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Black History is African History is World History - Here's Proof!

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WOW!  It's been a wonderful month on LIBRadio as we commemorated African World History Month.  The theme will continue all year long for sure.  Yet, this concentrated set of research studies will have a powerful impact as they disseminate throughout the community.  Special thanks to those of you who see this vision and are prepared to following the Golden Pathway into the future which is being illuminated through such focused research.  I AM because WE are! - Keidi Awadu

obaOba Adefunmi and the Oyotunji Kindom as Intentional Community/ Present and Future of Repatriation to Ghana - Bomani, Daveed and Rahn - In the first hour we feature His Royal Majesty Alase Oba Adefunmi Adejuyigbe, the Crowned King of the Oyotunji African Village, a Yoruba kingdom established in the United States.  Our discussion is centered around the function of Oyotunji as a living, learning campus, the role of African culture in guiding our communities, and the need for a diplomatic interface between our Diaspora community and the world. Next, we are joined by a panel of Pan African organizers of an annual tour and investment travel to Ghana and other West Africa countries. Many of the points of what it takes to repatriate, invest and develop an African cultural society are the basis for this conversation. Also, numerous investment opportunities are pointed out as viable means for us to cross the bridge to a future that embraces our very existence. (LIBMP3-3299)

desertClimate Change, Desertification and African Solutions Vol 1 / Freeology Using the Power of Free to Make Your Fortune - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu and Keidi - African history also includes meteorological history as well as the way that periodic climate changes have impacted the evolution of human civilization, culture and politics. From the earliest prehistoric record of Pleistocene extension of numerous species to current and future efforts to manage desertification, water resources, population dynamics and climate change, our study covers an immense amount of scientific review including what careers to train for for the next century. Second hour, our research on business development takes into the complex process of businesses giving away free product as part of a comprehensive strategy to attract higher quality customers, establish value for our products and to reverse the broader trend of wholesale degeneration of our larger business communities. (LIBMP3-3298)

hbcuHBCU's in History and Their Relevance in the Pan African Future - We continue our blazing month of African World History studies with this deep examination of the past, present and future value of historically black colleges and universities. A great spectrum of leaders in all areas of human achievement have passed through these sacred halls. We note the top performers of over 100 HBCU's as well as highlight how they have performed so well despite numerous challenges and handicaps. We profile four African leaders, including the "Nat Turner" of Malawi, as well as some of the great scientists of our era who were a product of the HBCU environment. Ultimately we push beyond the current economic constraints and lay out a strategic plan to make these institutions continually viable in the plan to rejuvenate urban economies, secure Reparations and serve as sovereign wealth assets of rapidly expanding economies of newly wealthy African nations. (LIBMP3-3297)

empireThe Creation of the Great Swahili Empire 2050 / 6290 - Using a very detailed outline for our determination, we have concluded that the world will see the creation of the most powerful empire in history within as little as 35 years.  Our analysis is driven by a spectrum of indicators including historical precedence; the Five Pillars of Empire; analysis of the REC's and the pending East African Community Federation; 6 foundations of development, the importance of the 6 partners for social and developmental change; 8 critical milestones along the planned pathway (several of which are already to be witnessed); the role of the Africa Union; how to defeat AFRICOM and French intervention; liberation of the Congo Basin; and how to firewall against outside interference.  As well we give dozens of book references along with critical reports which confirm all of our various futurist conclusions.  This is one of the most important dialogues we've engaged for decades. (LIBMP3-3296)

harvestThe New Harvest Book Study Vol 7 Pt 1 - Human Capicity 1 Education Models / 2 Practical Education and Experiential Learning - First, toward developing human capicity in African agriculture innovation, the power of women as shareholders in the larger agricultural scheme must be completely developed. This extends to university systems and extension services and is much more comprehensive in Africa because of traditional social structures and women's place within agriculture, markets and education. Further, more details about the structure and nature of education from early childhood through to practical and experiencial business development must be incorporated into university level education. The author lays out a very practical scheme to have students graduate universities running their own enterprises or family enterprises compared to graduating only to leave for the city and an urban job. (LIBMP3-3259G)

