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Christopher Kill-umbus: The Mind of a Serial Killer

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Every second Monday in October, Banks and schoolz are closed and government offices are empty in remembrance of the infamous European explorer, Christopher Columbus. For hundredz of yearz, Columbus has had a special place in the history of the New World. To Afrikanz, celebrating Columbus Day is actually celebrating the mass destruction of our own people! Instead of a day where we see parades and floats down Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, it should be a day of mourning.

Not only was Columbus part of the initial european conquest of the world, his legacy serves as a blockade to the real history behind the purposely-covered fact that there were otherz, including Afrikanz not only in the America's, but sailed from other parts of the world to here well before him.

Still there's something historianz marvel Columbus for than the otherz. If you ask me, it's that thing that resides in YTs nature, the barbaric act of violence! He claimed everything he saw when he set foot on these territories. Native landz, mineral wealth, natural resources, and even the inhabitants immediately became European "property." This could only be launched with violence using torture, maim, rape, and other unspeakable acts.

Columbus introduced two phenomena that revolutionized race relationz and transformed the modern world: (1)the taking of land, wealth, and labor from indigenous peoples, which lead to their extermination, and (2)the transatlantic slave trade, which created a racial underclass.

The New World fascinated YT, most notably the elite. This obsession was directly responsible for a rise in European self-consciousness. From the beginning America was perceived as an "opposite" to Europe in wayz that even Afrika never had been. In a sense, there was no "Europe" before 1492. People were simply French, Tuscan, etc. Now they began to see similarities among themselves, at least when compared to the native from the Americas. Basically, until the first Indianz and Afrikanz arrived, there were no "white" people in Europe before 1492. With the Transatlantic Slave Trade, Europeanz began seein' "white" as a race and race as an important human characteristic.

Columbus' own writingz reflect this increasing ideology on racizm. When he tried selling Queen Isabella on the wonderz of the Americas, the Indianz were "well built" and "of quick intelligence." "They have very good customz," he wrote, "and the king maintainz a very marvelous state, of a style so orderly that it is a pleasure to see it, and they have good memories and they wish to see everything and ask what it is and for what it is used." Later, when Columbus was justifying his terrorist attacks and enslavement of them, they became "cruel" and "stupid," "a people warlike and numerous, whose customz and religion are very different from ourz."

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