Monday, June 27, 2016

Conscious Community Do you own a business ? Profit from 7 AM The Movie in Norfolk, VA

Peace conscious community,

      Hopefully you know that the Positive Vibes Kollective (Brett from PVAL and Seko from PVI) is showing the conscious film 7 AM on Thursday July 7th at 8 PM at The Naro Cinema in Norfolk. Since this solutions-oriented film begins where Hidden Colors 4 left off, they want to be sure that (collectively) we make full advantage of all the conscious business owners who will be in a room together. They will have (SWAG BAGS) Business Bags from WhereBlackBiz as they did for Hidden Colors. If you didn't receive Seko's email he stated the following......

0.     Begin by listing your business on . It's a free national online directory of Black.Owned.Businesses. I also suggest considering as Brother Bert has had great success in assisting Virginian businesses with increasing profits and increasing their customer base. You should also look for an opportunity to advertise in the Journal & Guide or the Hampton Roads Messenger. Contact Bert B by emailing if you need contact information for either one of those excellent publications.

1.     If you are interested in the Business Bags promotion, email Bert B from by . He has all the details for the business bag promotion. Your business bag or swag bag inserts will be placed in 500 bags distributed at the screening of the 7 AM film and in Black Owned businesses in the Norfolk area.

2.     Bring your business cards on 7/7/16 at the 7 AM screening and network with one another.

3.     This time will have a food provider with VEGAN foods available as well. Brett from Positive Vibes Afrikan Literature should be selling copies of 7 AM at the screening. Seko from Positive Vibes Inc. will be selling the CONSCIOUS757 T-shirts This film, 7 AM, has quietly outsold the Hidden Colors 1-3 series in the local bookstores. Don't take my word for it, call 757-523-1399 and ask Brett yourself.  DISCLAIMER - Since Hidden Colors 4 has screened and is now released this statement will probably be a past-fact rather than a current fact. Oh Yeah.. Hidden Colors 4 is now available in Brett's store. Call Brett @ 757-523-1399 to get your copy of HC4.

4.     If you haven't purchased your ticket yet Seko just unleashed a "Business Promo Advanced" ticket. With an additional charge of $5 your business will receive a voucher for a FREE or At-Cost vendor/exhibitor table for your choice of an August "It takes a Village" event, or their December event "NIA Fest" or a February event "The Carter G. Affair."This promotion will only span Sunday 6/26/2016 - 7/4/2016. Act fast on this one. (you know how Seko can get......LOL)

5.     They are selling tickets to the 7 AM film at the door of the Naro. It's best to get your online advanced tickets or purchase your ticket at African Vibes in Military Circle Mall or the Positive Vibes Afrikan Literature at 6220-B Indian River Road, Virginia Beach, VA. The film is $10 ticket.

6.     Tickets are available online by visiting:

7.     If you own a business, email with your business name, your contact number, and any online links. I understand that the Positive Vibes Kollective is planning something big, ...... You'll thank me later......

Imani Virginia

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Mr. Varner:
"CONSCIOUS & still enjoy dancing to GOOD soulful music ? Hang with DJ Seko 7/1/16 @ 8pm at UNOs in Norfolk $8."

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