Saturday, August 9, 2014

Richmond, VA: Poets in the Park / Happy Nappy Day Hairrisburg Pa - Natural Woman Magazine

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  Happy Nappy Day Harrisburg 
Poets in the park 
 is  now seeking
Vendors  Poets Presenters and Performers 
 click here for details 

Inside Body: 7 Day Theory 

Parent & Children Health Challenge 

Inside Body Holistic Life Therapies 7 Day Theory Parent & Children Health challenge. Was created to bring healthy food habits to parents & children so they can learn to be healthy together.
The program includes:
  • Healthy Food Recipes
  •  Menu Guide
  •  Exercise Plan
Benefits Include:
  • Eliminates Risk of Diabetes
  • Helps Promote Proper Lung Function (Improves Asthma Symptoms)
  • Improves Heart & Blood Flow
  • Boost Self Esteem 
  • Look & Feel
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