Monday, May 9, 2016

Ancestry - Elder Kwasi Imhotep

Date: Mon, May 2, 2016 at 3:39 PM

Subject: Ancestry - Kwasi Imhotep

As I approached my 70th year last year, I began contemplating the very ancient Afrikan concepts of Ancestry as well as my own eventual transition therein. Not coincidentally, my youngest Granddaughter and I both share the same birth month; she 7 and I 70. 
In the Afrikan world, they speak of an affinity between the very young and the elders; one is going where the other has recently left: they are reverse parallels, of sorts.
As my own ancestry beckons to me, I find my self
checking/re-checking my life to be found 'justified' at my own judgment, in the KMT spiritual system--the weighing of the heart and the Feather of Ma'at.  In doing so, thoughts pervade my mind of just how callous so many people are with reference to the ancestors.
One recent incident involved a contractor who worked at our home briefly.  His name, Goala, an Arabic-Egyptian born Christian, who questioned me about the gold Ankh that I have worn around my neck for years. His purpose, I later learned, was to get me to 'receive Jesus' before it's too late. It didn't matter to him when I said that this ankh symbol comes from my very, very ancient Afrikan TWA ancestors as a sign of Divine Life and that to turn my back on my ancestors by embracing one of the Abrahamitic religions responsible for the un-told deaths and destruction of so many countless
multi-millions of my ancestors would be a sacrilege of the gravest nature.   He, himself, has abdicated the indigenous cultural religion of his Arabic people in favor of another and wants me to similarly betray my own indigenous Afrikan cultural spirituality!
Goala sputtered out something about the slavery mentioned in his religious book was not the same as that suffered by my ancestors. I don't know what his sources are, but my research shows that chattel slavery practiced by the early Romans was just as brutal  and devastating as that practiced by George Washington, for instance, himself a 'good Christian' of the Anglican/Episcopalian faith.  Washington was called "the largest slave holder in Fairfax County VA" by a Washington Post article; having about 316 Afrikan captives working 400 acres without pay.  The article mentioned that he restricted his captives from working on the periphery of his land to prevent them from being seen by the public.  He even took 9 Afrikan captives with him to work in the President's house in Philadelphia, and ostensibly arranged for their 'freedom' upon his death, but never liberated any of them while he lived.
Goala said that I don't understand his bible, but I understand respect for my ancestors, unlike some dark-skin Christians who claim they are performing ancestral libations in their churches, when in fact their religious book disdains the ancestral concept.  "But the dead know nothing, they have no further reward, even their name is forgotten" Ecl 9:5
I can accept that Goala, an Arab/Egyptian, has chosen the religion of his people's oppressors, but he can't accept that I have chosen the ancient spiritual concepts of my own Afrikan culture which gives me a promise of eternal life to live "for a period of millions of years, you shall never die" after judgment, coupled with the opportunity  to "take any form I wish in any place my spirit wishes to be" (The Husia).  Maybe even the form of a god in the pantheon of the eternal gods.  Kwasi

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