falconThe Falcon Forum Vol 430 - Topics include: being locked into domestic affairs; linking Black urban populations to African nations; black leadership "stuck on stupid"; socialization into restricted living; 6-part partnership to effect change; failure of the effemnized male to secure our future; can HBCU's survive into the future?; school closings and urban economics; an overvalued dollar and transnational investment; shareholder's stake in emerging nation development; converting waste to bio-mass renewable energy; managing and reverse engineering western technologies; news, entertainment and social media as change angents; Empire TV series and Fox network degeneracy; telling our story via Internet media; the collapse of real journalism in America; TV and society's appeal to women; keeping focus on long-term goals and strategies; five things to do to better ourselves; and more... (LIBMP3-3295)

juliansampleSlavery Without Submission Pt 2 from Howard Zinn's Peoples History / Julian and Kenya Sample on Urban Agriculture Economics - In the first hour we continue with Zinn's terrific analysis of the history of enslavement in the U.S. up to the point where Africans liberated themselves during the war to "preserve the Union." There are some powerful gems of information that are revealed herein that you will certainly find insightful and will shake much of our knowledge of this period of history. Next, this couple from Chicago have been pioneers in urban agriculture and an associated economy. Our conversation puts this in context of history, current trends and solid pathways to expand immensely on the momentum already established. You will hear real and practical solutions for the future of our urban and transnational economic growth. (LIBMP3-3294)

peoplehistorySlavery Without Submission Pt 1 from Howard Zinn's People's History / Customer Value Opimization 2 High End Customers - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - In the first hour we continue our theme of Africa World History Month and examine a refreshing examination of the enslavement from the noted socialst historian Howard Zinn, who gives us a very radical departure of the accounts of the period than are taught in American history lessons. Many of our great heroes are highlighted in detail. Next, our weekly entrepreneurial session continues with powerful themes on how to move our business from mediocre performance servicing "low end" customers, to giving better service with greater return from a much more lucrative market of high end customer retention. (LIBMP3-3293)

cboydBlack Love Where Did It Go with Rev. Carolyn Boyd / Craig Norman Ghana and African Investment Potential - In the first hour, we look at the post-Valentine's reality of the status of male-female relations, family, childbearing and the manner of which this all is being so negatively impacted by current social environment. Outside of most people's attention, we have fallen victim to a complex strategic program to reduce our numbers by destruction of the family and the partnerships which bear children. To the contrary, our African cultural values are here to rescue us from population control. Next, our guest is a business man and real estate developer in Ghana. His first-hand insights go a long way to dispell many of the false ideas, rumors and miscalculations that Afri-Amers continue to make which keep us from enjoying powerful multinational business successes. (LIBMP3-3292)

Killing of Gaddafi, Downfall of Libya and the Birth of People's Government / Ella Baker Unsung Hero of the Movement for Human Rights in the U.S. - As the western media is currently wringing its hands over the mess created with the destruction of the Libyan state and the rise of ISIS/ISIL, we are able to go beyond the headlines and provide critical details of the evolution of this stellabakerory. We cover his murder, the western creation of ISIS, the false story of the Gaddafi dictatorship and the powerful grass roots system for governance that was created in Libya. As well, Gaddafi was a staunch Pan Africans in his later years. Download includes the Libya Green Book. Next, behind nearly every leader associated with the so-called Civil Rights Movement, Ella Baker was the guiding voice, inspiring youth leadership, creating numerous organizations and constantly overlooked and abused by patriarchic male leaders of the organizations except for the SCLC which she guided into existence. We also share here international human rights leadership. (LIBMP3-3291)

newHarvestThe New Harvest Book Study Vol 6 - Pt 1 Energy and Telecommunications; Pt 2 Enabling Infrastructure and Human Resources 1 - We continue with this amazing research from the noted Harvard University Professor, Dr. Calestous Juma. First is firmly established just how important energy development is to the creation of the broad based economic potential of agriculture and affiliated industries. A number of energy solutions and their regional practicality are showcased. As well, energy is needed to unleash the rural based industries that will empower human capital. Next up, telecommunications receives the same detailed scrutiny as well as "innovative infrastructure" which is about knowledge acquisition, reverse-engineering and ongoing training for maintenance and future development. Great examples are brought forward on these and more. (LIBMP3-3259F)

