Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Health Secrets for Black People - Motherland's Gold Moringa

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All I can say is this has to be the biggest health secret in the Black community.  See for yourself why everyone is talking about Motherland's Gold Moringa. It's a tree that growns in Africa. It has 5 times the nutritional content of any other tree studied by man. They take the leaves, clean them off, dry them in the sun, crush them into powder, put the powder into little vegetable capsules (like vitamins), and put the capsules into bottles.
Black people are taking to capsules like vitamins. Brothers and sisters are getting so much nutritional boost that their bodies are literally healing themselves.
Motherland's Gold handles over 300 physical ailments like High Blood Pressue, High Chloresterol, Diabetes, Chronic Aches and Pains, Heart Disease, Cycle Cell Anemia, Infertility,PMS Symptons, Uterine Fibroids, Menopause, Fibromyalgia, Prostate Cancer, AIDS and more. Black People are Losing Weight without even trying.
Wait until you see what Motherland's Gold Moringa has done for my family and friends...
For more info you can go to www.BlackBusinessNetwork.com/theone and create an account, log in and then go to the store.
Experience the benefits of Africa's 'Miracle Tree' Moringa. Its leaves have the highest concentration of nutrients in any plant ever studied by man. Moringa has 7 times the vitamic C of oranges, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of bananas and 2 times the protein of yogurt.
Moringa is single handedly handling malnutrition in Africa for thousands of people, as well as bringing great nutrition to people all over the world. Click the PLAY COMMERCIAL button above and watch a short documentary about Moringa from the Discovery Health Channel.
The leaves of this amazing tree are harvested, crushed into powder, packaged, and brought to you by Motherland's Gold, who prides itself of bringing you the BEST Moringa available on the planet. Choose either a bottle with 120 vegetarian capsules (1 month supply for 1 person) or a 1 pound bag of the powder (contains approximately 5 times the Moringa contained in 1 bottle of capsules).
Order Motherland's Gold Moringa today, start taking it consistently, and see why so many people call Moringa the 'Miracle Tree of Life".
Customer Testimonials

This Motherland's Gold Moringa is OOOFFFFF THE CHAIN! It is seriously helping me to write more music because I have a clearer thought process. Amazing!
Darbi Alexander

Motherland's Gold Moringa has been amazing for me.  I've lost weight.  I got into a suit I have not been able to get into in a long time.  I have not been able to get into that suit for about 3 months, but it fits now. I am going to try on another one of my suits this week.
It is so effortless... just taking a pill. I have a lot more energy too.
Ernest Jones

I am a diabetic. I have to test my blood for sugar daily. Normally, it is  200 or 265, something like that.  Now that I am taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I tested and it was 73! Furthermore, it has not gotten higher than 167 since I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa! Can you believe it?
I am also a cancer survivor. The chemotherapy treatments have caused me lots of pain in my right leg. It hurt so much, that I could not even walk from my bed to my bathroom without being in pain. Since taking Motherland's Gold Moringa, I have not had ANY PAIN AT ALL.
It is almost unbelievable. I have had consistent pain since 2009 when I was receiving chemotherapy UNTIL I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa 3 weeks ago. Since taking it, I have had NO pain.
If I could stand on top of a house and announce it to the world, I would, because chemo(therapy) pain is no joke!
But that's not all, my hair is growing back! I have a little ponytail now.  I had empty spots from the chemo that now have hair growing! It is really growing in the back, too. I am so energized by this!
I absolutely LOVE Motherland's Gold Moringa.
Donna Jones

My teenage daughter has been taking the motherland's Moringa for about 3 weeks now and her skin has completely changed. The new acne breakouts she would get have just about stopped. Her skin looks clear and she looks and healthier. She also told me her hair has grown. Amazing!
Deborah Wilson de Briano

I love Motherland's Gold Moringa.  I have a small frame and I recently gained about 10 pounds over the summer.  I realized that I could not fit several of my pants anymore.  I started taking Motherland's Gold Moringa just 16 days ago and I have already lost 5 pounds!  I have a pair of pants that I could not put on 2 weeks ago.  Now I can put my pants on!  I even have 1 pair of pants that I just bought just a little over a week ago, that were too tight, hoping to lose weight using Motherland's Gold.  I just tried them on today and they are not that tight anymore.  I LOVE MOTHERLAND'S GOLD MORINGA!!!
Patrina Roy

