Friday, April 5, 2013

NAACP President: Black People “Are Doing Far Worse” Under Obama Administration

Hotep All,

It is what it is … don’t blindly think because of color someone has your interest or agenda on their mind. 

You have to learn how to control your own destiny and finances and don’t surely rely on any politician to look out for you whether “Black, White or any color” you want to use.
Bottom Line (BL):  Obama is just a puppet on a string to carry out the master plan.  Again, “it is what it is.”

Again … Facts are “Stronger than arguments, more profound than reasoning, more dependable than opinions, silences disputes, supersedes predictions, and facts always end the discussion.”

But .. of course you will not hear or see anything of this mentioned on the mainstream black media outlets such as: Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey or Al Sharpton shows. Again ... you must think with your mind and not with your emotions.

Check out the article about what NAACP president said and the other links referencing Obama’s rise to presidency.  This goes into that category of things that make you go … hmmmm!

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