africa_risingThe Falcon Forum Vol 429 - Today's topics include: From the Davos forum we find that the uber-rich are preparing to abandon the cities; how integration, migration and liberalism changed Blacks; western liberalism verses socialist conservatism; social engineering and zionist institutional control; who controls our societal institutions?; African empirical basis of power; federal statutes that transformed family; drugs and the shattering of urban potential; parallel chronologies for Blacks in west verses Africa; rule by wise and esteemed elders; how culture embraces creative processes; tactics to take our LIB voice to the world; new interstate media groups; unfocused Afri-Amers; corporate media's lying biases; practical solutions for the week; and more. (LIBMP3-3290)

africa_leaders12 Great Pan African National Leaders Pt's 1 & 2 - In today's extensive study we profile these leaders, many of whom assumed presidency immediately upon the end of colonialism, all of whom advanced Pan African unity beyond their own national borders. While we have to race through extensive milestones within the lives of these champions of African independence, we do get a chance to see some of their core values, shared history, trans-national experiences and challenges to their countries come to light. Some of the histories that are being written about great African leaders are incomplete or distorted and as such we have to insert our broad-based knowledge and insights into this particular record. We cannot over emphasize this point that we, The Lion, have now risen to correct these distorted histories and anti-Pan African propaganda. I trust you will be inspired as have I to bring the powerful visions, strategies and plans for our sovereign development to complete and total victory and liberation of a United African Federation which is truly trans-continental.(LIBMP3-3289)

garvey_1Cronin's Book on Marcus Garvey and Our Critique / Counter-intuitive Business Pt 2 Reversing the Trends from Mastering Monetization with Aunkh Aakhu & Keidi - During the course of our long tenure on LIBRadio we've examined the life of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA from many perspectives. Today's study of the book by white author David Cronon is one of the most problematic. From the forward by the noted black historian John Hope Franklin to our analysis of the chapter "Up You Might Race", we uncover many contradictions which lead us to determine that the writers have contrary perspective on some of the UNIA and its leader's most significant visions. Next, we continue to discuss how "counter-intuitive" planning and thinking outside the box could stand as some of the best ways that black-owned businesses can project themselves into a whole new level of success. What we can comprehend is that our current practices are quite limiting and we are going to have to retrain ourselves to make for better business success in the near future. (LIBMP3-3288)

kitakesFive Great Black Women of World History Pts 1 & 2 - Hatshepsut, The Candaces (Kitakes) of Kush, Yaa Asantewaa, Ida Wells-Barnett, Nzinga Mbandi of Ndongo and Matamba - From the dawn of human civilization and history there have been meny women of African ancestry who have created truly historical movements, events and triumphs. These women profiled in this chapter of our historic studies influence events far beyond their time and geography. From one woman whose rule as Pharoah of Kemet (ancient Egypt) as one of the great builders and traders in the ancient world; to the rule of four Candaces/Kitakes (queens) of Kush; to warrior queens in west and central Africa, to one of the greatest champions for human rights and most important journalists in America during the 20th Century; we have examples of the enduring spirit of the African warrior queen and champion that we would infuse into our generation and to all generations to follow. (LIBMP3-3287)

akosomboAyo Handy-Kendi Black Love Day / Africa for the Africans Repatriation and Dispelling Media Myths, Bomani Tyemba, Seestah Imahkus and Rahn Bizzle - In the first hour we use the Adinkra roots of the symbol for love, Akoma. The distinct needs of our people to comprehend love from an African point of view are weighed against the contradictory values of corporate America and their foreign culture. The need for guidance from African cultural values is also discussed. In the second hour, our distinguished panel of experts shares their insights on African tourism, investment, repatriation, how the Western media distorts our views of our homeland, and the many reasons that more and more Diaspora born Africans are returning to the continent for short term and long term commitments. (LIBMP3-3286)

