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The Story of Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil

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Hello Imani,

Bem-vindo! Welcome!                                                    


We’re very excited to invite you to check out “The Story of Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil,” our first multimedia venture into the world of education. Our story begins with the arrival of Africans in Brazil, goes to the migration of liberated Afro-Brazilians to Rio, to the first samba school, to bossa nova, to pagode samba and beyond. You’ll find a timeline and resource pages with historic photos, video, music recordings and so on. This is a prototype: more to come! This is intended for  high school and college students, teachers and life-long learners.


On air this week is “Accounting for Taste.” We’ll find out how the fluid guitar playing of ’70s rock band Dire Straits became massively popular in the Sahel, influencing Tuareg rockers like Tinariwen and Tamikrest. We’ll hear about the American country superstar Jim Reeves’ African career, and the unlikely story of how the pedal steel made it from Hawaii to Lagos, Nigeria. Finally, we’ll travel to Angola to explore that nation’s death metal scene. Produced by Sam Backer with help from Jesse Brent.


If you are a New Yorker, we’re celebrating the launch of "The Story of Samba at the Dawn of Brazil"  this Saturday, Feb. 28 with our friends with Samba New York! at their Samba Party at DROM in the East Village from 6:30 to 10:30. There will be a samba drum corps, samba dance lessons and a lot more. Hope to see you.



The Story of Samba at the Dawn of Modern Brazil

Accounting for Taste: Dire Straits, Jim Reeves and Death Metal in Africa

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