I had my youngest Daughter start taking Motherland's Gold Moringa. She is a pretty healthy little girl so I did not expect to see too much of a change. Well, on the second day of her taking Motherland's Gold, she called me to come up to her room. I went to her room and she had completely cleaned her room. I mean she rearranged her furniture in her room and got rid of the old toys and trash. I was amazed!! She has never done anything like this before. She has been sleeping better and helping out more ever since she has taken Motherland's Gold Moringa.
Deborah Wilson de Briano

Motherland's Gold Moringa has greatly improved the quality of my family's life. For me, my concentration and focus level is at an all time high. I'm getting more done in less time. I have easily lost 10 pounds within the past 12 days and my skin is radiant.
I also noticed after weight training with my trainer, my muscles are no longer sore like they used to be. My trainer was astonished when I told him that I was not sore. He could not understand how I was able to come back the next day and outperform what I did the previous day. So of course I told him my secret, "Motherland's Gold Moringa". He had to try it for himself. He loves it and he now has all of his clients taking Moringa.
For my husband, he takes the Motherland's Gold Moringa Leaf Powder and mixes it in his vegetable and fruit juices and he also makes Tropical Moringa Smoothies. He is addicted to Motherland's Gold because it has given him so many benefits from weight loss, increased energy, increased his intensity in weight lifting and improved his digestive system.
Garrett FamilyOur 8 year-old, son takes Motherland's Gold in the morning mixed in with his juice and it helps him to focus in school. I also give him some after school to help him focus on his homework and right before he goes to football practice and it gives him the energy and focus to perform better.
Furthermore, our 15 year-old, son takes Motherland's Gold Moringa. He was diagnosed with ADHD and he never liked taking his medication because of the side effects.  My husband and I decided a long time ago to take him off his medication and try alternative holistic remedies. We made some radical changes to his diet, incorporated meditation, and he takes Motherland's Gold Moringa twice a day. He takes Motherland's Gold on his own without me reminding him. If we run out of Motherland's Gold, he gets upset because he sees the benefits that it gives him. He says that Motherland's Gold has helped him to really focus better in school.
I cannot imagine my home without Motherland's Gold Moringa. I will never run out of it again. As a matter of fact I just ordered a case of it. It is my family's secret to success, health and well-being. I am so happy that the Black Business Network has this incredible product.
Tracee Garrett

I CAN FIT INTO MY OLD SUITS!! thanks to Motherland's Gold Moringa!! I am amazed!
I put on a lot of weight over the years and have worked to lose it, with little results. After taking Motherland's Gold Moringa for 3 weeks now, the pounds are just MELTING AWAY! It's hard to describe how excited I am at this amazing and unexpected result. I have not exercised in the last month at all, nor adjusted my diet, yet I've lost more weight than ever by simply taking Motherland's Gold Moringa consistently and drinking a lot of distilled water each day as recommened (1/2 my body weight in ounces).
I now have more energy, my metabolism has sped up, my skin has gotten clearer, I sleep less, I'm happier, I can think clearer, I am getting a LOT more work done... I am just flying high!
This is the best nutritional product I have ever taken. I have NEVER gotten results like this from any of the dozens of vitamins, minerals and juices that I have tried over the years. Motherland's Gold Moringa is simply the BEST!!
Delxino Wilson de Briano

