Wednesday, October 16, 2013

35 Biblical Scholar Claims the Story of Jesus was Made Up to Control Radical Jews

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I guess the saying ... "the truth will set you free" ... might actually come to fruition for the blinded masses one day.

An American biblical scholar will be presenting a controversial discovery which refutes the existence of Jesus Christ to the British public this 19th of October.

Joseph Atwil will be presenting supposed documents which contain ancient witnesses’ accounts saying that the idea of Jesus Christ was a fabricated one. According to Atwil, Roman aristocrats were the ones who wrote the New Testament. It goes without saying, therefore, that the same Roman Aristocrats created Jesus Christ.

Other biblical scholars say that the idea proposed by Atwil is a far-fetched and even outrageous one. Of course, however, it is certain that this proposition is going to hurt the sensitivities of many Christians.
According to Atwil, Christianity was not really created by the aristocrats in order for it to become religion. According to him, the main reason for the creation of the belief was for the pacification of the then rebellious Jews who took their inspiration from the coming of a “Messiah” as prophesied by their sacred scriptures.
The Jewish at the time of the Roman occupation were keen on throwing the conquerors out. The Romans knew that if the hard-line Jews could muster enough manpower, they would be thrown out of the Palestine in no time. Thus, they created and spread the idea of a peaceful Messiah – one that would contradict the aggressive stance of the Jews. Hence, Jesus Christ was conceived.

Atwil said that he was led to this conclusion after a thorough study of the accounts of Josephus – the only existing direct historical accounts of ancient Judea. According to Atwil, the teaching of Jesus took place in the same places as the Roman conquests by Emperor Titus Flavius. This led him to conclude that Jesus Christ was created in order to soften up the people to make the Roman conquests easier.

While this discovery will not really mean the end of Christianity, Atwil admitted, it will certainly open doors to many who wish an easy way out of the ‘insidious form of mind control.’

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"It's OK not to know, IT'S A SHAME not to want to know."
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