Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Double Standards - Abdul Aalee

Hey guys I need your views I wrote this piece this morning,in honor of our fallen black brothers and sisters,those who have been brutalized by law enforcement officers in the USA.

Pope Francis is coming to America in Philadelphia to be exact yippee"sound the fanfare" one and a half million people are expected to visit that city to see the pope and celebrate hmmmm.

Black genocide,police brutality and many atrocious and brutal crimes are committed against blacks every single day,yet we don't see people coming together in large gathering like this around America to protest the wrong doings and injustice that exists within the system that is supposed to protect the very said fundamental rights that was laid out in the constitution,only small minority groups are doing so and they are protesting against the injustice.

There is too much double standard here at play from the status quo,I firmly believe this event should have been boycotted by blacks as well as whites who want join the fight against injustice,it's often asked if black life matters some agrees the fact that all life matters no one is disputing that at all because the main focused is on black lives"young blacks life are endangered due to excessive force of police brutality."

The system they have created in America for blacks is a biased one for all blacks,they treated blacks like shit from since slavery days,their ancestors was lynched,raped,black women babies was used as alligator baits,many was burned and mutilated and yet they expect blacks to forget those horrible atrocities. They provoked you to anger and expect you to turn the other cheek"because that's the teaching they have poisoned and brainwashed many individuals minds with"just remember in today's society many eyes have been opened that nonsense can't work for individuals anymore.

Many may view my writings as being thought provoking and controversial because that is what I'm known for. "In my book right will always be right and wrong will be wrong"it's always said that the law is no respecter of persons regardless of who you are because no one is above the law,but what we see happening is law enforcement individuals are taking the laws in their hands and executing bias judgement.

Why do many whites see blacks as an inferior race? America don't belong to modern day Americans it solely belongs to the native Indians that you murdered,bribed and run out of the land. The lands you acquired today were stolen and because of the bloodshed of the native Indians the sprite of those who was entrusted with the lands will never rest until justice is done. You hid the history from the people and the truth was never told about the black native Indians"not many people knew of their existence because you tried sweeping their origin and history under the carpet.

Presidential candidate Donald trump say he want to"Americanized America"I see this as being ethnic cleansing that's my take on it,to me it's rather laughable,they tried doing something similar in the past when they wanted to colonized all blacks after slavery was abolished. Anyone who vote for Donald are voting for trouble and chaos that will bring an abrupt end to American civilization"trump place is in business and on television not in the White House."

People of great influence Need to used their power to unite others,who are divided and broken,instead the used it to play on the minds of the weak ones by crating hatred and lack of love and respect for one another,we all need to ponder on all what was said here and be more open and stop thinking in the box but rather get out of it..

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