Sunday, August 18, 2013

WHITE Slaves and BLACK Masters - The Untold Story

The untold story:

White Gold – The  Story of Thomas Pellow and One Million White Slaves

Whites slaves tell their own story in their own words about how they were shanghaied and taken back to North Africa as slaves. Over 2 million whites are reported to have been taken as slaves after being shanghaied by Moors known as Barbary Coast pirates or Riff Pirates or Barbary Corsairs.
moore2This video deals with simple and well documented TRUTH that
Descendants of white slaves in Mauritania
Descendants of white slaves in Mauritania
has been purposely kept from you. We will discuss the over two million white people who were taken back to various parts of North Africa as slaves to their Muslim black Moorish, Arab masters. The majority were captured by Barbary pirates also known as Barbary Corsairs and Riff pirates. We also discuss a famous statue called "The Four Moors" which depicts King Ferdinand de' Medecini standing over four shackled 'Moors" (black of course) in celebration over his eventual victory over the black corsairs who'd terrorized the coastal areas on their pirate raids. It's a historical fact that over 2000 ships were captured and shanghaied and the white passengers were taken to Morocco and other parts of North Africa as slaves.

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