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Asad Malik's 7 Things Black America Should Stop Doing NOW

7 Things Black America Should Stop Doing NOW

7 Things Black America Should Stop Doing NOW

Co-Signing Other Causes

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Black Americans are quick to throw a cape on and come to the defense of causes outside of the Black community. From gay rights and feminism to ice bucket challenges, it seems Black America would rather distract ourselves from our own issues to support other groups that dont want or dont need our help.
When we co-sign other movements, we take our resources away from our own priorities. Before helping others, we should help ourselves.

Playing American Politics

"We play politics just to play. Others play for the benefits of winning or being in the winner's circle…We should stay out of any political game that promises that we will get nothing even when our candidate wins." Powernomics by Dr. Claude Anderson (click here to purchase)
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Who is better for Black Americans – Democrats or Republicans?
Neither. Democrats have taken the Black vote for granted for decades, and the Republican party has been the party of old white men for just as long. Both parties are owned and operated by the same major corporations. This is evident in the fact that politicians of both sides may talk about taking opposing positions, but the legislation they support and pass is the exact same regardless of political orientation.
The only political orientation that makes sense for Blacks in America and everywhere else is Pan-Africanism: a belief in the laws and representation that benefit Africans in the Diaspora.
Until we focus on defining, setting, and achieving our own collective political agenda, we will continue to be puppeted by other political parties without getting anything in return.

Blaming Ourselves

Have you ever heard someone say "Every person who has done me wrong has looked like me?" In order to truly understand a problem, you must understand its source. We blame ourselves for Black on Black crime. We blame ourselves for our mental condition. We blame ourselves for our own poverty.
But blame is the mother of guilt and comes from holding ourselves collectively responsible for events that are not under our control. If we are not in control of our circumstances, then what is to blame?
White Supremacy.
White supremacy has miseducated us, thus creating a distorted identity. White supremacy has murdered us, making us afraid of fighting back. White supremacy has infected and intoxicated us, taking us out of our right minds and destroying our health. White supremacy has defrauded us, eroding our wealth from slavery in the past to sky high interest rates in the present.
Putting blame where it belongs is not dodging personal responsibility. It is holding all parties accountable for their behavior.

Putting Religion over Spirituality and Morality

Religion is the way you worship. Spirituality is the way you live with yourself. Morality is the way you live with others. – Asad Malik
Religion is not spirituality. Religion is not a substitute for morality. Religions do not hold diverse societies together. Morality does. Morality is a set of principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior. Religion, on the other hand, is a system of worship.
It may be right in the context of religion for Christian minister Creflo Dollar to take money from impoverished congregations to buy a jet. It may be permissible for according to the Koran for Muslims in Boko Haram to kill non-believers and take child brides. But is it moral?
The Black community could use a little less religion and a little more morality.

Black on White Relationships

Black men and women are attracted to other races because of their own internalized racism.
We have literally been taught by society to hate ourselves – and with good reason: the Black family is the first measure of Black unity. A unified Black society threatens the supremacy of white society.
We cannot wonder why there is disunity in the Black community when we turn our backs on each other in favor of white partners.

Turning the Other Cheek

Passivity breeds exploitation. The more we offer up our behinds to be murdered and exploited, the more those behaviors will continue.
The courts certainly dont forgive criminal behavior. The United States and any other self respecting nation doesn't forgive criminal behavior. Why do we?
What will the future look like for our children if we continue "settling" with police brutality, forgiving white supremacist mass murders, and trying to appease those who wish to destroy us?

Supporting Child Support

Child support is enslaving Black men, destroying Black children, and keeping Black women dependent on the State. If women are on state assistance, the state will go after the father, and does not need the woman's permission to do so. However, many women voluntarily assist the State in prosecuting the man at the risk of him being jailed or imprisoned. With an arrest record, it is unlikely for that man to find decent employment leading him right back to jail in a never ending doom loop.
Black Women become the right hand of white supremacy when they hand over control of their families to the same system that works to destroy the Black family.
What else should we stop doing as a community? Leave your comments below!
Asad Malik
About the Author
Asad is the Executive Officer of The Pan-African Alliance, and the Founder of United Black America.

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