Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Teen Summer Test Prep Academy - Virginia Beach, Virginia

   This is a reminder email ! Your teen, or a teen that you know, might benefit from this opportunity. The Golden Fold will be having a Summer Test Prep Academy to prepare students for the ASVAB, SAT & ACT tests on Tuesdays in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Details below !

     We will be preparing 15 participating students for the popular college entrance exams (SAT and ACT exams) by (1) aiding them to create online profiles for the SAT, ACT, and a practice ASVAB test website, (2) take the released practice tests for the exams, (3) complete learning style assessments, and (4) receive personalized guidance to improve in areas of exam preparedness using some of the FREE online platforms that are publicly available.

     There is a $20 donation to participate in the eight sessions which will be held each Tuesday from 6 pm until 8 pm in July and August 2014 at the Boys & Girl's club in Virginia Beach. The sessions begin on July 8th. The donation, made payable to the "Gamma Xi Uplift Foundation" will be to defray operating costs primarily. The Boys & Girls club is located at 1505 Competitor Court, Virginia Beach (Corner of Rosemont Road and Buckner Farms Road).

    There is a limit of 15 participants on a first-come first served basis.
Contact Seko Varner @ 757-932-0177 or email thegoldenfold@yahoo.com   to participate in our SUMMER TEST-PREP ACADEMY.The Boys & Girls club is not affiliated with The Golden Fold nor the SUMMER TEST-PREP ACADEMY. Return the completed application with a $20 donation to participate at our 7/8/2014 session.

     Our SUMMER TEST-PREP ACADEMY is not affiliated with the Boys & Girl's Club, the ASVAB, SAT, or ACT companies.

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