I'm pretty sure many of you seen this meme going around social networks portraying a young black dude being condescended as a nerd by a young black chick and fast forward to the future, the brotha is successful and condescending towards the sista that dissed him earlier in life. The comments I saw around this meme was the typical ignorant and shallow black people who just too much time on their hands posting opinions than being about something.

So in this article, we are going to actually break down this meme and try to find out what was this all about and what is the perception and the message here. I think this image is not as clear cut as you think and it shows the problems we have in black-on-black relationships that cause us to be dysfunctional as couples. So let's break down each character and their statements.

Don't Worry Baby, He's Just a NERD!


The context of this scene of the woman dismissing the guy as a nerd while looking at her thug boyfriend was confusing. Why did she even say "Don't worry baby" was what I wondered here? Was the thug about to kick the nerd ass and she intervene and say don't worry, he is just a nerd? Or did she like the nerd and the thug got mad and she told the thug, don't worry about him, he just a nerd? Do you guys follow me here?

Because in either case, that does not make her a bad person for doing what she did. What the young lady did was de-escalate a situation with her man by telling him "don't worry baby" and to me, that's the characteristic of a quality chick right there. Now, the thug we don't know his story if he has older brothers or uncles and daddy in the gang and he coming up with them and that's how he roll. But he does have a background where he had to adapt to the environment around him. What I notice is thug is in school walking a sista down the hall being a gentleman right? The thug look like he is flattered his woman is telling him "don't worry baby" and he probably glad to have someone like her telling him he don't have to worry about her because she down with him.

So to me, the sista here is actually proper – that's her man and she telling him "don't worry baby" and to me, that's a down chick right there and I like that ish, real talk.

Why Do They Always Pick The Thugs?


The nerd here reminds me of brothas growing up who fail to have the wisdom to know the difference between the things they can change and cannot change in this world. This nerd is carrying the books and thinking a sista should want to be with him because of his effort to be somebody someday.

But what I noticed is the nerd is not even trying to be attractive to a sista, did you guys notice that? And nerd dude is encumbered with books meaning he displaying to everybody he is occupied in his books. The nerd by his own control is advertising he is too busy for anything else but his books and he don't give a damn about his appearance to be attractive towards a sista. Then he created a scapegoat calling another black man a "thug" like a Fox News Correspondent. So the nerd is controlling how he present himself but complaining about something he cannot control, who the sistas choose to date.

The reason the sista is picking a "thug" is because sistas in the hood operate on the Mr. Right Now paradigm. Sistas in the hood don't know who will be around in 5 years as good kids get shot just like bad kids and she want right now, someone who going to be there for her. A sista got right now needs and she only going to pay attention to the Mr. Right Now around her. Yes, that is shallow and that is a valid complaint that sistas don't know how to invest in brothas but sistas are not conditioned or trained to think like that. But that is the reality of the situation for sistas in the hood.

Beat It Chick!


So the nerd grew up and I guess he is successful by having money in his hand and CEO on his chest – I was wondering if the corporation he own pays him cash in hand? So now this black dude hears the lady who he grew up with say "remember me!" and he says "beat it chick!" in a condescending manner. There is a lot going on here.

First, the chick said "Hey baby! Remember me!" and this is also confusing because did she ever called him "baby" back when they were in school? This would explain why the she told her thug boyfriend back in the day to don't worry about him because that would be the only reason the thug would be worried about the nerd is if his chick was checking the nerd.

Now the nerd who is now a successful CEO with money in his hand and the entry-level yellow Lamborghini in the background look at her and say "Beat It Chick!" and now this is where things get kind of weird. Let me explain what I would do and what any real brotha from the hood would do. You have to remember that I was exactly not a "nerd" but kinda of close to one and I'm somewhat successful nowadays or whatever and I run into sistas I grew up from the West Side of Chicago who messed with bangers and dealers and thugs and ignored me.

If I saw a sista from the hood again today and they say "Hey Baby! Remember Me?" my response would be to go hug and kiss my sista from around the way because we grew up together from the same hood. That's my sista and I love my people who came up where I came up from. I couldn't see myself being successful telling a sista I grew up with to "Beat It Chick!" because that ain't in a real brotha like me who know where he came from. A real brotha from the hood know the sistas got caught up just as well as brothas but glad to see her still around today because all of us didn't make it. And this dork should have the maturity to understand this before saying "Beat It Chick!" and should have grew up and realize how life plays out the same for everybody.

Why Can't I Find a Good Man?


One thing I noticed about this picture and I'm trying to be funny but yall know I'm telling the truth – I don't know if the sista is pregnant or she just got a gut. Because sistas be having a belly bigger than their booty when they get older because she don't be working out at the gym and let herself go and wearing tight pants. But anyway, the sista in this picture is asking why can't I find a good man?

You already saw the grown up nerd reaction to her and let me ask a question – is the nerd a good man? All he displaying in the photo is money in his hand, a title and a card but I don't see any maturity or any quality personality character in dude. So maybe this sista is right, why can't she find a good man?

As I mentioned in the first segment, was she a bad woman? She demonstrated that she told her man "don't worry baby" meaning whoever she was with, she was going to be there for them. Nerd wasn't there for her, he chugging books in his hand. And now the nerd who grew up is showing more disdain towards a woman he didn't even try to pursue asking why she picking someone other than him. If he had the same hustle to get a woman like he hustle to get money, car and be a CEO then he would have realize life journeys and looked at her character first.

How a Real Man Would Have Ended That Story

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