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Strap Up Or Leave the Kitty Alone - Dan Tres Omi

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OMi's Note: I do not use profanity in any of my posts unless it's to quote someone else. This is a post I have been wanting to do for awhile but could not figure out a way to express myself without the use of profanity. So if you are easily offended by it, skip it. While anyone is free to read my blog, this post is directed to the bros. I don't want to hear any of the bros redirect any of this blame to the ladies. So if that is the first part of your defense (really this can't be defended), then don't read the rest of this post.

I have worked with quite a few young people over the years. Many of them come from single parent homes. Too many of them don't even know who their father is. I notice that once we learn that, we make all comments about the mother's "choice" in men. We make all types of comments about the moral failings of the mother and barely mention a word about the father. I mean it's been a few years since I have taken biology but it does take two to tangle.

When I talk to some of my younger students, I love to hear them speak about a new girlfriend. I dig young love. It's inspiring and refreshing. Once I let them know that I get right to business: are you wearing protection? About 90% of the the time, these young men will come out of their faces telling me it's none of my business. After much probing and insulting, I learn that 90% of these young men are NOT wearing a f__king condom. All this s__t must cease.

Too many times, too many of us get really irresponsible and go raw dog. Then the young woman gets pregnant and left holding the bag. Then we want to hurl insults at her while the father gets away with murder. This is complete and total bulls__t. The crazy part is that too many dudes are running around jumping into everything raw dog and not planning to change that behavior. This isn't something that's relegated to poor folk either so some of you all need to stop kidding yourselves.

When we discuss single parenthood, condoms are left out of the picture. Safe sex is a topic none of us even consider even though the rates of STDs continue to go up. It's daunting to go to a pharmacy and the section on condoms is filled with dusty boxes. So all of you all are going raw dog?

I get it. I love sex as much as the next person. While in the Navy, I did have a child with a woman I really had no intention of maintaining a long term relationship with. It was me who didn't want to wear the condom. While I would never trade back my oldest son for anything, I realized that my decision led to a poorer quality of life for him. That is completely unfair to him because he didn't ask or deserve that. He didn't ask for the years of arguing and bickering between his parents. At the end of the day, its about quality of life. We have to understand that. From what I am seeing out there, too many of the children and single mothers I work with lack a quality of life that will help them be successful in life. The sad truth is that it happened because one person refused to strap up. While a great many children will overcome these obstacles to become successful, too many will not.

The solution is simple: strap up. Pulling out isn't gonna protect you from STD's and it doesn't take much to get someone pregnant. So before we start laying blame on Planned Parenthood, visit your local pharmacy and pick up a 12 pack, if you laying it that way.
Dan Tres Omi
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