Me and my crew are interrupting our normal topic of discussion to focus on the whole Barneys incidents and it is not because of the NYPD actions. I’m more concerned about what is obviously broke-ass Black millennials spending their tax refund checks and multiple paychecks on expensive gear in an ultra-perverse manner. We are going to do data analysis and research to find out what the hell is going on.
Some of you cat want to claim that cats can buy what they want with their money. Those type of comments are frankly shallow and short-sighted at best meant to find excuses instead of understanding why some dude working at Target living with mommy is spending $350 on a belt instead of putting $350 on the electric bill or buying his mom a trip to Atlantic City – the type of shit real cats do for their mommy for putting up with their behind still in the house. And don’t tell me you “think” he does that nice ish for his mom – I know damn well he does not.
Or some chick paying $2,500 for a purse with her tax refund which means she probably also getting child support or other kind of assistance to blow money like that. Look, I remember working a fast food job as a teenager and saving up my money to buy some expensive shoes I had on layaway at Footlocker – but I was a teenager under the age of 18 years old and that is different. These people running to Barneys are over 18 years of age and their reality does not match their spending pattern and this is absolute financial f*ckery and reckless behavior at best going on in the Black community.