Monday, April 29, 2013


 From Just Archie:
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by Just Archie
By Archie Boone Jr.
If you have spent just a few days of your life feeling, thinking or just being exceptional, then you know how God felt being a human. The demands placed on you were heavy but the compensation, benefits package, sexual pleasure or quality time with someone you loved was just out of this world. Between mountaintops are vallies, and it could very well be years between the time you reached one, declined into the valley, then later summitted the next. Life's wildernesses are in the valley. The shadows of death are mades by the sun casting shades of your mountain, atop the trees, and before the mouth of the cave. You were once a slave until one day a deliverer reminded you, "I am here". And it is up there, where you actually belong. You were born a kind to live as mine, and not like mine, but as mine you will shine. If you would just lift your mind and climb. You'd be starstruck the entire time. See the signs of Divine that lead and guide seekers who find within themselves the urge to ascend. Bend the rules with broken tools that you were never taught to use. How will you reach a destination that is beyond your those constellations? Patience and basic instinct activates the hidden link that shrinks fear and supplies faith. Seen through by you know who, left clues of what to do, where to go and how to say it. It takes nothing less than time to pray as you cliff hang by a finger nail. You can't fail. You can't quit. Too far above the abyss, you are at the apex of your relationship, and the galaxy is at the point of shift. You are the paradigm. You are the star who chose to shine.

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