jumaThe New Harvest Book Study Vol 5 - Pts 1 & 2 Reforming Innovation and Enabling Infrastructure - In the first hour we contine our detailed analysis of how "innovation systems" in African agricultural economics continue to develop. Numerous examples of new partnerships are examined in China, other countries and within Africa nations. Key are partnerships involving universities, governments, NGO's and private industry. China's dramatic reforms from 1980 to 2009 are a key example of how to get it right. Second, we enter into key areas such as transportation, electrification and irrigation to now focus on the specific areas of technical innovation which will bring the biggest, sometimes stunning, rates of return on investment. The fields identified today are the critical areas of education and investment which will give us an inside connection to the world's largest agricultural production system in 15 years IF we act today on what we have as serious intelligence resource. (LIBMP3-3259E)

africa_cThe Falcon Forum Vol 428 - Today's show had some technical challenges but the audio archive was unaffected. We discussed: current hype over measles outbreaks and demands for mass vaccination; contradictory voices within the medical research establishment; punishing intellectual heresy; public division and "Perceptions Management"; Edward Bernays and the use of media to mold public thought; land holding in Africa and foreign leasing of African agricultural land; health challenges facing Black seniors; accessing the community through church gatekeepers; analysis of the crisis in Philadelphia schools system; gentrifucation of urban education; linking education to the prison complex and labor markets; how municipalities make money jailing the public; global economics, labor markets and the EU crisis; breaking up of the European Union; African leadership and critical challenges; collective investment, food and banking; shortcomings of African-centered education; selling off the NYSE; Ferguson and the paramilitary law enforcement trend; and much more. (LIBMP3-3285)

ebolaFrom Plan to Planet, Planning for Global Empire / Dr. Nancy Banks Ebola and the Schemes to Control Africa - On the anniversary of Bob Marley's birth, we weave together a complex fabric to demonsrate that our ability to create a trans-national empire that the world has not seen for 3000 years. This involuves written plans, accessing REC's, new coalitions, the three critical elements of empire, ideas of a "President of Black America" and our application of knowledge of history. In the second hour, the author of AIDS, OPIUM, DIAMONDS AND EMPIRE joins us to discuss the massive amount of background to Ebola, psyops, media manipulation and the gross manner by which external forces constantly manipulate our potential to become powerful world leaders and masters of our own destiny. As well, she explains how the currenty measles hype, vaccinations and drug companies are NOT to be trusted with our future. (LIBMP3-3284)

joe_riversJoseph Rivers: Young People Follow Your Dream / Counter Intuitive Biz Success - Mastering Monetization - In the first hour the guest is a student at an HBCU who received 41 college scholarships for millions of $$$ in collegiate support yet passed on opportunities to attend prestigious schools including Harvard. Instead he picked a cultural setting because it saw his true potential. We discuss the critical roles of historical knowledge, role models and having a driving vision as critical toward the development of our youth leadership. Next, our regular session with master marketer Aunkh Aakhu covers some of the critical mistakes that are limiting black business success. In particular, we think outside of the box with counter-intuitive strategies. During this extensive discussion a dozen key points are presented as foundation and focus for a whole new level of economic empire building. (LIBMP3-3283)

empireHip Hop, Scandal and Fertility Control Pts 1 & 2 with Rev Carolyn Boyd - In today's simulcast with Inner Light Radio, we look at news headlines involving music mogul Suge Knight, again charged with a capital crime, Bobbie Kristina Brown, daughter of singer Whitney Houston-Brown, a series of prime-time TV dramas programmed for black women, along with a large and complex scheme to control and eventually reduce Afri-Amer fertility. Considered in the light as to how all of these cultural media phenomena have strong areas of commonality, we must conclude that a deliberate conspiracy is at work. IF we understand this to be so, then how can we reverse-engineer this system to be more advantageous to our long term interests and inter-generational survival capacity? (LIBMP3-3282)

