Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Black Woman's Freedom of Scalp and Raised by my Single Black Daddy (Daddy Man Radio)

Daddy Man Radio #1 - Woman raised by a single Black father.. Episode 1 features activist and blogger 'Clever Speaks' discussing her experiences being raised by a single father. Daddy Man Radio/Golden Fold Radio is all about the triumphs and challenges of Fatherhood.
Raised by my single Daddy ! Daddy Man Radio Episode 1 with Clever Speaks Best

During a mic check on the "Daddy Man Radio/Golden Fold Radio Show" DJ Seko, DJ Polo Shawty, and Community Activist and Blogger 'Clever Speaks' discusses the challenges faced by women of African descent when wearing their hair naturally without chemical permanents (Perms). Clever is using a paradigm Clever calls "Freedom of Scalp." This is a clip from that discussion. The Golden Fold Radio Show is a talkshow that focuses upon Fatherhood.

Actvist & Author Clever Speaks on "Freedom of Scalp." - Golden Fold Radio

Clever Speaks may be found here !

Twitter: @cleverspeaks
YouTube: Cleverspeaks

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