The biggest lesson of our past as African-Americans is to stop looking at the past and start looking forward towards our ambitions and our goals and strive for greater things to come. As brothas and sistas mature, they will learn living life means living in the moment and on the edge of fear of uncertainty as they prepare for their next future move. For too long, African-Americans held on to baggage, old stories and things from the past that does not help us progress any further and it's time to discuss how we brothas and sistas can let go of our Black History and start focusing on our future.
First of all, notice the people around you and me who keep telling you that you need to know your Black history and that you need to know what happened in the past. Do you know why these morons talk like this to me and you about we have to learn our history and crap like that? It's because these morons are trying to control who you are as a person by holding on to your past and keep referencing it. They like to talk about how you did this back in the day or how these people built up Black Wall Street back in the day and this is how these morons like to keep control of the conversation.
What these people cannot control is your future, your ambition, your purpose that you are pursuing and striving for. This is why people around you, including your fake family and fake friends go silent when you tell you that you are about to become an entrepreneur or you are going to take on a social cause that align with your life purpose. See, you are in control of your dreams and destiny and when you state and declare that you are on a mission, these fake people in your circle will have nothing to say because the truth is, they mad they cannot control you. How they try to control you is they want to see if they can attack and tear down your dreams, ambitions and your purpose.
Let go of these people and tell them to go somewhere and release them from your life and continue your journey towards your destination. These people will reveal themselves because they are the main ones running their mouth about what you done back in the day or trying to convince you to care about some third-party stuff that happened back in the day like the Black Star Line or whatever. Instead, associate yourself around people who are focused on moving in a direction aligned with your goals and ambition and discuss how to get to the next step and the challenges that are to be face and how to take them on. Join entrepreneurial groups, social cause groups and focus on goal setting and professing your ambitions and get the true support from those looking forward.
Black media is notorious for discussing and focusing on the past and you will never find a day where they talk about ambitions, path towards ambition and stuff like that. The perfect example is losing weight through exercise and diet. These Black radio stations don't want to discuss with you how to make progress everyday towards your goals and promote walking clubs and fitness routines and tell you to never give up. What these Black radio stations do is promote these so-call diet pills that will make your heart beat fast until it crap out or these Black radio stations are promoting someone who already lost weight and bragging about their success while ignoring the 230lb sista who is walking and dieting and not encouraging her to stick to her goal of losing weight to regain her curvy figure.
One good Black media is Oprah Winfrey OWN where she does discuss how to progress and pursue goals and the steps it takes to get there. It is interesting that all the years you heard Black media said they have to show negative Black media to get ratings for over two decades and Oprah Winfrey comes around and instantly become the number #1 Black media focusing on positive and progressive Black media. Transform your life to focus only on positive and progressive media channel and tune out and get rid of anything that focus on negativity, status quo and trying to promote other people achieving their goal but not talking about how you can achieve your goal. Black Enterprise is a perfect example of where they focus on trying to talk to you about other people making it but cannot talk to you about how you can achieve your goals.
The next thing you want to focus on is the physical clutter in your home and in your life. Many of us have a pack rat mentality and like to collect things and keep them around thinking one day, we are going to use them or it will look good. This is a big mistake and this is a very serious negative mental thing we are doing to ourselves. When we keep clutter around, it trick our mind to keep these clutters around in our head and keep reminding ourselves that one day we going to look at this old document or fix this old trinket we don't want to just throw away or give this other thing to Goodwill. Then our minds are cluttered just as our physical home and it is harder to accomplish things because we tricked our mind to get used to things just laying around that you will get back to one day.
You should clean everything out of your house that you do not use right here, right now. If you loved it in the past, realize that today is not the past anymore and toss it in the garbage or give it to Goodwill and be hardcore and no mercy. Throw it all away, your kids toys and their clothes they grew out of, stuff you grew out of or went out of style, games and books sitting on your shelf for years, letters and copies of old bills and receipts and even furniture and all of that stuff, get rid of it and throw it in the garbage.
Remember when you first moved out on your own into your first apartment and how empty it was? You probably slept on an air mattress or used a milk crate as a TV stand. Remember all the big space and then you had the big dream of how you going to fill up your apartment or your new home? That is the state you should always be at and how your mind should always be. Always reset your life to have ambitions, goals and remove all of the clutter that you collected to get back to that state. When you get rid of your old stuff, you don't think about it no more and what you think about now is what you going to do next – focusing on your future.
In summary, we African-Americans spent too much of our time focusing on the past, focusing on baggage and not learning to let go of things. We associate with people and media who just want to keep talking about the past and not talk about moving forward in a direction. People can talk about your past because that's all they know and what they can control and you have to keep this in mind when cats come around running their about you needing to know history and crap like that. You take control when you focus on your future and your ambitions and your goals. This is where you need to be in life to understand your purpose and to realize why God made you a unique person in the first place.