Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Who Killed Malcolm X & Whitewashed & Black Genius is among us

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Who Killed Malcolm X
TEST VIDEOMETU,&NBSP;2013-10-28 15:38 … Continue reading → WHITEWASHED, UNMASKING THE WORLD OF WHITENESSMETU,&NBSP;2013-10-17 02:04 Her
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test videoMetu2013-10-28 15:38

… Continue reading →

Whitewashed, Unmasking the World of WhitenessMetu2013-10-17 02:04

Here are some of the testimonies: "I don't have any trouble admitting that I'm a racist. I think it's absurd to try Using amateur footage collected over the course of several years, the video records the voices of white people reflecting … Continue reading →

Love…Fact or FictionMetu2013-10-13 17:02

The scene above is from the so-called Satirical Papyrus, which dates to about 1150 B.C. and is now housed in the British Museum. The papyrus also contains other humorous paintings of animals: a fox tends goats, a cat herds geese … Continue reading →

Black child geniuses you should know!Metu2013-10-13 16:03

Jaylen Bledsoe has built a $3.5 million business before attending his high school prom. Bledsoe, 15, is the owner and CEO of the IT company Bledsoe Technologies. At the age of 13, Bledsoe started the company in Hazelwood, Mo., after … Continue reading →

Slave Narratives "In their own words"Metu2013-09-23 02:11

From 1936 to 1938, over 2,300 former slaves from across the American South were interviewed by writers and journalists under the aegis of the Works Progress Administration. These former slaves, most born in the last years of the slave regime … Continue reading →

500 NationsMetu2013-09-21 00:00

500 Nations is an documentary that explores the history of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America, from pre-Colombian times through the period of European contact and colonization, to the end of the 19th century and the subjugation of … Continue reading →

Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way Pt 1 of 4Metu2013-08-24 14:35

"While coca leaves has been used for 5000 years, the actual alkaloid was first separated from the leaves  in 1859 by Albert Niemann and then he named this alkaloid cocaine"  In fact, he cultivated this drug and as a direct result of … Continue reading →

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