Thursday, August 22, 2013

3EO: Why I won't see "The Butler"

How True is the Butler?

By: Jerome Tucker

I will not be paying to see "The Butler" although we are being encouraged to see it often and early to help black filmmakers make more empowering, positive and true Black stories. "Negro please" Once again we've been bamboozled, hoodwinked and run amuck. The butler is a fictional film based on the life of Mr. Eugene Allen, the gentleman who began working at the white house in 1952. Most of the film wasn't historically true. Most of it was a lie. 

Click Here for Detailson the true story: 

If you listen to regularly you will get this info before spending money on things that are proven to be other than what they make us believe it is. They changed the main character and his family's names so all bets were off from the jump. His son Charles in real life fought in Viet Nam and came home to work with the IRS and is still alive although they killed him in the film. He had nothing to do with the freedom riders. So they created another son and killed off the real one. Mrs Allen didn't have the conversation with her son that prompted her to slap him like in the film. His wife wasn't a floozy or a drunkard, she was a good proud black wife and mother (surprise!). He never broke into a hotel to steal food. And it goes on. They promote these films as historically based then we think the story is true. They show weaknesses and sexual exploits of our heroes that are made up and we believe them because it's another example that we are a wretched people, but they don't tell stories of Lincoln, FDR Thomas Jefferson, Richard Nixon or Reagan being unfaithful, drunkards or thieves and we are proud of these misrepresentations of our heroes. There are plenty of true great African American stories we don't have to make up, Bill Cosby, Frederick M. Jones and Madame C.J. Walker just to name a few. But I guess they aren't sleazy enough for us to believe them huh? 

"Every closed eye is not sleeping and every open eye is not seeing."  - Bill Cosby

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