Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Virginia: Help Keep Kwanzaa Free and Promote your Business, Services, Organization, Cause

Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective <> wrote:
Help the Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective keep its annual Kwanzaa Celebrations free for the Community by advertising in its
Reserve your ad space in our
Souvenir Journal
The day of the event, this interactive
Souvenir Journal guides attendees,
through the activities and performances
of the day. Every attendee receives a
free Souvenir Journal. 
After the event, the program booklet
serves as a directory for the community.
It will also be available on the web site
to download.

As a RKK Community Kwanzaa Celebration Advertiser:
• Receive unique opportunity to
gain high visibility for your
company name and logo to
diverse audiences.

• Reach a local audience of over
500 from Kwanzaa celebration
and community and social events leading to the next Kwanzaa Celebration in 2014.

• Maintain visibility post event on
our web site Kwanzaa Souvenir Journal can be downloaded

• Your services and product will be
associated with your support of
diversity and family friendly
community events.

Price List
Page Size Details Fee
Non-commercial Ads,it
No company name or logo to appear
Banner B&W (2.5" x .6875") $10
Banner B&W (5.0" x .6875") $15

Commercial Ads
1/8 pg. B&W (2.0"x 1.375) $25
1/4 pg. B & W (2.0 "x 2.75") $ 30
Color $35 
1/2 pg. B&W (5.0" x 4.0") $50
Color $75 
Full pg. B & W ((5 "x8") $ 100
Color $150 
Back Inside Cover (full color) $175
Front Inside Cover (full color) $160

Submission Process
• Complete the online Passport
Program Advertiser application via
our website at
• Complete the insert and mail it and
your check to:
Kwanzaa Kollective
PO Box 4223
Richmond VA 23220
Make checks out to:
Kwanzaa Kollective
Email your ads digitally as a TIFF,JPG
Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop file, 300dpi
Deadline to be included in publication is
December 15, 2013.

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