Monday, February 3, 2014

The Global African Presence - Runoko Rashidi Feb. 6th 2000

The Global African Presence is a Runoko Rashidi slide-presentation lecture focusing on the African presence around the world, ancient and modern, but with an emphasis on antiquity. It examines the African origins and evolution of humanity, the African origins of and presence in classical civilizations, and the present locations and conditions of African people. 

The Global African Presence refers to all of the Black populations that have peopled the planet within both the prehistoric and historic periods. The words African and Black are used interchangeably, as synonyms. This includes Africans as the first modern humans, the subsequent migrations and movements of African people, and the later involuntary arrival of African people around the world as the result of enslavement. 

The Video: 2/6/2000 Runoko Rashidi provides his slide lecture entitled "Unexpected faces in unexpected places. The Global African Presence." This presentation occured at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia. His presentation was sponsored by the Tau Lambda chapter of Omega Psi Phi, The Imani Foundation, and Positive Vibes Entertainment. The presentation shows people of African descent throughout the world.

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