Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter MONDAY Conscious Community !

    Whether you celebrate the resurrection of The Christian Christ, or the Easter Bunny, or celebrate Ishtar, or celebrate Heru's resurrection or celebrate the countless African concepts of the Almighty's plan and guide for improvement, or if you celebrate any of the other resurrection/Easter stories (plans, maps, messages, etc...) we encourage you to take those messages of life anew and do something new in your life to uplift yourself, your family, your community, your nation, the Afrikan and the human (Hue-Man) race. Ashee, ashee, ashee.

May your anew actions be blessings to us all. To your improvement !

For our Conscious-Christian or Christian members (or members who just love Gospel music) we offer this classic Easter-based Gospel classic entitled "He Decided". This performance is conducted by Donald Vails. ENJOY ! THE DIRECT LINK: This is an old gospel favorite, most black baptist churches do this during Easter...

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