gregoryBlack Celebrities Who Matter / African Empires of Power in History - In the first hour we have assembled a list of black celebrities, in media, sports, fashion and the arts, who have used their fame and wealth as a basis for fighting for human rights, economic progress, civilkush and judicial rights and other areas critical to human development. Some of these greats are now deceased but there are a number of them living and working today, including a number of younger celebrities. We examine their contributions and acknowledge their actions. Next, when we examine the history of power and empire across the African world, and compare that to salacious TV programs ripping off the concepts, we can become very inspired. Beyond Egypt, Mali, Ghana and Songhai, there are many powerful African empires that we have as example of the even GREATER empire that we claim will be accomplished in the next 35 years. This is REAL black history and our children need to know from whence they came so that they can reclaim their throne of power.(LIBMP3-3281)

riceThe New Harvest Book Study Vol 4 - Agricultural Innovation Systems Pts 1 & 2 - We continue our study of the fantastic book from Prof. Juma, our foray this week into Chapter Three: Agricultural Innovation Systems. We first develop the very concept of such systems; and then explore a number of such systems in process. These include university-industral partnerships which are producing great outcome where applied. As well wider institutional linkages are offered up as practical and productive structures. Finally we explore "clusters" as innovation systems. The practical applicability of today's study sessions cannot be under appreciated despite the often bland descriptions we are forced to use. This is truly mind-blowing and revolutionary information and its ability to turn our efforts into profoundly affective institution-building must be comprehended by those of us who are sincerely intent on MAKING A DIFFERENCE. (LIBMP3-3259D) Today's download includes an included PDF download of Dr. Juma's fantastic book.

chinaThe Falcon Forum Vol 427 - Topics include: The impact of declining oil on macro economics and currency values; ramifications of a bubble in the dollar value; China's strategic placement of $4 trillion dollar reserves; moving our savings into infrastructure; our need to study history and forecast the future; moving from local to global perspectives; China's peacekeeping mission in Sudan; who will protect oil sources?; how Hilary Clinton's loss in 2016 is being orchestrated; the roots of jihadist terrorism; collapsing empires and chaos creation; Mugabe ascends to AU presidency; African regional economic communities (REC's) and power projection; African federation vrs L' Alliance Blanc; The CFR backs down the Obama foreign policy team; dual U.S.-Israeli citizens and the Obama administration; why the military hated the Libya operation; is the Queen of England keeping Obama in power?; Clintons and Rothschilds; the feminist triumvirate being put aside; Gaddhafi's threat to French policy in Africa; the roundabout on Syria & no more war against Iran; heat on Israel's northern border; jihad in 7 more Islamist zones; U.S. healthcare crisis rising faster; Fukushima radiation extracting a toll; measles outbreak in question; the debate over climate change; and much more... (LIBMP3-3280)

LogoSLIBRadio January 2015 Collection on MP3 - An entire month of our new return to daily broadcasts, includes over 54 hours of mp3 recordings. Topics include: 2014 year in review; 2015 40 predictions; four Falcon Forum think tank shows; Nigeria profile, 3 volumes of The New Harvest book study; the crimes of Lyndon Johnson; French militarism since WW2; health analyses of alcohol, red meat & cancer, nutrition for seniors; African economic developments, false flag ops in Operation Gladio; roots of agriculture and modern organic gardening; how China and BRICS are dominating the new global economy; using the new media and telling our own story; our obsession with fantasy and superstition; organizing for community progress; practical Pan Africanism; techniquest for advancing business and marketing; and much more. Over 54 hours of original broadcasting in this collection (LIB-Jan-All)

musa10 Great African Men of History - During this 2-hour we explore 10 Great Black Men of African heritage from around the global whose leadership changed the course of world history. While not a completely comprehensive list (we also bring forward 12 also-mentions as well as plan to do a similar program for Great Black Women to follow up) these figures undeniably had a profound impact on the world of that time and for generations to come. We have often heard or said that "the shortest month of the year cannot contain the longest history of human civiliation"; that of Africans. Therefore, before we get to African World History Month, we have taken this opportunity to get started out of the gates in wonderful fashion with todays's extensive historical review. (LIBMP3-3279)


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