hathor (Het-Heru), (g)oddess of passionate love, desire and fierce power, who also represents the left Eye of Ra.  She is the fire spitting, destructive power of light which dispels the darkness (blindness) of ignorance.

When the conflict resumed, the two contendants went before the court of the Ennead (g)ods {Company of the nine (g)ods who ruled over creation, headed by Ra}.  Set, promising to end the fight and restore Heru to the throne, invited Heru to spend the night at his house, but Heru soon found out the Set had evil intentions when he tried to have intercourse with him.  The uncontrolled Set also symbolizes unrestricted sexual activity.  

Through more treachery and deceit Set attempted to destroy Heru with the help of the Ennead, by tricking them into believing that Heru was not worthy of the throne.  Ausar sent a letter pleading with the Ennead to do what was correct.  Heru, as the son of Ausar, should be the rightful heir to the throne. All but two of them (the Ennead) agreed because Heru, they said, was too young to rule.  

When Heru became a young man, Ausar returned from the realm of the dead and encouraged him to take up arms (vitality, wisdom, courage, strength, of will) and establish truth, justice and righteousness in the world by challenging Set, its current ruler.

Ausar sent them a second letter (scroll of papyrus with a message) reminding them that even they cannot escape judgment for their deeds; they too will be judged in the end when they have to finally go to the West (abode of the dead).

This signifies that even the (g)ods cannot escape judgment for their deeds.  Since all exists is only a manifestation of the absolute reality which goes beyond time and space, that which is in the realm of time and space (humans, spirits, gods, angels, neters) are all bound by its laws.  Following the receipt of Ausars’ scroll (letter), Heru was crowned King of Kemet (Egypt).  Set accepted the decision and made peace with Heru.  All the gods rejoiced.

Thus ends the legend of Ausar, Auset and Heru (The Trinity … ”The Holy Father-Mother-and Child”) not some (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit)some gay european male chauvinistic shigidy wiping out the woman from the picture.  Remember, the europeans had no respect for the woman, so to see AfRAkan civilizations being led by women and to see women treated with respect and honor was disgrace to the Barbarians from the north.

In Conclusion:

The Resurrection of Ausar and his reincarnation in the form of Heru {his son) is a symbol for the spiritual resurrection which must occur in the life of every human being.  In this manner, the story of the Ausarian Trinity of Ausar, Auset and Heru and the Kemetian Ennead holds hidden teachings, which when understood and properly practiced, will lead to spiritual enlightenment (Shetaut Neter).

Again ... "Facts are Stronger than arguments, more profound than reasoning, more dependable than opinions, silences disputes, supersedes predictions, and facts always end the discussion."


To see these stories live in color for your very own eyes, you can go on the KemetNu Summer 2013 Kemet (Egypt) tour or the IKG Kemet (Egypt) Study tour.  You can’t dispute the evidence etched in stone which dates back to over 10,000 years ago.  

Links below to tours:
KemetNu tour :
IKG tour:

So, what are you waiting on Black people?  Let’s go back to “AfRAka” and see where it all started!  If you haven’t been to the Black Lands yet, then place this in your budget and take a trip.  You have multiple scholars who take those who want to know the truth every year and show them the truth with their own eyes.

Go to the link above to get tour details and see videos from previous tours.  This will be the trip of a lifetime.  Without a doubt…please pass this information on to every black person you know who might be receptive to learning the truth.


Hotep (peace)
Asar Maa Ra Gray

“The Purpose in Life is to Attain the Great Awakening-Enlightenment-Know Thyself”
     AfRAkan Proverb

"And with this knowledge, we can change the world, if first WE CHANGE OURSELVES."
     Dr. John Henrik Clarke

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