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Jegna vs Mentor ... Words Are Powerful

Jegna vs. Mentor
Hotep All,

You might want to think about this the next time you ask someone to be your "mentor" or choose to be a mentor, or start a mentor program. How about asking someone to be your "Jegna" or choose someone to be your "Jegna", or start a "Jegna" program in your community. And maybe, just maybe the words behind the meaning will have relevance and reflect a positive change on your ultimate goals.

Remember words are powerful, so know what you are asking for before you do it.

"Ignorance is doing something and not knowing, but it's plain stupidity when you do know and keep doing the same thing."

The Story of Mentor and Telemachus
by M'Bwebe Aja Ishangi

We must overstand that greek mythology is just that... a myth!

These made-up stories are of people that never existed. Why YT created them? Probably to validate their existence... But we must understand many customz we've adopted have been done so through ignorance of this "little white-lie". Case-in-point, the use of the word 'mentor' we so lovingly use for our Afrikan scholarz that have influenced us.

We forget the power we give to somethin' when you call on its name. Couple this with ignorance of the origin of these wordz, we actually disrespect somethin' we intend to respect.

The word 'Mentor' is defined as an "adviser, guide, guru, counselor, consultant; confidant." Look at the last word in the definition... 'confidant'.

Now let's look that definition up: "a person with whom one shares a secret or private matter, trusting them not to repeat it to others." Now let's look at the history of the word 'Mentor' again.

In Greek mythology, Mentor was the son of Alcumus and, in his old age, a friend of Odysseus aka Ulysses. When Odysseus left for the Trojan War he placed Mentor in charge of his son, Telemachus, and of his palace.

Many are not aware that greece was a society where homosexuality was the norm. Men took great pride in feelin' the greatest luv could only be experienced between two men, whereas women were only used for procreative purposes.

Here we find the source of the modern use of the word mentor: a trusted friend, counselor or teacher, usually a more experienced person. Some professionz have 'mentoring programz' in which newcomerz are paired with more experienced people in order to obtain good examples and advice as they advance, and schoolz sometymz have mentoring programz for new students or students who are having difficulties.

According to legend, Mentor and Telemachus had a bond that included a sexual relationship. Now when we use this word, we are unknowingly honoring and condoning the acts of this imbalanced man and society.
The history of the hedz who created the english language have a completely different value system than us.

That's why it's important we get in the practice of using the right terminology.

Author of African Psychology, Dr. Wade Nobles introduced a more suitable word when referring to those who've been an influence. The word is Jegna, which basically meanz "someone who demonstrates fearlessness; one who has the courage to protect their people, culture and way of life; and one who produces a hight quality of work."

Yeah, that's more appropriate...

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Asar Maa Ra Gray
~ Nehast (Wake-up)

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