Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Eat 2 Live or Eat 2 Die by Dr Sebi - From Black History Fact or Fiction

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"He claims that his woman can't handle the truth very well, but the Blackman does not assimilate with it any better than she does. There are many truths that he will not acknowledge about himself. Truths which are verifiable according … Continue reading →
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Welcome to a new way of eating and healthful living. This cookbook was designed especially for your transition from eating man-made to God-given foods. Consider it a journey. It is not always easy to stop eating the many acidic foods we've enjoyed for so long and have become addicted to – but it can be accomplished through cleansing and nourishing our bodies with the foods the Creator has provided. These recipes represent years of healing and sharing by Dr. Sebi's clients, friends and staff. 
Relax and enjoy the journey 
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