Many brothas and sistas are totally unaware of the dramatic shift of power taking place in the Africa Diaspora among the so-called black elite. Over in China there are a series of black swan events going on that will manifest into creating a superpower elite class of African Diaspora members who will have unmeasurable reach and influence that will be game-changer and game-ender for the current status quo. No one in African-America except African-American men will be able to tap into this and some brothas are already in there getting it in right now to make it happen. We are talking about the Afro-Chinese youth explosion and let’s discuss.
China has courted Africans to help setup trade zones in Guangzhou, China and many Africans have move there to do business with China merchants and establish trade lines to their motherland country and other destinations around the world to do business. Well, you know what’s up – Chinese women are extremely beautiful and they know how to be down with their black man and all that make a brotha quickly forget his sista and her natural hairstyle, you know what I’m saying?
So what is happening is a growing rate of Afro-Chinese marriages are going on in China and this article in SCMP ( gives more detail of these marriages and the children being born from these marriages. Here is a video from the article and what you see in this video is actually more revealing than the article itself:
In the video, they explained that the Afro-Chinese children are given full rights as Chinese citizens. That’s all you need to know at this point to know how everything will turn out. You already know our people are strong people and our children will rise above their environment to become great. An African guy from Kenya already proven this with his son growing up to be President of the United States of America. And because these kids are given full Chinese citizenship, these Afro-Chinese children will become strong from their environment and they will end up being great and powerful because that’s how we do it when it comes to adversity and they have advantages no one else in the African Diaspora ever had.
These children will grow up and have the financial backing of China and clout and influence to make moves in Africa and a lineage respected by both cultures. That means these Afro-Chinese children will be able to establish global trade lines between Africa and China and the rest of the world with ease. Who you think will own the hair weave and African hair care business globally? That means these Afro-Chinese children will be able to help setup infrastructure and become STEM experts by being able to take Chinese engineered solutions and create energy solutions in Africa and throughout the African Diaspora. Who you think will help run the energy and transportation companies in Africa and elsewhere? These Afro-Chinese will make it easier to extract mineral rights from Africa and work with Africa to take those mineral rights away from the white man. Who do you think will be at the table getting the most respect to those mineral rights? These Afro-Chinese will wield unspeakable Rockefeller/Carnegie power and influence in the African Diaspora as they will be super-billionaires and tycoons with the backing of China and the embrace of Africa.
Meanwhile in America, the Boule are still boot licking liberals for a spot on MSNBC, do a deal with NBC to create something like the Grio or a cable channel or whatever. The Boule is still boot licking other liberals in Hollywood to get a position they can brag about in one of those Boule media outlets. And you will see that Boule network of the Grio, the Root, Radio One or whatever still try to exchange media content and profile the same Boule people. Then when it comes to affirmative action, the Boule is first in line trying to compete then find out they lost the contract to a Hispanic firm or a white woman firm with a rich husband. And you will see cornball African-Americans still trying to follow and admire the Boule and the Boule media know what - I’m actually bored talking about America and this broke ass Boule boot licking sh*t, let’s get back to talking about Afro-China and billionaires and tycoons and Africa and blasians!
Now in case you African-American running around catching grief with the sistas ain’t figure out yet, the brothas are already doing what our African brothas are doing and running over to Asia and flying to Shanghai and straight inseminating and getting some girls pregnant! That Brazil tripping was so 2000s decade homey, the new moves is to get over to China and other emerging markets and start raising some blasian. Think about it, Mr. African-American man – if you have a Chinese national blasian who grows up in China and got the resources to be a tycoon who can create economic lines between China and Africa and do business in Latin America including Brazil, think about your retirement package with an Afro-Chinese son or daughter like that. Hell, your Afro-Chinese kid can buy you a spot in Manhattan to chill at just like those Chinese are doing in NYC right now blowing yuan money left and right like it ain’t nothing. Remember, your kid has full Chinese citizen even if you don’t. We live in the Internet age homey, you don’t have to be a stranger.
Oh, but I African-American men want to still deal with African-American woman who watch Scandal, who watch Tyler Perry, who try to get the courts to garnish your wages for child support, who want to divorce you and take everything you built together – oh yeah, you still stuck on that ish watching all these other brothas catch grief and ish, yeah look at you homey – you still want that ish. Well go ahead and good luck with that and I wish the best for your butt even though we all know how it going to turn out..
And think about the next generation brothas homey, we creating a whole explosion of half-black, half-Asian chicks with Chinese citizenship who can come over and do our next generation of brothas right and have empires for them to go do things in Africa and all over the African Diaspora. That means the next generation of African-American brothas can find themselves a blasian chick to build a global empire with - he can’t do that ish with these swirling Scandal watching sista in America, can he? This brotha and his blasian girl have a daughter on the Chinese Idol singing competition with 400 million viewers. Come on, don’t you want to be an old man watching your young man bring home a fine blasian sista and she from China hanging out in America spending money on your boy and she talking to you about setting up a baseball team and arena in Nicaragua and owning a franchise down there? Don’t you want to be an old man having that kind of conversation with your son and grandson with his blasian chick?
See, right now you African-American brothas in 2014 can do smart d*ck moves or you can do dumb d*ck moves. A dumb d*ck is still chasing these trifling sistas trying to set a brotha up with a broke marginalized life and trying to keep you brothas away from your kids but got you paying for your kids. A smart d*ck move sees a Chinese chick and her Chinese girlfriends walking around downtown Atlanta and realize to create a hustle being an Atlanta tour guide for Chinese chicks and take them around King Center and up to Lenox mall got them shopping in West End taking photos with brothas and sistas, you getting yuan for tips and Skype numbers and then you flying to Shanghai to hook up and give her some of that raw black diack and having a blasian baby over there in China while you on your grind here in America doing your thing and flying to China to visit your kid straight laughing at all these other brothers still messing with the broken American marriage system with an 80% divorce rate among African-American couples.
Think about it.