Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kaba Kamene (Booker T. Coleman) & Michael Imhotep - Why Afrikan People Lost Power

 Ɛtɛ Sɛn (What's up) All,

This is a great video clip from a two part lecture series by brothers  professor Dr. Kaba Kamene & Michael Imhotep host of "The African History Network" radio show on Blog talk radio.

If you are really interested in learning the truth about your culture, heritage, origins and self-worth as a truly Blessed AfRAkan.  Then you'd open your eyes and mind to learn OUR-Story from an AfRAkan centered mindset and way of life.

Nehast (Wake-up)
Asar Maa Ra Gray

" It's ok not to know, it's a shame not to want to know."
  Dr. John Henrik Clarke

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