Motherland's Gold Moringa has CHANGED MY LIFE!  I started using it only 4 days ago and I have lost 6 pounds!!!
Also, I've been having problems with my left shoulder for quite some time. My doctors have been giving me medication and sending me to physical therapy, but nothing was helping.  I was in a great deal of physical pain and could barely lift my arm.  After taking Motherland's Gold Moringa ONLY TWICE, the pain was GONE!  Furthermore, I now have FULL MOBILITY in my arm... again in just DAYS.
I have also been sleeping really well.  I have sure have been resting. Usually, I only rest for about an hour at a time, but today, I layed down and slept for several hours and I felt GREAT when I woke up.
I do not have that unpleasant nervous energy that I would get with diet pills, but instead, I just feel good and I have the energy to do whatever I want.  And once I start something, I have the desire to do more. With all of my new found energy, I cleaned my house for the first time in months!  I have cleaned more in the last few days than I have been able to clean in years! 
So many things had been going wrong with my body, that I had been praying to God for something to help.  I have just been being patient, waiting for God to do something for me.  And then, he brought me Motherland's Gold Moringa days ago, and I feel GREAT!  I cannot wait to see what else it is going to do for me!
Wanda Lewis

My hair is growing!!! I wear my hair in braids most of the time and as a result, I experienced breakage around my edges. Well that is all growing back now. My hair does not frizz like it use to and it is just generally healthier. I notice I have very little hair in my comb after I comb my hair. I am very excited and can not wait to see what else Motherland's Morgina is going to improve.
Deborah Wilson de Briano

I have a full time job, I own my own business, I'm a parent, and I'm doing everything in between.  In the morning, I would be so tired, I would have to pull myself out of the bed. Motherland's Gold Moringa has changed all of that. Now, I have so much energy that I get up at 4am in the morning, ready to go. I have more energy to do what I need to do during day.
I have also noticed that I feel more peaceful, music sounds better, I am more focused. It's amazing.  I have even lost weight, even though I was not even trying to lose weight. I no longer have hunger pains.  I don't get headaches anymore. I just feel good.
Motherland's Gold Moringa is an amazing product and has been just wonderful for me.
Dorothy Cooper

I had been having a  problem with my ankles swelling. Nothing too serious but just something that I noticed. Within a couple of days of taking Moringa that the swelling that I had in my ankles went completely away. Eventhough it was not a big problem, I was glad to see it gone.
Deborah Wilson de Briano

I am literally amazed by Motherland's Gold Moringa and the impact that it is having on my body. The leaves of this tree have so much nutrition in them, that my body seems to be 'healing itself'.  I take 2 capsules every day in the morning and again in the evening, and I also sprinkle the leaf powder on my food. I am also drinking a lot of water as recommened (1/2 my body weight in ounces) each day.
As a result, in only a week, my metabolism seems to have speeded up, my skin is clearing up, I have tons of energy, I am not sleeping nearly as long yet wake up refreshed, and I have lost several inches off my waist!!! My friends have commented that my face has slimmed down as well.  These are the GREATEST RESULTS I HAVE EVER ACHIEVED with any nutritional product, and all without any exercise. I'll be using this product for a long time. Motherland's Gold Moringa is simply AMAZING!
Delxino Wilson de Briano

I have taken Motherland's Gold Moringa and I have lost weight. At first I thought I was imagining it because it happened so fast and I did not change what I was eating, but I tried on a pair of pants that fit a little tight before I started on Motherland's Gold Moringa and they literally feel off of me as I walked!!! I am thrilled!!!!
Deborah Wilson de Briano


Anonymous said...

Lol...don't you love how people LIKE to claim that Moringa comes from the 'motherland' (Africa). Moringa is actually native to the Himalayans (Asia)and is mentioned in the Ayruvedic (India) text over 5,000 years ago. It is NOW grown in Africa, South America, Phillippines, and other tropical climates. So just thank God that all RACES on the Planet are finally being made aware of the incredibly nutritional and medicinal value of this miraclous plant source!!!

akey tenhut said...

Lol...don't you love how people LIKE to claim they understand anything about the "motherland" (Africa). Moringa is NATIVE to EAST, and WEST Africa kid. Africa infact, has a SUPERIOR SPECIES compared to the Moringa you find in the Himalayans and India. So the African Biomineral diet has absolutely nothing to do with that indian Ayruvedic system. your 5000 yrold text is child's play compared to hundreds of thousands of yrs of use in Africa. Perhaps you should THANK GOD that your race has known about the benefits for a few thousand yrs, But the black man and women is GOD and we have known about its benefits longer then the other racial subgroups have been around. Why are recessive people always trying to claim something? smh sad.