Monday, February 22, 2016

3/26/2016: 10th Annual Black Marriage Day RVA

For Immediate Release:
10th Annual Black Marriage Day RVA

March 26, 2016 10:00am-3:30pm

Sixth Baptist Church

400 S. Addison Street Richmond VA 23220



Building Strong Marriages in Times of Social Crisis


March 26, 2016 will be the Tenth Annual Black Marriage Day RVA.   This year we will be recognizing 10 years of celebrating and supporting healthy Black marriages by inviting keynote speakers, Mwalimu Bomani Baruti and his wife, Yaa Baruti of Akoben House out of Atlanta.  The Barutis are not only recognized for their continued work in teaching singles and couples alike of the necessity for Complementarity but also for their tireless work in educating youth and their families through Akoben House. 


According to Nisa Muhammad, founder of Black Marriage Day, "The black community has the distinction of the lowest marriage rate in America."  Through her organization, Wedded Bliss Inc. in Washington DC, Black Marriage Day was founded in 2001 and is now celebrated in over 300 cities and communities. "When White America has a cold, Black America has pneumonia. And we don't have the resources or history to rebound as quickly." Nationally, Black Marriage Day is observed in a myriad of ways including weddings, group date nights, cruises or marriage educational workshops and is open to singles, widowed, married couples, divorced, dating couples, teens and anyone who is interested in discussing healthy relationships.


Why Black Marriage Day? Black married couples make more money, our children do better in school, and marriage rescues families from poverty, children are less likely to go to jail, or become teen parents and get divorced.  In 1960, 61 percent of African Americans were married; today the rate hovers at a dismal 31 percent. When families do better communities do better. It's time for change!


Black Marriage Day RVA is an event facilitated by wife and husband team; Adia and Kindu Shabazz.  This year many different community organizations are helping to bring this event to the families of Richmond in order to support and strengthen healthy Black marriages and families. These organizations include the Richmond Association of Black Social Workers, Rise Up RVA, Richmond Kwanzaa Kollective, and Fahodi Shule.


This event is free to the public with a suggested donation of $20.00 for couples and 10.00 for singles.


For more information please contact Adia & Kindu Shabazz                                               

804-304-4154  or 804-837-4773


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