Thursday, February 4, 2016

Brazilian Black History - African World History Month - Slave Rebellions in Brazil


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Today on we begin a series of African history lessons that will be quite distinct from our normal tradition of Black History Month studies. Our first story is a brief look at the history of slave revolts in Brazil, focusing on the Malê Revolt (also known as The Great Revolt) in Bahia, Quilombo Country, King Zumbi dos Palmares and the evolution of capoeira as a means of training for combat.
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falconFThe Falcon Forum vol 472 - Topics today include: Winter weather and global warming checkup; the dynamics of climate change; war as our ultimate stupidity; the problem of profiteering from war and conflict; the Davos convention and the future of the industrial revolution; unleashing Africa through technological advance; how to maintain jobs for everyone; layoffs and obsolescence in the age of robotics; creating cooperative business and worker autonomy; dynamically-growing African cities; loving Nairobi, Addis Ababa and Kampala; Afro-pessimism and repatriation fears; are we Africans or Americans - the identity challenge; planning to repatriate; honoring the life and transition of Dr. Delbert Blair; the rapid pace of global economic transformations; China's three major transitions; India is for great GDP and Industrial growth; Africa Rising on the horizon; our capacity for technology transfer; the "Fourth Industrial Revolution"; practical solutions to transform our situation; and more. (LIBMP3-3525)

zikaIs Zika Virus Another Scam Covering Up Toxic Exposures? - In today's extensive research report, we look at the media hysteria of this "newly appearing" vector-borne infection. While there is reason to be fearful of newly appearing diseases, the explanations given to us by the media and health agencies seem remarkably illogical. To the contrary, we show that: 1) Zika virus is NOT new and has never posed any serious health threat in its 69 year record of existence; 2) Microcephaly (small heads in infants) is caused by a spectrum of toxic exposures including pharmaceutical drugs, vaccine-associated pathogens, chemicals, radiation, genetic birth defects and environmentally-modulated chromosomal damage, among others; 3) The fear and hysteria being generated by this latest infectious disease news cycle resembles Ebola, HIV, West Nile and other episodes which were more political than scientifically comprehensible. In the end, each family must protect itself, while not foregoing the important function of procreation. To best protect ourselves, we need access to the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Please investigate these referenced articles for yourself and make your own important decisions. (LIBMP3-3524)

FB_Risemarket_surpriseBSM Prime Jan 28 Facebook Value Explodes, Canada's Food Inflation and Currency Decline, Mining Giant / BSM Prime Jan 27 Markets Turn Down, Dismal Forecasts for 2016, Facebook Up, Apple Down and Amazon Amazes - This first month of broadcasting our evening business program has been amazing. I find that I am really good at giving the deep background to the trends and market moves which make up daily business, economic and development news. As you can see in this set of programs, I correctly pointed to what became, the next day, one of the greatest market value increases in history as Facebook gained some $40 billion in stock values the morning after my show. This goes way beyond predicting these market trends. We need to know where to lead our people in the sensitive time ahead when the whole global economy is in major reset mode. There are some tremendous pitfalls and opportunities in our pathway. Now is our moment to gain mastery over this environment and create a new future for our people. (LIBMP3-3523)

fb_marketMarketing on Facebook, Marketing Mastery Vol 13 - Mastering Monetization with Aunkh and Keidi - The explosion of various social media in the past decade is definitely having a great impact on larger social, economic and political trends within the society. While many of us who are small and medium sized business owners have turned to these media to promote our products and services, few of us have ever taken the time to comprehend the often subtle rules which should guide and inform our efforts. Aunkh has done a brilliant research into best practices of social media marketing. In this program the focus is on the most popular of these media, Facebook. You will surely learn some incredibly valuable tools in today's show which can help you to grab a much larger audience for your message and convert these friends and fans into real prospects and customers. (LIBMP3-3522)

prostatebeninThe Next Big Thing in the Wellness Economy / The Special Challenge of Prostate Cancer, Dairy Consumption and Natural Cures - I want to become a billionaire in the next decade. I couldn't sleep at all this night and thus quickly outlined some 48 points that would help me to accomplish this goal. The data I use today is the latest on demographics and healthcare investments. Yet, the knowledge base I use for my proposal has been developed over 4 decades of highly-advanced research and comprehension of how the body's interrelated systems work. Next, the challenge of prostate cancer is something that is absolutely riddled with bad information on nutrition, diagnosis, treatment and educating men to best protect their reproductive health. These revelations are truly shocking and much of this goes completely contrary to what the medical industries have brought to the front line of it's so-called "war on cancer". In actuality, it is a war against our savings accounts that has been going on. (LIBMP3-3521)
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