Sunday, April 28, 2013

Truth about "DEADLY" Canola Oil & White Sugar

Ɛtɛ Sɛn (What's UP) All,

I was talking to someone today and we ran across the discussion of fried foods and then the topic of Canola Oil.  I told him about the dangers of fried foods and without a doubt Canola Oil.  He then proceeded to tell me how everyone in his family were using this "Deadly" man-made oil.  Folks, you can't trust the government to be truthful in letting you know about the deadly effects of how foods such as Canola Oil and let alone meat are to your spirit, mind, body and soul.

For those who know me, you know I try and eat healthy and that I gave up meat over 6 years ago.  So...I dibble and dab in those substitutes at our local grocery and health food stores. There are healthy alternatives ... but if you don't care to learn about them ... you are only hurting yourself.

But ... be careful even some of the supposed healthy alternatives are laced with this deadly MAN-MADE oil called Canola Oil.  I encourage you to please read the labels and see if your food is laced with this deadly toxin. If so ... get it out of your house IMMEDIATELY.

Remember, the government DOES NOT have your best interest in mind when it comes to making money vs. your health.  If so, they would never have allowed this product to be sold in stores especially with the documented evidence they have gathered about the deadly effects of canola oil.

Check out this site...this brother's research says and proves it all.  If you care about your health, you'll at least view the information to educate and protect your family.  Without out a doubt please pass it along to someone you care about and love.  If you don't care about anyone else, I guess you can delete it then..:o(.

The evidence presented will help you make the decision to stop poisoning your body with man-made experiments and go with what the Creator has provided for us at no charge.

Also, here's additional info regarding the effects of white sugar, really called refined sucrose (A DRUG). Watch these 3 Video Articles seen on DGTv:

1) Canola Oil: A Drop of Death
2) White Sugar: The Mark of Cane
3) White Sugar 2: Killin' You Sweetly

"He that controls the diameter of your mind, controls the circumference of your thinking."
   Ancient AfRAkan Proverb

Ankh Uja Sbn (Life,Vitality, Health)
Asar Maa Ra Gary

"Ignorance of your true Self is the root cause of your bondage to the karmic (Ari) cycle of life-death-reincarnation-life-death-reincarnation, etc."
      Pert m Hru (Book of Coming Forth By Day & Night)

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